Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't…


[Most bios are incomplete at this time, for I am open to suggestions on character twists, etc. However, the basic personality of a character will remain the same. Also, the couples from my infamous "Ai no Yume/Ares Denetsu/Shellshocked" series' remain the same. Gomen!]

Minako - an angel of love and beauty, the sister of fellow angels Usagi and Kuririn, she has devoted her time on Chikyuu to convince young Chichi to place her powers on the side of God. Lovely and pure, she is ashamed of her attraction to Juunanagou, but she is well aware that she isn't the conventional image of an angel. At times, she is loud or obnoxious.

Juunanagou - it was inevitable. Juunanagou's a seductive devil (but that's already VERRRRY well known [and happily drooled over] by the throngs of #17-fangirls…) and he has traveled to Earth to convince Chichi to become a sorceress of evil. And he is ALL too happy to bicker and flirt with Minako...and his testily 'heating-up' (pun is SO intended!) relationship with her might lead to some interesting complications (you SO know it will!).

Juurokougou - also known as #16, just so you know. Hee! He's a peaceful soul that guards the gates of Limbo. Sweet and sensitive, this gentle giant is reluctant to go to Earth and save poor Chichi from the devil & the angel. Accompanied by Gokuu (another Limbo guard), his unexpected relationship with the Dimension Soldier, Setsuna, only helps to complicate things further. (And make the authoress' mind a living heck as she tries to sort through all this impromptu wackiness…)

Setsuna - the Dimension Soldier. Exactly the same as Sailor Pluto, except she has a wicked sense of humor instead of the seriousness displayed by the original Setsuna.

Chichi - a young woman, Chichi is training to be a sorceress. Unfortunately, she never realized that by just using the forces of magic she was bringing into play what could only be one of the craziest times of her life. She'll meet the love of her life, learn several life lessons, AND single-handedly alter many things (as of yet unknown to myself). An excellent cook, she is somewhat overprotective of all those close to her, a result of an incident when she was child in which she was…uh…raped. *cowers*

Gokuu - the Manager of Magic, he resides in Limbo and is unwittingly pulled along into the chain of events following Juunanagou's descent to Earth. Goofy, light-hearted, and oftentimes oblivious to many things, he can be as bright as a solar flare when he wants to be. His relationship with Chichi is also helpful in overcomplicating the whole damn (pardon my French) story. (WHY-o-WHY can't I write a SIMPLE story for a change?! RRRRRRRRGH!!!)

Piccoro - for Rami. I forgot to put him up originally. Don't worry! I love this Namek, too!! (It scares the bah-jeebers out of my friends, though. I don't understand why, though. Do you?) He's pretty much the same absolutely loveable, cranky Namek we all know and love! (And if you don't love him, well, then…I shall be forced to beat you with my 'I Am A Piccolo Fan' flags for three hours! HAHA!!!) However, he ends up running Limbo while Juurokougou is gone…which is probably torture for him, having to deal with all sorts of motley, crazy people and/or guards. I am so sorry, Rami-san! It will never happen again!! *cowers once more*

And if I weren't tired as all-be, I'd write more on the bios. *&.^* Feel free to flame!

Purple Mongoose/PallaPlease.

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