Prologue: Taken into the Safety of Shadows

"How long must we wait?" Asked a dark female voice.

"I don't trust the humans to be quiet, Anara" A dark male voice answered. "We should wait until they sleep. Then, we can proceed at our leisure."

"You don't have that long." A wiser voice broke in. "Notice the wards the old one left?" The younger man nodded yes. "Look very closely."

The woman noticed it first. "No way!" She was amazed. "How did we miss that one?"

"I have no idea," the man said, "but we need to get the lightning-child quickly, or that ward will prevent us from ever finding him again."

Anara had been waiting for this. "I'll get him." She said. Before either of the men could react, she stood smoothly. As she stood, the last rays of sunset disappeared beyond the horizon, and night began. The woman walked confidently across the street, and rang the doorbell of the Dursley house, number four Privet Drive.

Petunia Dursley answered the door. "Yes? May I help you?"

The young-looking woman smiled a predatory smile. "Yes, Mrs. Dursley, I believe you can." The woman's bared teeth suddenly elongated, and the woman caught Petunia in a powerful grip. "Don't worry. This is just a bad dream." She whispered, and sank her sharpened teeth into Petunia's neck.

Petunia passed out immediately, a useful side effect of a vampire's bite, and Anara stopped drinking. She wasn't there to kill the woman; she just needed some of her blood. She could feel the blood magic reaching out, and she allowed it to wash over her, accepting her as part of the boy's family. Now, she could do what she had come to do.

Listening intently, she heard heartbeats all over the house. There was a fat man in the next room, apparently sleeping; the quick thrum of a baby's heart floated down from upstairs, but the tell-tale rhythm of the lightning-child was not easily heard. Lightning-children had six chambers in their hearts instead of four, making their rhythm very different from normal humans. Forcing herself to block out the normal heart beats, she finally found it, and it was enough to make her ill. The lightning-child had been shoved into a broom closet beneath the steps. The woman's eyes turned red. She was angry, but had pressing business. She could feel the hidden ward beginning to press on her. She had to take care of this quickly, before her blood-link with the boy faded. She silently padded down the hall, and opened the cupboard. The boy was still wrapped in his blanket. He hadn't even been changed. Anara saw red. The people in this house didn't deserve a child at all, let alone a lightning-child. Anara picked the little boy up in her arms. She decided, on the spot, that the Dursleys would be dead by morning.

The sudden movement woke the boy up. Bright green eyes snapped open under the symbolic mark on the tiny boy's forehead. "Hush, child." The woman cooed, "We're here for you. We're taking you from this horrible place, my young prince."

The boy smiled tiredly. He began to fall back to sleep, but something strange happened just then. The boy's eyes snapped open again, but they weren't green anymore. Black voids greeted her red eyes, and Anara knew what was about to happen. She had come prepared, but was hoping that she could get away from the house first.

The boy laid his head on her chest and Anara felt a pulling sensation, making her feel very weak. The sensation passed after about two minutes, but the weakness stayed for a few more. Anara sighed. The lightning child was satisfied, but she had to get outside before she decided to combine her sudden hunger and the palpable anger at the lightning-child's treatment. She didn't want to terrify the child by draining the humans dry in front of him.

Outside the door, Anara pulled a glass vial from her belt, and drank the crimson contents. The blood partially replenished her energy reserves, and she felt much better.

Still holding the lightning-child, she made her way back across the street. Her male counterparts were waiting for her.

"So, did he…?" The older man seemed unsure how to ask his question.

The woman understood the intent behind the question. "Yes, he did, Erik. It was a very odd sensation, if you must know."

"So," the younger man asked conversationally, "how does it feel to be the magical mother of a lightning-child?"

"Odd." Anara said. "I can feel him inside my heart, Valeros. It's an odd warm feeling. I can't really classify it. I think I might have felt it once before, when I was human, but I have forgotten the feeling. Now that I feel it again, I wish I had never forgotten it. It's very strange, but I find it pleasurable."

"Since you're his mother, Anara, what will you name him?" Erik asked

"The first lightning-child to be born in this millennium?" Anara actually laughed. "I have to name him after his predecessor, don't I?" She looked down lovingly at the child sleeping in her arms. "Rest well, my lovely Blitz. Welcome to the world of the vampires. We will protect you, and prepare you for your destiny."

"What about the humans?" Erik asked. Anara smiled; a terrifying smile.

"Kill them."

Jacob was excited. A lightning-child! As an elder vampire, few things could bring him surprise, but he had been very young when the last lightning-child had been killed.

Lightning-children were a magical legend to most species of magical being, but to the vampire nation, they were the most revered of all vampires. One of only three types of vampires to walk the daylight, they were the only species of vampire that could pass for a normal human, and had no obvious weakness. Dementors, the soul-eaters, could be driven away by exceptionally strong positive emotions, and although no wizard knew it, were deathly allergic to platinum. Lethifolds, the flesh-eaters, could be repelled by the same spell that worked on Dementors, and mercury would eat their flesh like acid. Lightning-children, characterized by the prominent scar-like mark on their foreheads, were magic-eaters, the most refined form of vampirism. Any sort of magical energy directed at the lightning-child would be eaten, so even spells designed to cause pain would only give strength. Also, they didn't seem to have any specific weakness to any metal or inert material. Vampires regarded them as honored leaders, often placing them in positions of royalty.

Jacob was a little annoyed that the third daughter of his clan was chosen to be the boy's mother, rather than the first, but he couldn't go against the council. He felt that Anara was still too young to be responsible for the care of a lightning-child. She'd been turned only sixty years earlier. Compared to the first daughter of his clan, Hestia, she was little more than an infant. Hestia was almost one thousand years old, and infinitely more qualified for the job, but the seers had spoken about the youngest daughter of Starshine, and Anara had been chosen. Perhaps the lightning-child would not connect with her. If that were true, Hestia could try and become the boy's mother. Jacob didn't hold much hope about that. In the last thousand years, the seers had been wrong only once. Anara would certainly be the boy's mother, and he would have to make the best of it.

Damon, the eldest of the vampire council, easily a thousand years older than Jacob, entered the room. "Anara has made contact with the lightning-child, Jacob. This is a great day."

"Hestia would have been the better choice, Damon." Jacob replied.

"There was a good reason for Anara to be chosen, Jacob." Damon shot back. "She was the only member of our race that could overcome the blood-wards surrounding the boy."

"Blood-wards?" Jacob asked. "Why would there be blood-wards?"

"The lightning-child is only one-year old, Jacob. His abilities manifested far too early, and during an attempt on his life. The wizard-lord of Hogwarts castle misunderstood the mark on the boy's forehead, and placed him with his aunt, weaving blood-wards to protect the boy from the followers of the man who tried to kill him." Damon replied.

"And why was Anara able to break them?" Jacob demanded.

"Anara began life as Sarah Evans, as you remember." Jacob nodded. "The boy's mother was Lily Evans, Anara's granddaughter." Jacob was amazed by the coincidence. "She could ignore most of the blood-wards because she was related to him. The wizard cast a different sort of blood-ward however, keyed to the distinct nature of the boy's aunt, so Anara had to bite the woman to key herself in."

"So that's why Anara was chosen to be the mother of the lightning-child." Jacob felt better. "She's already his relative by blood, so the blood-bonding wouldn't work with anyone else."

"She didn't even need to bond him. They were already related, and that is the primary reason, but she was chosen for her skill with the blades also." Damon said. "The boy will need intensive training in the art of assassination to meet his destiny, and Anara is the greatest blade-maiden in the entire nation."

"Does the lightning-child have a name?" Jacob asked.

"We were not made aware of one." Damon said. "The three that we sent to bring the child watched the family for an entire day, but the adults never mentioned a name. Anara, as his magical mother, has named him after the last lightning-child. The boy is called Blitz now, and that will be his name among the Vampire Nation. If we ever find his human name, he will be made aware of it, but he will always be Blitz to us."

"Blitz…" Jacob tested the name, and found it pleasing. "It doesn't exactly fit with the name of my clan, but he will be welcomed."

"Actually, since he is a lightning-child, he will grow up to be a high father." Jacob said. "As young as he is, the boy stands a good chance of developing the necessary hormones to be a breeder." It was a terrible curse of being a vampire, but most vampires could not reproduce. It was a tradeoff for their near endless lives. Every generation, one or two breeders might develop, allowing the race to continue. "If that is the case, he will eventually father a whole clan of lightning-children. He'll need his own clan name."

"Really?" Jacob was amazed. There had been no new clans formed in all of his long life. "May I choose the name of his clan?"

"As he is your grandson through your third daughter, you may choose his clan's name." Damon conceded.

"Blitz…" Jacob consulted the world around him, and noticed that the moon was casting a particularly long shadow across his grounds. "Moonshadow." He said decisively. "Blitz will father the Moonshadow clan."

"I find that name wonderfully appropriate." Damon said. "The perfect counterpart to Starshine, after all, is Moonshadow."

"So, what is the boy's destiny?" Jacob asked. "I mean, aside from becoming one of the rulers of the vampire nation?"

"Destiny, my friend, is a very fickle woman." Damon said. "The seers refuse to comment on the boy's future, they only say that he must learn to fight and kill, or he will not survive."

"And so he will come to us, and Anara will teach him how to fight, and he will learn to kill." Jacob sighed. "It really is too bad that he must learn to kill. Lightning-children are revered so highly because they can feed without killing."

"Ah Jacob, you have misunderstood me." Damon said. "He will not need to kill for food. Even we don't do that anymore. The seers have foreseen a great battle, one that he will decide the outcome of. He must either kill or be killed, so he must know how to end a life properly, and with the proper respect."

"Thank you, Damon." Jacob said. "Now I understand. So, when can I meet this lightning-child.?"

"Anara is bringing him before the council in three days time." Damon answered. "In this instance, it would be best to leave Blitz in solitude with his mother. They need to strengthen their bond, and the boy needs to regain his strength."

"I agree, Damon," Jacob said, "though I would like to see my grandson earlier, it is probably best to leave Anara to nurse her baby."

Three days passed quickly for Anara. Blitz was still very weak from the ordeal with the man who had tried to kill him. He would wake every few hours, fill his belly with Anara's magic, and drift back to sleep. Anara had two servants on hand to help her keep her strength up. The two young women were muggles so Blitz wouldn't try to drink their magic, but they provided enough blood to keep Anara's reserves full. Blitz never took much of her magic, but her instinct to keep her energy up always made her very thirsty as soon as the boy finished.

The evening found Anara and the lightning-child standing outside the council chamber. The council had convened earlier, during the day for the first time in two hundred years, and were waiting for the presentation of the lightning-child.

Anara didn't wait long. Less than a minute after her arrival, the doors opened silently. Carrying her infant, wrapped in an Acromantula silk cloth, which Blitz had sucked dry of magic, Anara walked formally into the chamber.

The leader of the council, Damon, spoke first. "Welcome, daughter of Starshine." Damon was almost giddy with anticipation, but the formality of the presentation had to be observed. That meant asking a dumb question. "What news do you bring before the council?" Of course, the council had asked her to be there, and knew exactly why she was there, but the presentation ceremony was a very old tradition.

Anara had been trained in the presentation ceremony. "Elder Damon, high father Jacob, honored fathers of the vampires; I come to you this evening, as the sun wanes from the sky, to present my son. He is called Blitz, and he is of the lightning-children."

Young Blitz, it seemed, had no patience for the ceremony. The next part of the ceremony should have been Damon's desire for proof, but Blitz decided that he was hungry just then. As his eyelids dropped, Damon watched intently. When they opened, midnight black voids met the red eyes of the elder. Damon was mesmerized. The eyes of a lightning-child changed when they fed, like most vampires, but the black pools were exclusive to lightning-children. There was no question of proof. He couldn't even say the words. They would have sounded stupid after the proof had already been given.

Anara giggled at the disbelieving looks on the faces of the council. Her young child didn't make her feel weak anymore, just thirsty, and she could ignore that for a bit. "My child has been through a great ordeal, but has emerged stronger, if not victorious. I present him to you, for your acceptance into my family. Do you acknowledge my child, Elder Damon?"

The question was directed at the Elder, but for some reason, the entire council answered in unison. "Yes, Anara. Your child is accepted into the Vampire nation."

Blitz, who was known to wizards as The-Boy-Who-Lived, and to his human family as Harry Potter, drifted off to sleep in his mother's arms.

At the moment of Blitz's acceptance into the Vampire Nation, Albus Dumbledore began to cry. The morning after Harry had been taken, Albus had entered his office to hear the shrieking of the alarm spells that he had placed on the Dursley household. Panicking, he ran to Hogsmeade, where he quickly apparated to the muggle neighborhood.

He arrived in time to see one ambulance leaving, and the bodies of a woman and a small boy being removed from the house. Fearing the worst, Albus dug in his pocket for a small object.

The stone that he pulled out was glowing brightly. That meant that Harry was still alive, just missing. Albus was relieved, but only for a moment. Somehow, someone had managed to circumvent his wards, which suggested a very dark magic of some kind, and that meant death eaters. Harry was still alive, but would not remain that way for long unless they could find him quickly.

Albus, along with the rest of the Order of the Phoenix, had been closing in on the boy since then, getting closer with each passing day. As the sun set on the third day, their hunting spells had brought them within twenty miles of him. As night began to fall in earnest, the stone suddenly dimmed, and then stopped glowing altogether. According to the stone, Harry Potter was dead.

Albus Dumbledore was a man who had faith in prophecy. He didn't understand how this could happen. He knew that Voldemort was not dead, so how could the one that he had marked be?

Sadly, Albus called a meeting of his Order. They had to know what had happened. Remus Lupin was hit the hardest by the news, coupled with Sirius Black's betrayal, but everyone felt the loss to a certain degree.

Seventeen years would pass before Albus Dumbledore would find out that he had been wrong when he reported that Harry Potter had been killed. Ironically, the one person who wanted him dead the most, would be the first to discover him to be alive.

In the safety of the Vampire nation, Blitz Moonshadow grew up quickly. With a steady diet of Vampire magic, his body began to develop unnatural strength, speed, and agility. By the time he was eleven, he was a formidable opponent for anyone in his class of novice assassins. At the age of fifteen, he learned how to kill a man with the proper respect. At age seventeen, he joined the Shadow Stalkers, the elite team of vampire assassins. By the age of eighteen, he had accumulated thirty-eight successful missions for the shadow stalkers, and was asked to lead the unit. He accepted, and made the Shadow Keep his home. His mother, a worthy assassin herself, took on the role of his personal bodyguard. Blitz was happy to keep her close.

One day, soon after Blitz's nineteenth birthday, the Vampire council sent word that a man called Voldemort was going to pay them a visit. He had come to the vampire council to ask for help in eliminating some of the more troublesome obstacles in his path to victory. The council had denied Voldemort's request for an alliance, but decided that he should be allowed to request assistance from the assassins if he wished. They left the stalkers involvement strictly up to Blitz, refusing to speak to the wizard further.

And with a feeling of breathless anticipation, ladies and gentlemen, that is where our story truly begins.

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