Thanks for everyone being really supportive about the flame (awww). But I'm just thankful for no name for reviewing at all. Grrr.

I'm not new to flames - after all I wear my Jesus alliance on my sleeve. So - keep 'em coming!

Hotspur wrote me a sweet PM, I'll share below.

But first: Toph was 16 in the fic and 16 and 20 aren't ages far apart at all.

and second: I like Zutara. I like Toko more. But Zutara can work. Check out my other fic. I want to have more Zutara in there.

Denisen, Electronic Siviliy, loalaa, Ren, storm-of-insanity and Lionessmon

You guys are the best.


Whew. Got that out.

Thanks again guys!



I saw you got flamed for your amazing story. So I thought I would just answer the ranter for your amusement.
(Dear Flamer)

You are so sick!

(Yeah, she's sick of mad Zutara shippers killing the fandom)

I can't believe you want Zuko and Toph to get together.

(It's such a good pairing, it's beyond belief)

Something is wrong with you.

(Yes, Jesus.Lives is so creative and open-minded, something MUST be wrong with her)

Toph is 12! Zuko is 16! FOUR YEARS DIFFERENCE!

(Well, Flamer, you can count. I'm so proud of you. Now, let's see if you can write a well-written and intelligent story like J.L. can)

It is so obvious Zutara will rule Avatar!

(Wow! And here I am thinking that the story is about Aang taking Ozai down. And that Aang has a major crush on Katara. My mistake)

You better understand it!

(Or what? You refused to even sign your name, coward)

And Tophang is good because Aang and Toph are about the same age.

(And age is the most important criteria for a relationship. Guess that means my parents who are four years apart should immediately divorce. Who cares if people have nothing in common? They share the same birth year, book a wedding hall!)

And you can already tell that Aang somewhat likes Toph.

(He?s also terrified of her! She is so scary that he is unable to bend or even look her in the face when she?s trying to teach him. He also screams at her when she tries to save her life. Yeah, I call that love)

And did you see the Swamp episode! Well you should if you haven't because the guardian of the swamp says that you see people you LOVE or will LOVE in the FUTURE!

(Katara saw her mother. Does that mean?ew!)


(Flamer, you need to get a life)

Hope that cheered you up!