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Shizuru Viola was a person who liked to tease others. However, a certain Natuski Kruger - daughter of one of the richest woman in the world – just didn't realize how large the extent it was.

In Galderobe, it was compulsory to for everyone to do whatever their Onee-sama tells them to. But in this case, things were just a little bit different. You could always hear Natsuki screaming at her Onee-sama at times like this.

Perhaps it's only me, but it seemed that she always yelled the same things to Shizuru. And it somehow went like this…

"Oh I'm sooooo going to get you one of these days!"

Shizuru, of course, didn't even acknowledge her threat; her being her as usual. Besides, she has the backing of the rest of the school, so why worry?

"Ara? Is Natsuki blushing? So cute! You should do it more often you know, with all the blood rushing everywhere and opening all your vessels; it's a good exercise for your circulation."


And with that, Natsuki began throwing things at her again. It was almost a custom for the rest to stay out of her way when she does this.

Too bad though, Natsuki never ever hits Shizuru, not even once.

But who really knows? She might succeed one day.


There was once though, when Natsuki really had to do that instead of listening to the advice of others. But then again, you would have known that Natsuki doesn't listen to anyone if you actually exist in this world. Don't you?

And because of that, Natsuki got herself attached to Shizuru for a full month as a punishment, and she has absolutely no freedom till Shizuru had given her permission. Seriously, I for one, would have thought that she would at least have the sense not to challenge Miss Maria Graceburt. It's really saddening that it had turned out otherwise. Imagine one month of imprisonment in Shizuru's paws. Ah… but I can't blame myself, I did warn her.

Back to her royal highness then.

Well, I just happened to be in the area when that was occurring so you couldn't blame me for invading their privacy.




"I'm happy that you agreed to be attached to me for a month…"

"Oi. It's not as if I had a choice."

" Hmm… maybe we could even do this and that and the you know what… Just thinking about it makes me tingle all over!"


- What's with her this and that and the you know what…

"You do know, Shizuru, that I do not do this and that and the you know what with just anybody."

"But I'm just anybody… am I? So it must be alright… right?"

- Not that again… I can't stand the sight of her amber eyes when she's like this…

"NO! Definitely not those things."

- Her eyes seemed to sparkle a little under the light… tears?

"-sniffs- Natsuki wouldn't even let me tuck her in bed at night, wouldn't let me bring her out for dinner sometimes and wouldn't let me help her in schoolwork and practice! –sniff- She doesn't even let me do these!"

- Wait a moment…

"Whaa-t? This is your this and that and the you know what?"

"What else does Natsuki think it is?"

Shizuru turned away, every motion of that as a hurt animal running away.

"No, wait, Shizuru! Oi!"

Natsuki caught Shizuru's arm before she left and gave her a little jerk forward.

Slipped. Oops.

Both of them promptly landed on the ground, Shizuru atop Natsuki.


I'm just going to pretend that I didn't see it. What did I see? I saw nothing, really, nothing.


Shizuru landed on Natsuki, with her lips pressed against Natsuki's.

And she gave Natsuki lips a lick with her tongue.

"Shizuru… get off me."

- Damn, how did I get into this.

"Nope, I wanna cuddle Natsuki a little longer. A little kiss isn't enough to make up for it."

"What! Get off me! It's embarrassing!"


I suppose I have to step in at this point. I wouldn't want anyone else to see them in this position, it'll spoil all the fun if it gets around right?

"Shizuru Onee-sama? Natsuki-chan?"

At any time, it was still priceless to see that look on Natsuki's face as she scrambled to give me an un-misleading answer as to what I saw. Hehheh. I find myself so evil at times.


That evening, I met up with Shizuru at the greenhouse.

"Shizuru Onee-sama? So… was it a success?"

"Yup. It's all thanks to you."

"Don't mention it, all I did was just to oil the floor a little. I wanted to see Natsuki-chan like that too."

"Oh you are so like me at times, Mai."


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