... Hi, guys. Been a while, hasn't it? Yeah, I know. I'm a scumbag. Scumbag ravengal. Says she'll never abandon a story. Abandons it anyway.

I'm not gonna lie. I can't find it in me to care about this story anymore... and a small part of me just died while I was typing that.

I want to care, but the humans on the show just don't interest me anymore. Misty hasn't been seen since Chronicles, Ash has gotten boring and annoying and May was only interesting when she was around Drew. I dunno. The humans have gotten flatter, while the Pokemon have gotten more rounded. It's sad.



The lovely author known as mehx2 has offered to continue this story! That's right! So keep an eye out for that, if you're still interested.

I'm on the fence about allowing anyone else to try it, but I suppose it could be fun to see alternate versions of the story. (shrugs) Just PM me about it first, kay?

Again, I'm really sorry. Part of me wanted to keep on trucking, but I can't bring myself to like this story anymore. Urgh! It's so annoying. I didn't wanna be "that author", but look. I totally am now.

You don't have to reply to this message. Just know that, if you still care, mehx2 will be continuing where I left off.

Last of all, this fic was a huge milestone for me. The painfully slow romance was inspired by my own life... experiencing all the joys and pains of chasing a love that was never meant to be. Strangely, though, it helped me to improve my writing skills. Funny, that.

It's unfortunate that I lost most of you through discontinuing this fic, but it's understandable. Regardless, I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you do... and thank you for all the lovely compliments of old that made me what I am today! You guys were swell fans.

One final note!

If mehx2 changes her penname again, fear not! For her fic has the exact same name as this one. Blue Moon Junior High. It's easy enough to find.