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Full summary – Hermione is asked to stop Draco Malfoy from involving himself with Lord Voldemort, except Draco can't know about it. As a cover-up, the Order plans an assignment, except the students involved have to cover that up. Little twists and plots envelope the entire school, there is new love, old love coming back, unspoken love, jealous love, and rival love. Hermione finds herself helping her enemy with things she never would have before, and Draco realizes Hermione's life is far more complicated then he ever imagined.

A Startling Dream

Hermione briskly walked down the long corridor in the direction of Professor McGonagall's office. Earlier that morning she had gotten a letter from said professor requesting her attendance in her office at 8:00 pm. Hermione was a woman of her word so at exactly 8:00 she stopped outside the door marked 'Professor McGonagall' and knocked politely. Upon hearing a sharp 'enter', she opened the door and stepped inside.

Two walls were lined with bookshelves crammed with books, and a third window overlooked the Hogwarts grounds. Professor McGonagall sat behind her orderly desk with the same crisp bun she'd had throughout all their years and a precise manner.

"Ah, miss Granger. Take a seat." She said, gesturing to the wooden chair in front of her desk. Hermione did as was told and was uncomfortably aware of the sharp points digging into her back, she thought to the squishy red armchairs in the Gryffindor tower where she had left her two friends.


"What does she want you for anyway?" Harry asked, looking up from his charms essay.

"I don't really know, it's probably about Prefect Duties or something. We've had an increasing number of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes products being used that cause disturbances in the hall. Honestly, those two should keep them off limits to Hogwarts students. Besides," she sniffed, letting her companions know exactly how she felt about them. "They only get confiscated anyway.

"I suppose the children just go right back and buy more. Do they think becoming a public nuisance is 'good for the business?' It's ridiculous. And all their claims of what they've done to infuriate the teachers only brings more mischievous children to them! Of course that's after they test their products on innocent bystanders! In my opinion-" Hermione's ranting was cut off by Harry.

"Hermione," Harry cut in hastily after throwing a desperate look at Ron, who mouthed 'She'd bite my head off!' "Aren't you going to be late if you don't leave now?" Hermione looked at her watch, squeaked and dashed through the portrait hole, leaving Harry and Ron by the fire.


"Miss Granger, I am aware that you are the top student in nearly all of your classes, several of the Hogwarts teachers speak very highly of you, and I know you are one of our most trustworthy students." Her expression grew serious, "That is why I tell you this in confidence. No one else should know. Not Potter, not Weasley, no one."

Hermione straightened, she put on a calm, serious face and listened intently. She knew what an honor it was to have Professor McGonagall, and the Headmaster, trust her so much, though she had no idea what was coming.

"Draco Malfoy is being initiated into the Dark Lord's ranks at the end of this year." Hermione gasped in shock. Obviously Harry had brought the subject up many times and Ron referred the blond as a Death Eater, but she'd never thought he would actually become one.

"We only know this because the Order came across a man delirious from torture. We believe he was a Death Eater because he mentioned the Dark Lord's name several times. He was admitted to Saint Mungos in secrecy, but it was too late to do anything for him. Most of his ramblings were about things that have happened in the past 10-15 years, and any other information we did gain I cannot disclose to you.

"Professor Snape is the only one Draco trusts that could talk him out of the initiation, but it is far too risky. If he fails, and Draco reports it, then his position will be discovered and he will be killed. The Order thinks it would be best if he gained trust in someone that could help him change his mind. Our first thought was, of course, another Slytherin. But we don't know how many of their parents are Death Eaters and they too, could be killed. We will not risk the life of a student, no matter how willing or unwilling they are.

"We pondered this, and eventually came to the same conclusion. We need someone he feels strongly about, someone close to the subject, someone who is clever, cunning, brave, and strong. Of course the Gryffindor house is known for several of these qualities, and we have all agreed on the most fitted person for this."

Holy Merlin she means me! Hermione thought as realization hit her.

"You." Professor McGonagall finished.

"M-me?" Hermione said incredulously, "You can't possibly-he hates me!"

"We are aware, Miss Granger, of his strong feelings of dislike for you. We are equally aware of his daily verbal attacks on you, and your equally strong retaliations." Hermione looked down and prepared to be scolded.

"That is why we chose you." Hermione's head shot up so fast in surprise there was a loud crack. "Every teacher who has ever witnessed these attacks has seen you physically hold back Mr. Potter and from engaging in a muggle fight, while you quickly defend anyone insulted. This shows that you do not resort to violence and you are not easily fazed, or appear to be." Hermione was startled to find that any teacher had witnessed these events and was slightly disgruntled that most of them had obviously not intervened.

"If you manage to succeed you have not only assisted the Order and our plan to overthrow He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, perhaps you and Mr. Malfoy will become friends and put the past behind you." Hermione felt revolted at the idea of friendship with Malfoy.

"Erm,yes. But Professor do you really think I can do it?" Hermione inquired while she fidgeted with her fingers. Stop Hermione! What has gotten into you, you never fidget in the presence of a teacher! The fidgeting ceased.

"Of course," she said looking down her nose at the petite girl in front of her. "Why don't you think about it tonight and owl me in the morning, to keep this meeting conspicuous." Hermione smiled, relieved that she would have time to consider her decision carefully.

"Goodnight, Miss Granger."

"Goodnight Professor." Hermione stood up stiffly and walked to the door. She glanced back and was sure she saw a genuine smile on Professor McGonagall' face, before it was coved with her usual piercing look. Smiling to herself, she slipped out the door and headed back to the Gryffindor Common Room and a welcoming bed.

Hermione said the password (Obesta Tislandi) and climbed through the Portrait hole. Harry and Ron were still by the fire, though Ron appeared to be sleeping while Harry jabbed at his paper. The dark haired male glanced up irritably at the giggling girls in the corner, who waved at him then started giggling again. Blushing, he looked away and saw Hermione.

"Hermione could you help me? I am dying here, I can't concentrate at all and those girls have been there all night! We're supposed to have three feet and I have one and half and I have no idea what I should do." He gave her a pleading look, which made the girls in the corner send her dirty looks and mutter things to each other. Ron was muttering gibberish in his sleep, and much to Hermione's disgust had drool hanging from his mouth.

Digging into her bag, Hermione brought out her five foot essay and handed it to Harry, while saying, "Here, just copy the important stuff down, I need to go to bed." Ignoring his astonished gaze, she walked to the stairs on the right that led to the girls' dormitories.

"Hermione," Harry called, so she turned around and looked at him expectantly. "What did McGonagall want?" Usually Hermione would have corrected him by saying 'Professor McGonagall Harry,' because she found their lack of respect annoying, but she was too tired and her mind was too busy thinking about the situation to care.

So instead she just said, "Just some things about my classes. Nothing important," and then turned and made her way up the stairs. Lavender and Parvati were already sleeping peacefully, and Hermione had no doubt at least one of them was dreaming about boys.

Hermione thought back to when she had never heard about Voldemort, about the Order, and all the "rescue missions" she had taken part in. Just an average everyday life, her biggest worry being that she would fail one of her classes. But she would never go back, because that was a life without Harry and Ron, and that would be unbearable. They were her best friends, they had grown up together. She'd gone from being a bushy haired, buck toothed, lanky girl to having nice teeth(thanks to Madame Pomfrey in fourth year) a nicer figure, though nothing on those of Lavender and Parvati and the bushiness in her hair had gone down a bit

Of course Harry and Ron had changed too. Harry's hair was as untidy as ever, if not more, but he'd grown taller and being at Hogwarts had helped his body grow muscle. His eyes were very nice, too, if she took the time to look into them. In fact, he was considered the most good looking boy in school, aside from Draco Malfoy who had all the Slytherin girls under his control. Hermione personally thought his face was too pointy.

She had brotherly feelings for both he and Ron, though it was somewhat different with the Weasley. She and Ron had fancied each other for awhile, not openly of course, but neither of them pursued a relationship, and that had faded away. Hermione knew that Harry was rather relieved because he hated choosing sides. Ron had longer hair and it was more orderly than Harry's. Since playing Quidditch he'd also become more confident, though his academic progress was painfully the same.

But they were the best friends anyone could have and she was so grateful she had friends that would do anything for her. Malfoy, she concluded, though she hadn't realized she'd been comparing them, had no one. Crabbe and Goyle weren't intelligent and probably wouldn't realize that Malfoy was in mortal danger until after he was dead. There was Blaise Zabini, who had a sharp tongue, but he wasn't around Malfoy very much so she didn't know if he was another one of his Death Eater friends or just an acquaintance.

By then Hermione had changed into her soft pink nightie and she climbed into her bed, enjoying the feeling of the soft comforter. She was soon drifting to sleep…

"Hermione, come with me." Draco said seductively, taking a step towards Hermione. She told herself not to, but he didn't look dangerous. As he extended a hand towards her, his silver eyes bored deep into her own. Hermione didn't even hesitate; she took it. Draco led her away from Harry and Ron, who watched her walk away from them and laughed at her.

Draco led her through trees that became thicker and taller until Hermione could only see darkness and feel Draco's icy fingers in her hand. But still, she followed him with trust and no fear.

"Where are we Draco?" Hermione asked quietly. Draco pulled his cold hands from her grasp and terror engulfed her like a glove, squeezing her tightly and taking her breath away.

"Draco? Draco don't leave me! What is it?" She was panicking uncharacteristically, watching as he began to step back.

A tall hooded figure came out from behind a gravestone. She frantically searched for Draco; his touch; his comfort, but found nothing. Hooded figures appeared around her, forming a tight circle, with one empty spot.

"Draco…Join us. Rid the earth of filthy mudbloods and muggles. You could be powerful, we could rule the world together" A voice hissed from behind the hood of the cloak, while Draco stared, entranced. He pulled the sleeve of his left arm up to his shoulder, revealing smooth unscarred skin. He walked slowly to the figure and stopped a meter away, but he was looking at Hermione.

"Draco no! Don't leave me! Please don't leave me! You don't have to do this!" She screamed, her voice shaking and her eyes filled with tears.

"Yes I do." He looked deeply into Hermione's eyes and she searched desperately for emotion, but found none. He turned to the cloaked figure and nodded, a wand was lifted to his arm and the man muttered a spell Hermione could not hear. There was silence, then a blinding red light filled the area and Hermione felt her heart break when she heard him screaming. The light faded and Draco stood there, drenched in sweat and panting. On his arm there was a jet black Dark Mark.

"Take your mask and put it on. Then kill the mudblood girl." The voice hissed. A mask appeared before Draco and he reached out and took it.

"No Draco! Please! Don't go to Voldemort!" All the Death Eaters hissed when they heard their master's name. "Don't leave me!" Hermione shrieked, her shoulders shook as she sobbed uncontrollably. Draco walked over to her and lifted her chin, then he kissed her. The kiss held no emotion, and Hermione only felt colder. He took a couple steps backwards and took a wand out of his robes, Hermione fought to break free of the two Death Eaters that held her, but they were too strong.

"Don't leave me!" Hermione cried, "I love you!"

"I'm sorry. Avada Kedavra."Draco shouted and Hermione's scream was silenced.

Hermione's eyes flew open but she couldn't see; everything was just a mixture of colors, so she closed them again. She took deep breathes and tried to calm her racing heartbeat, and opened her eyes again. For some reason the sight of people standing a circle around her terrified her and she tried to scream. Someone clamped a hand over her mouth and with the dream still circling in her mind she bit it.

"Hermione are you alright?" An anxious voice she identified as Harry's asked her worriedly. "Lavender banged on our door saying you were having a seizure! We-"

Lavender smirked evilly, looking excited "Did you know that Dean sleeps nude?" Dean's skin darkened further and Seamus snickered.

"I do not!" Dean protested, embarrassed.

"Yes, you do." She said, shaking her head. "I saw your-"

"Shut up, will you?" Ron snapped and the room was silent again.

"Anyway," Harry continued, "They carried you into the Common Room because we couldn't get up to you or the stairs would have turned into a slide. You've been crying and saying things, but we couldn't wake you up."

"Probably because she kicked anyone who came close enough." Muttered a still blushing Dean. It was then that Hermione realized that the sixth years around her looked quite harassed, including Ron, who she seemed to have bitten.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She said, sitting up and taking deep breaths to clear her thoughts. "I had a bad nightmare…Did I…By any chance…Say anything?" Hermione asked fearfully, afraid that they had heard her say Draco's name. It must have been her thinking of the assignment that prompted such strange thoughts, because she had only feelings of hate for Draco.

"Well…" Ron exchanged meaningful looks with Harry. "You said 'don't leave me' a lot, erm… 'I'll help you'… and also… 'Don't go to'…"

"Voldemort." Harry said, continuing Ron's unfinished sentence.

"You also said…" Ron said so quietly only Hermione could hear, "'I love you."' He said this slightly louder and Lavender and Parvati began to whisper excitedly.

"Oh, well isn't that odd? If that's all I think I'll-" Hermione started to get up but Parvati held her down.

"Oh that's not all. In our dormitory you said another significant name." Parvati and Lavender smirked at each other. Hermione gave them a please-don't-tell look which made them grin wider. Hermione mentally smacked herself repeatedly.

"I don't suppose you have feelings for this person?" Lavender asked deviously, and turned to Parvati. "Oh, Madame, dance with me, please!" She said in a deep masculine voice while she extended her hand.

"Oh Monsieur, I would be delighted!" Parvati squeaked and took the hand. The two began to waltz around the room. The boys gaped in disbelief that they could act so ridiculously, and that they were behaving so strangely.

"These moments we've shared have been the best of my life! Marry me!" Cried Lavender as she got down on one knee and flung her arms out dramatically.

Parvati gasped and put her wrist over her forehead, "Oh, I can't, I love someone else!" Parvati left Lavender and ran towards Harry. She flung her arms around him and began kissing him rather heartedly.

Parvati released a rather dazed and confused looking Harry and giggled, before saying dramatically, "Hermione Granger's secret love is…'"

"Draco Malfoy!" Lavender beamed excitedly.

Hermione burst out into nearly hysterical laughter from nerves, which broke off abruptly. "Me, love Malferret? That's ridiculous! Honestly, you two, your fantasizing has gone off the edge!" She got up, making sure the boys looked satisfied by her response. They did. "I'm sorry about the disruption, but let's just keep this quiet, alright?"

They agreed and she said a quick goodnight, before hurrying upstairs. Little did anyone know Hermione had made a very important decision; that nightmare had given her the answer she needed. It didn't seem to make sense, really, that she was willing to sacrifice time and effort to save him from the dark side, but it had been so ominous and despite her scorn at Divination, it seemed to be a sign.

She had no other dreams.


Minerva McGonagall sipped her tea, reading the Daily Prophet with an expression of distaste. The usual rubbish. She closed it with an irritated sigh as an owl dropped a letter onto her plate. With a significant look at Albus she unfolded it carefully, wondering for the umpteenth time if she had decided to do it.

There were three words in the letter.

I'll do it.

The Transfiguration professor looked up and nodded sharply at the Headmaster, who smiled, eyes twinkling.

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