Just a quick story I wrote based on Devil's Trap. What I think could have happened after the whole thing in the cabin. Nothing too great... so, I'm sorry if it sucks.

Devil's Trap: What happened afterwards

The room was quiet, almost too quiet; nobody said anything. The three Winchesters just let the silence take over.

Sam stood next to his father, holding the Colt in his hand as he stared at John, who lied on the floor, a look of anger, sad, and disappointment plastered on his face. Sam turned a bit to look at Dean, and saw him lying on the floor still, the blood covering his upper body. He was looking paler with each passing moment. He knew they had to get him to the hospital if they wanted him to live. Sam faced his father again, and took a shaky breath. "Dad, we need to get Dean to the hospital, he's losing a lot of blood."

John, who is now sitting up a bit, the expression on his face never changed, and that made Sam sigh knowing it was only a matter of time before he said something about what happened only a couple minutes ago. "Help your brother to the car."

Sam didn't waste anytime, he turned around to help his brother. He set the Colt on the tabletop, and, without hesitating, he walked toward Dean, and wrapped an arm underneath Dean's arm, and gently helped him stand. He leaned him against him slightly as he helped Dean to the cabin door. Sam glanced over at John and saw him slowly getting on his feet as he winched from the gunshot wound, a wound he made only minutes earlier. Glancing back at Dean, he noticed his head hanging down slightly to his chest; he looked as if he could hardly stay awake. "Hang on, Dean," he whispered to him and started moving again toward the Impala.

Lowering Dean into the backseat, he helped him sit up a bit before he closed the door, and turned away from it as he put a hand to his face, rubbing his temple while sighing. The stress was already building up inside of him, and he didn't know how much more stress he could handle. Sam turned his attention to the cabin door entrance, and watched as John stepped outside, limping a bit as he walked. Their eyes locked, and Sam could see the pain, the disappointment, and anger in his eyes. He then saw the Colt in his right hand, gripping it firmly, as if it would disappear if he didn't hold on to it tightly. Sam moved closer to his father and tried wrapping an arm around his shoulder to help him, but John pushed him away a bit.

"I don't need any help," John told him as he made his way to the car.

Sam sighed and went to the drivers' side, and opened the door, then lowered himself inside, shutting the door behind him. A moment later, he heard the door shut, telling him John was now inside the car, so he reached to the keys and turned the car on, then put it in drive before he backed out of the driveway.

The end