Chapter 6

Gipdac walked into Marsellus Wallace's office.

"Vincent Vega is dead. He tried to kill me."

"Did he now? Well then, it seems you're my new HitRat."

"I have information. Apparently, Vincent was becoming friendly with a Possum."

"Kill her. Kill her and all of her friends & family."

"Yes, sir."

Gipdac walked out of the office...

RJ & his family were watching TV, when gunshots filled the air.

"Attention, everyone! I have come for the She-Possum!"

"What the hell?" Ozzie shouted.

They all walked over the hedge, and saw a Ratster holding to guns.

"I have orders from Marsellus Wallace to kill you all."

RJ pulled out a gun, and Gipdac shot him in the leg.

"No funny business!"

Gipdac was obviously insane.

Suddenly, bullets pounded into Gipdac's chest, and he fell to the ground.

Everyone looked behind them. Jules was standing there holding a gun.

"No one kills my friend Vincent and gets away with it, motherfucker."

Jules walked over to RJ.

"Someone's gonna have to pull the bullet out. I'll do it."

Jules pulled out a small nail, and pushed it into the hole, making RJ scream.

Jules popped the bullet out, and grabbed some bandages, and covered the wound.

"Why are you helping us?" Verne asked.

"Because he killed my friend, Vincent. Gipdac was one of the worst HitRats. He was good, but he was insane."

"What about Marsellus Wallace?"

"I'll tell him Gipdac tried to kill me and take my money."

"Vincent is dead?" Heather asked.


Heather felt sadness for Vincent.

"We need to get RJ to a bed," Verne said.

Jules helped picked RJ up, and carry him to his chair.

Then, Jules shot Gipdac's body again, and left...