Author's Note: Ahh…just a little Wicked drabble. I was in the process of beginning chapter ten of Hidden, No More and I just had a little whim to write this. It's not much but…yeah. Like I said, just a little drabble, it in no way relates to my other story.


Glinda the Good was in a hurry. She was late for a meeting with some officials in Emerald City, and she knew, that they would not be impressed when she showed up at the meeting hall tardy. Again.

She rushed down the brick path, pale pink skirts rustling around her ankles, high heels clicking, trying to maneuver around mothers dragging their little ones and happy couples walking hand in hand.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and everyone was in a cheery mood. People passed her, waving and calling out enthusiastic greetings. She smiled back dutifully, raising her hand in way of a greeting.

These days that's how she seemed to do everything, dutifully. Ever since the demise of her best friend everything had been done or said by Glinda had been out of pure obligation to the people of Oz. Every smile, every speech, every little moment. She looked down at the pathway, twisted a long lock of golden hair around one manicured finger and sighed.


Glinda then heard a shrill giggle. She looked up to see two young girls, arm in arm, looking around Emerald City in wonder. They were whispering to each other in high, excited voices, pointing out things to each other. Glinda's throat constricted painfully when she watched the girls. They reminded her so much of herself and Elphaba. Two young, impressionable, eager girls, in awe of the spectacular city that surrounded them, full of hopes and dreams thinking maybe the city could be the answer. There was a sharp pang in her heart; she missed Elphie more than she had ever thought possible at this moment. Glinda snapped out of her pensive state when a plump, gray-haired woman called her name out and waved, beaming. Glinda raised her hand and waved back.

Was it worth trading my friendship for this? For parades of waving people and smiling faces? For worrying about being on time for some idiotic meeting?

Why can't I just enjoy the sunshine?

Glinda the Good stops in the middle of the brick path, tilts her head up towards the sun, closes her eyes and feels the blessed warmth of the sun caress her skin, and decides that for once, she won't worry about being late.

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