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Unbeknownst to many people, Nao-chan was not that evil evil Juliet that everyone believes her to be. If I hadn't been childhood friends with her and Natsuki, I would never have guessed that deep down within her lies a person who truly was… well… in love with the environment… and when I say she was truly in love with it… Nevermind… You'll understand why.

There was a time in school where Natsuki had to meet up with Nao for reasons unknown, and I was, once again, coincidentally in the neighbourhood as their meeting was going on…


Natsuki Kruger was bored. Really bored; and she wasn't planning on concealing her look of monotone. If she hadn't been threatened to be mayo-deprived for a month by Shizuru, she wouldn't be here in the first place. Class was boring. Yukariko-sensei was boring. In fact, everything was pretty much just plainly boring in Galderobe. Even the people in Galderobe are either too proper or too much of a gossip for Natsuki to like them –except for Mai- and grudgingly added, Shizuru. And Natsuki was thinking of her favourite mayonnaise again.

- Would it be too much for her to stop picking on my mayo? Grah. Forget it. I'll better start thinking about how I could win against Nao later on… but why did she suddenly want to meet up with me later on? Oh well… I suppose I could do that… after all… she was really rather mean to come up that notion on vegetables… Ugh… I hate anything to do with the plant family… especially if it's green…


At the sound of the final bell for school, all the Otomes-to-be had to pack up and start cleaning the classroom that they were using.

How surprising. One lone student managed to sneak out from the duties again… ok, maybe two… no, make that three. Yup, just three students.


"Oi, Nao. What's up."

- This would surely get to her… She wouldn't even know…

"Ho-ho… I wasn't really expecting you to come, little Miss Kruger. How kind of you."

"Just cut the crap and state your business, Nao. We'd known each other too long for that sarcasm to be effective on me. Are you up to one of your tricks again?"

"Not really, in that sense… nope. It's just something that I absolutely love to do."

"And what's that? Force-feeding me green onion and lettuce salad again?"

"Nay… that's too outdated… try THIS Kruger!"

- S-Sc-Scissors! She's aiming for my hair this time! NO WAY! What's with her obsession in playing tricks and bad jokes on me?

"Ho-ho… Kruger, are you feeling the vibes running down your spine yet? Maybe you should just start running! –smirks evilly-."

"Curse you, Nao! Curse you!"

And of course, Natsuki started running as if her life –hair, probably- depended on it… with Nao-chan following closely behind. Now I really wanted to feel pity for her… but… it's all for the better… besides, I wouldn't want to cross Shizuru Onee-sama even if my life depends on it.

- Ara… Natsuki is so cute with that expression on her face… Yup, it's probably a good idea to persuade Nao to make Natsuki run around a little to work off the excess fat… especially when she wants to protect her long and beautiful hair… I wonder how she'll look like if Nao really catches her… Hmm…

Just a few bushes away, I could clearly spot her watching as the scene unfolds with that smile of hers… Suddenly, as if sensing my gaze, she turned around and gave me a grin of victory. Yes… the plan was working well indeed… and Nao-chan is doing her favourite job too! Such wonderfulness had to be spread all around now… wouldn't it?

I better follow them to see the rest of the show… ehehehe…


"Huff-huff… stop it, Nao! Stop it already… I-I can't run anymore! –pants heavily-"

"Heh. You didn't use to run out of breath so quickly. Have you been eating too much mayo huh."

- Why does everyone pinpoint against my mayo! Why!

"My dear Natsuki… if you can't run anymore… that just means…"

- No! I'm NOT letting her touch my hair!

"Over my dead body Nao!"

Heh? Natsuki took out a fist-sized Styrofoam ball…? What's she going to do with that?

"Nao! If you come any closer… any closer…"

"What'd you gonna do, throw that plastic ball at me?"

"Haven't you ever heard of styrofoam? It's the latest material to be discovered to be a hazard to the environment."

- Got you now, Nao. This is payback. Let's see what you're going to do…

Oh my. A hazard to the environment… Nao-chan, get a Grip! Don't fumble!

"Environmental hazard… What do you mean that it is an environmental hazard… Oh no, Kruger. I'm not falling for your trick."

"Suits you. I'd heard that once crushed, it releases a high amount of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which well… you should know what it does better than me. Or have you been skipping out on your favourite lessons on Mother Nature?"

"WHAT! Give that to me!"

My prayers aren't working…

"Uh- uh. There's no way I'm going to do that lady. I should just crush this… right in front of your eyes! Heh. That'll teach you not to pull those jokes on me anymore!"

Natsuki took a step backwards, holding that little white ball in front of her as a barrier against Nao.

"I'm crushing this in front of your eyes… if you threaten me with that pair of scissors."

"I won't do it! Just don't crush that styrofoam thing! The CFCs will destroy the ozone layer! Deadly UV rays from the sun will kill us all!"

- Ara… where did Natsuki learn such a thing like this. I have lots to teach her…or so it would seem…

- Pah… She's still such a hopeless maniac for the Nature.

Natsuki inched slowly, getting further and further away from Nao, but staying still within sight.

"Goodbye, Nao! It's a pleasure meeting you here."

And she crushed that innocent ball of styrofoam into pieces before she turned and ran away.

"OZONE LAYER! I'm sorry! I failed you!"

- Natsuki -1, Nao – 0. I'd underestimated you, Natsuki…


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