As some of you may have, or in the most probable case, may not have noticed, I have not updated my story "A Possibly UnStoppable Love" in a very long time. Sadly I have been unable to find the motivation to continue writing the story. I still like my overall plot and what I want to happen both in this story and in the two sequels I have planned. Unfortunately motivation is not my only problem. After going back and re-reading some of my work I have to say that it well "sucks" to put it bluntly. Even worse is that even knowing that my previous writing sucks, I am unable to improve my current writing and thus it seems as though every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter is exactly the same.

So I am asking if anyone would be interested in picking up the story? If anyone is interested please contact me either through a message or by e-mail at

the.marvelous. we can discuss my ideas and any possible ideas that you may have about this story.

Thank you.