(Buffy, Dawn; tag to 5x22, "The Gift")

Blood Sacrifice

She shouldn't have died. She shouldn't have jumped off the edge to close the portal and given her life. I should have. Buffy is the Slayer. The world needs her. It doesn't need me.

And anyway, I'm the Key. This was always my purpose. Without this purpose, I am nothing but an ordinary human. I'm not needed like she is.

I should have jumped. My blood should have closed the portal, as was intended.

But Buffy... She wouldn't allow it.

Even knowing what I am, she sacrificed herself. We're not sisters, never were, but for some reason that never mattered to her. I guess maybe she thought that now I have life, and after all the memories we shared – false or not – we are family now. I like the sound of that.

We share the same blood. Even if that blood was put in me by monks or whatever when they hid me as Buffy's sister, it has become unthinkable that it was all a lie, that none of it was real. I suppose the pain I feel means I have real human emotions. I might as well be real, I guess. But I never used to be.

In any case, neither of us would allow the world to be destroyed, so one of us had to jump.

I should have known Buffy would never let me do it.

She's the hero. She saved the world. She saved me.

She should still be here, where I am, and I should be the one far down below, body bent and broken. But, here we are.

Sometimes life really sucks.