When Harry Reads Angsty Fiction


Disclaimer: Who thinks I own Harry and Draco raise their hands...um, anyone?

Draco woke up to find his lover's side of the bed empty and sniffling sounds from the corner of the room. He slowly sat up, yawning and rubbing his tired eyes. They adjusted to the darkness and saw Harry sitting in front of his computer, biting into the pillow he was smothering and crying into.

The alarm Draco would have felt was hampered by the sleepiness that still clung to him.

"Harry?" he asked quietly, before fighting off another yawn. "Why are you awake? And…" big yawn "crying?"

Harry snuffled, not bothering to wipe away the tears. His eyes were riveted on the glowing screen.

"Because you're dead. And I'm marrying Ginny, who's such a bitch. But earlier, it was me dying and you were fucking someone else. There was also that one time when I was raped, or you were raped and everything was just too fucked up, we just couldn't handle it, we separated. Or committed suicide."

"Hmmm, really?" It took a moment before Harry's words registered in his brain. All traces of sleep vanished instantly when it did. He straightened, looking shocked. "Bloody hell what!"

Harry briefly looked at him over his shoulder. From the glow that came from the computer, Draco saw Harry's stricken expression, the tearful eyes and quivering lips.

"I'm reading fanfiction, Draco."

"You're – what!"

"Fanfiction. You know, stories written by obsessed fangirls or fanboys because they've got their own fantasies about us and well, they're obsessed." Harry shrugged, finally reaching up a hand to wipe away the tears. He turned back to the screen, moving the mouse and clicking on some icons.

Draco quickly got up and went over to his lover. He seemed really pissed off about something. "I know what fanfiction is. You've only been reading them since…I don't know; the first story came out about us!" He stopped behind Harry, sliding his arms over the other man's shoulders. "And that's fine since some of them are well-written and shows us in many lovely positions. BUT!"

Harry closed the various windows he'd opened, resting his head back against Draco's chest. "But what?"

"Didn't I tell you not to read the angsty stuff? You know you break down when one of us dies or breaks up for good. People who read angst on a daily basis are gluttons for punishment." The blond nuzzled the dark head, burying his nose into the soft strands.

Harry sighed. "But reading it makes me that much stronger, you know? I've felt the pain so really, when you leave me for real, then it probably won't be too bad. Some of those writers are pretty realistic."

"And who says I'm going to leave you for real?" Draco asked, annoyed. He moved his head next to Harry's ear and tugged at the earlobe in chastisement. Harry gasped.

"No one," Harry moaned as Draco mouthed the delicate skin, tracing his tongues against the thin whorls. "And really, I only read angst because you always make me feel…" His words caught in his throat as Draco's hands pressed flat on his bare chest, brushing against his nipples. "B-Better afterwards. Draco," Harry whimpered, arching into the teasing touch.

Draco grinned against Harry's throat. "Really? Maybe we should make this a daily habit."

"Haven't you noticed?" Harry sighed as Draco came round and straddled his hips.

Draco licked at Harry's collarbones. His words were muffled, "Noticed what?"

Harry grinned, bringing Draco's face to his. The blond's tongue snaked out to lick at the salty tears on his lover's face.

"I've been doing it for months, now."

The end.