Hmm...You know, I don't think I have ever seen a Hogwarts/PotC crossover ever with Norry. Wonder why. Oh well, here's my experiment.


It had been a very off day. He didn't know where it had all begun, but perhaps waking up late for work that morning had something to do with it. Either way, timing had been everything, and his timing had been thrown off with just that simple mistake. If he had been up an hour earlier, he could've evaded that hurricane and his men would have lived, and he would have at least kept his job, if not caught the person whom he had been chasing. Now, clinging to a floating piece of what had once been his pride, his love, his Dauntless, he was not thinking about his job. Nor his timing. Nor the fact that Sparrow had once again escaped. All he could think of was that countless loyal men—and friends—had died because of him. He was fully prepared to die with them. He had never expected to live through the sudden peril. And much less had he expected what was about to happen. Just as his consciousness was waning, he set his head weakly on the wood, fully prepared to let go and end it. But a flash of light, a rumbling, and a very, very large wave had other plans. As he drifted into darkness, he had no idea that a star had fallen. No idea that he was still traveling, even when he thought he was about to die. No idea where he was going.

James Norrington was fading.

And where he would come back into being would be a place beyond his wildest dreams.

...Or nightmares...