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MORE AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm in favour of the practice of safe sex. In this day and age, it would be rather stupid not to use a condom when you engage in a new relationship.

But for the sake of this story, and regarding this character's complex relationship, I'm leaving that issue out of the equation. I have my reasons for this. If you're interested on what these reasons are, please e-mail me.

Then again, if you're not Mulder and Scully, or any other character in the fiction realm, please do practice safe sex and use a condom, ok?
Having said that, I proceed with the story.


I'm starting to get restless. After so many years spent travelling,
you'd expect I'd be used to sleeping in motel rooms. But I'm not.
I don't like it. I feel trapped, encaged.

So, I'll do what I always do. I reach for the remote. Scully once told me that my tv addiction borders on obsession. It isn't. Not really. I just use tv to free my mind when my body is confined. Which is often enough to grant a severe addiction level.

I channel surf. Typical male behaviour, I know. I catch the end of a movie, a romantic comedy by the looks of it. A couple kissing in close-up. Then the take opens and you see them at the altar. The wedding scene freezes and the credits start to roll.

My mind wanders back to that night in Scully's apartment. To say that my marriage proposal was something totally unexpected would be an understatement of major proportions.

Scully never saw it coming. Heck, even I didn't see it coming. It just happened. Not that I regret it. After five long years living in denial, asking Scully to marry me was the most natural thing in the world.

Sure. Fine. Whatever.

The truth was that I was scared shitless. My conscience was out cold.
My lust was whining. My intellect was screaming a long string of blasphemies to the other two. And my heart? Feeling very pleased with itself, thank you. He was just sitting there, knowing he could be annihilated in 30 seconds and not giving a shit.

Well, I did give a shit. A truckload of it, to be perfectly honest.
I had just proposed to the only woman I'd ever propose to and she hadn't uttered a single word.

I had to understand her, though. Fifteen minutes before we were screaming, hurling the most damaging accusations at each other. Ten minutes before I finally confessed the overwhelming impact she has on my sexual fantasy life. Five minutes before we said we were sorry and shared our first kiss.

Next thing I knew, I was on my knees, asking her to trust me and marry me.

Who said I wasn't a romantic soul?


Scully just stared at me, her eyes wide open, without uttering a single word. I begun to feel nervous, thinking I had fucked it up,
again. But damn my soul to hell if I was going back on my words.


That soft three-letter syllable hit my guts with such intensity that I could feel the wind getting knocked out of me. I expected a yes, a no, a kiss, a kick in my groin. I could even expect laughter or ire.
But I never expected a why.

"Why am I asking you to marry me? Is that what you want to know? Isn't it obvious, Scully? We just went through hell and back on our own private emotional roller coaster, and you still ask me why?"

She looked slightly embarrassed. "I'm not asking you to tell me why you proposed. I know the answer to that one. What I'd like to know is, why know? Why not tomorrow or next week? Why now?"

Have I ever mentioned that Scully has this gift for asking the most difficult questions first?

"It felt like the right time to do it. I wanted you to know that what I feel for you is for real, that my feelings for you will never change. That if there's going to be an "us", I want it to be forever. This is not a game and it's not one of my impulsive whims.
If we decide to give it a try, we go the whole way. For me, it is an all or nothing gamble. And I placed all my chips on us."

She stared at me for a second, and then blessed my soul with a smile.
"I never considered a marriage proposal could be used as gambling chips..."

"A lifetime commitment is a serious bet."

"Is that how you see it? As a lifetime commitment"
I took her hands in mine. "With your Catholic upbringing and my family background, divorce is definitively out of the question, Scully. I know you could do better than me, but..."

She placed one finger on my lips. "I'd never find someone better than you, Mulder. I'd never be able to love someone else the way I love you. And I'd never want to find someone else."

"I love you, Fox Mulder, and I will keep on doing so till the end of my life."

Scully placed her hands on both sides of my face and leaned down to kiss me. And I lost myself completely in that kiss.

I could feel the softness of her lips on mine, the swift movements of her tongue against my teeth, requesting sanctuary inside my mouth. And, once again and forever this time, I granted her access into my soul.

Softness gave way into passion. Tenderness dissolved in desire. My hands tangled in her hair. My mouth working on a frenzy trying to devour hers.

Soon, my hunger could not be appeased by mere kisses anymore. I needed her, all of her. I longed to imprint every inch of her being with my own self. I wanted to feel her passion press against mine, melt within mine, grow along with mine...

We separated, gasping for air, feeling incomplete at the loss of touch. I looked into Scully's eyes, and shivered. If indeed the eyes are the mirror of the soul, hers were a turmoil of emotion, swirling and gaining momentum, sweeping everything in its path. I yearned to get lost there, yet I knew that I was looking into the twin reflection of my own need.

But Scully's gaze spoke of a vast array of emotions: there was love,
lust, desire, need, adoration, and ... fear. I couldn't help but wonder why she was afraid. Maybe she was having doubts. Maybe she was regretting the whole thing. Maybe she had just realised that this was a mistake and was afraid of my reaction. Maybe she was scared of hurting me when she rejected me. Maybe...


I braced myself. Here came the final blow. She was going to tell me that this couldn't work out, that I'd better go, that...

"I love you so much that it scares me."

Love? Scully is afraid of love? The woman who could fight aliens and mutants was afraid of her feelings? What was going on here?

"I don't understand, Scully ... what exactly are you afraid of?"

"I'm afraid of feeling this happy. Of loosing you now that I've finally found you. Of the uncertainty of our future together. Of loosing control... there are so many things that scare me right now,
Mulder, that I don't know if I've got enough guts to face them."

I caressed her cheek. "Scully... Dana. We deserve to be happy. I can't promise you a fairy tale romance. God knows my armour is way too tarnished to play a decent Prince Charming, though I believe I qualify for the frog part..." I saw her smile and something inside me started to melt. "But I'm willing to face every challenge destiny decides to throw our way."

"So you're not afraid..."

"Who, me? Spooky Mulder, chaser of aliens? You gotta be... absolutely right. I'm so fucking scared that I'm afraid of moving! But I know in my heart this is what I want, and I won't settle for anything less than you."

Scully looked at me hesitatingly, "No regrets?"

"None whatsoever. You're stuck with me for good this time. I'll even give you ownership rights..."

She licked her mouth in a way that send shivers down my spine. "So,
what you're saying is that I own you..."

My voice came as a hoarse whisper. "Ye-es."

Her voice acquired a husky tone. "That's good, because I'm planning on laying claim of your body right now."

Scully swiftly pushed me down to the floor and followed suit. I could fell her body pressed to mine and a fireball of desire washed all over me. I could feel her hands sliding down my sides and I could barely repress a shudder. I tried to raise my hands to imitate her movements, but she quickly grabbed my arms and pinned them to the floor by my sides.

"No touching allowed, Mr. Mulder. Not until I'm trough with you".

I think I moaned just then. I also think I heard her laugh. I can't be sure, though. All rational thoughts seemed to have vanished then and there.

She began to softly kiss my brow, my eyes, my cheeks. I felt the flicker of her tongue on my lips, and I opened my mouth, eager to feel her inside. But she just kept on going downwards, kissing and licking the outline of my jaw. By the time her teeth were grazing my earlobes, I was purring like a kitten.

"Sc-scu-lly", I gasped, "did you read a book on how to make your partner nervous or something?"

"Don't know," she replied, licking the hollow of my throat. "Am I making you nervous?"

"Well, I... I"

"That tee has to go, Fox darling."

Maybe it was the words. Maybe it was the way she said the words. But I swear to God I must have broken some sort of physics law while trying to take off my henley. I started to undo my belt buckle when she stopped me.

"Going somewhere?". Her voice was husky, sensual. It gave me some serious Goosebumps... the nice variety.

"N-no, I d-don't think so." My stammering sure made me come across as a worldly man...

"Then, what's the rush? We've got the rest of our lives. But, tonight, we have some unfinished business to take care of."

She stood up and removed the robe. I gulped and felt my eyes leave their sockets. Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for this. My hands caught her calves and started to caress them.

"Ah-ah-ah. No touching, remember? Just lay still and enjoy the show you missed..."

I'm not sure I ever expected to see this daring and bold side of my partner... it seemed so out of character. From demure agent to tantalising vixen in three easy steps. But I wasn't about to complain. My only worries right then were having enough self-restraint as to let her finish stripping before I decided to take things a little bit farther...

There was no music, but there wasn't the need of any. Scully began swaying her hips in a rhythm old as time itself. Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips while her hands began moving all over her body.

I could feel myself grow hard again, and I had to ball my hands into fists to avoid touching her... and me. A bolt of pleasurable pain was rippling through my body, and hit my groin the moment she took off the push-up bra. I couldn't tear my eyes from her breasts.

They were almost perfect. Not too much, not too little, sagging just a bit from the natural pull of gravity. Her nipples were hardened, as if begging to be sucked and bitten. On second thought, her breasts were perfect. I had spent too much time gazing at surgically enhanced tits, but I soon realised how great natural breasts looked. And hers were absolutely perfect.

Scully's hands kept on roaming down her body. It was such a powerful and erotic sight I couldn't help but moan inwardly. I tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to shift inside my jeans and give my almost-fully erect cock some "breathing" room. It really was no use-
it actually made matters worse.

I think my whimpering must have been what gave me away. Scully looked at me and I pleaded with my gaze. She responded by moving her hands farther down and removing her g-string. I got lost in a sea of red curls, and I longed to tangle my fingers and my tongue in them. I had to clench my fists and bit my lower lip to stop me from doing it.

Scully, wearing only a garter belt and the silk stockings, kneeled down and began working on removing my jeans. I gave a sigh of relief,
and lifted my hips to help her lower them. She leaned down and took off my shoes and my socks and pulled down the jeans.

So there I laid, naked except for my cotton briefs, with a raging hard-on begging to be touched. Scully straddled my knees and leaned forward, and proceeded to lick and suck at my nipples, while brushing her own against my stomach. 12 seconds later I was moaning and breathing heavily, and wiggling underneath her body.

Scully hissed, "Stop moving or I won't continue."

I practically froze at her words. She began making her way down,
licking and kissing and nipping and driving me crazy. She flicked her tongue inside my belly button and I thrusted into her. My reaction was both powerful and startling. No one had ever done it before, how could I have known it'd be such an erotic experience? I'd never considered the belly button as an erogenous zone before, and now I couldn't wait for her to do it again.

But Scully had other ideas. She kept on moving farther south, toying with the elastic band of my briefs. I knew I had been told to lay still, but that was becoming inhumanly possible. Try not to move when the woman of your dreams is naked on top of you, softly blowing on your erection and licking her lips in anticipation... it is simply impossible.

I felt her mouth lower on top of me. I inhaled deeply and held my breath until I nearly passed out. Scully had lowered my underwear just enough to free my cock and was giving me one of the best blowjobs I'd received in a long time. I felt my muscles tense and decided to stop her before it was too late.

"Scully...oh God, please... wait."

She looked up at me with a questioning eyebrow raised. Her eyes lost their elated look and a worrisome expression swept her face.

"Why? Am I... am I doing something wrong? Don't you like it?"

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, until we were face to face, and kissed her. I realised she must have felt very insecure on what she was doing... and swore that I'd never let her feel that way again.

"You're are doing everything absolutely right... too right, as a matter of fact. I love the feel of your mouth and your teeth and your hands, it's just that... I'm not a teen anymore, and you'd given me quite a workout the last 24 hours... I really don't think my friend here would be up for seconds... and I wouldn't like it if you thought I was less of a man just now..."

Scully giggled, perhaps remembering the last time I said those words to her. But I didn't want her to get off track here. "Besides", I whispered confidentially into her ear, "I want...Scully, I need to come inside you..."

I felt her stiffen in my arms. I began kissing her again, moving from one earlobe to the other, tracing the outline of her jaw with my tongue until I felt her relax.

My kisses began a downward journey until I found her nipples. Scully was sighing and moaning and digging her fingers on my hair. I kept on lavishing her breasts with my attentions until she moved my head away from them, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Stop. Oh, please, stop."

I panicked. "Did I hurt you?"

"No... they're just too sensitive right now. I can't stand it."

Understanding dawned on me. Sex always threaded between pain and pleasure. And too much of a good thing, no matter how pleasurable,
could quickly turn into pain.

And as sure as hell didn't want to change the mood. My whole body was screaming for release. Had this been any other woman I wouldn't have thought twice about it and I'd simply let my body have its way.

But this was Dana Scully. She was the only woman for me for the rest of my life. I'd given her so much sorrow and pain in the last five years that I wasn't willing to let her go on hurting anymore. Never again.

I grabbed unto the self-control I barely had, and began making my way towards her lower curls. I had just placed my mouth on top of them when I felt her hands on my head.

"Don't." It was a hoarse whisper.

I looked up at her. "But I want to plea..."

"Not now. I don't need it right now. I just need to feel you inside me. Oh, please, Mulder, make love to me. Now."

They were simple words. But they were spoken with passion and desire. With primal need. Who was I to deny her anything?

I pulled myself up to her mouth again and kissed once more. Holding her body tightly, I lifted her and shifted until she was on top of me.

"I'm yours, Scully. Take me. Use me. Show me how to make love to you". I surrendered my body to her, and, with it, I surrendered all control.

She rubbed herself against me a couple of times. I began moaning and moving against her. It felt so good, I was speechless.

And then, with the awkwardness proper of those whose bodies are beginning to make an acquaintance, she positioned herself and slowly lowered into me.
I bit my lower lip, hard. It was the only thing I could do to prevent me from coming right there and then. I didn't want our first time as lovers to end so quickly, but there wasn't much I could do to stop it, short of getting up and taking a cold shower.

You see, long time abstinence has its downsides, after all. As much as solo sex was an important part of my daily life, it had been a long time since I last was inside a woman.

And what a woman I was inside of right now! She was tight and hot and wet, and I could feel her inner muscles clenching and unclenching in a mind-blowing rhythm. Her hips were swaying and she was slowly moving up and down my length.

Suddenly, her breathing became harsher, and her movements turned faster and random. She was tightening around me and moaning heavily.

"Oh, Fox...ple-ease!"

Her whimpering plead completely undid me. I grabbed her by the hips and began thrusting into her like a madman. My mind was fogged by the physical sensations, and pretty soon my orgasm shattered through my body, and I came grunting her name.

I knew her body was still seeking release, and I did the only thing I could think of. I moved my hand farther up her thigh and began thumbing her clit. Three or four strokes later I felt her whole body tense. She let out a small yelp and collapsed on top of me.

Holding her in my arms, I twisted so we were laying side by side, her head resting on the hollow of my shoulder. I kissed her forehead, unable to speak. As our breaths returned to normal, we drifted into sleep.

Morning found us naked, laying in each others arms. I woke up to find her blue eyes intently looking at me.

"Morning, Sunshine." I whispered.

"Morning, handsome." She whispered back, and leaned forward to kiss me.

We continued to kiss for a while. Languid, loving kisses, full of unspoken promises, of things yet to come. I could spend the rest of my life waking up next to her, and that's what I intended to do, if she was willing to have me.


She placed a finger to my lips. "Sshh, Mulder. I do."


And she did. We got married two days ago.

Our wedding wasn't big, or glamorous. It was more like a private affair. Her brother Bill wasn't very happy about it, and his duties at sea prevented him form coming, so Walter Skinner gave her away and I asked Stan Carlbadier to be my best man. He earned the right that night at the Stardust.

We're now spending a couple of days in Maine. Next Saturday we're catching a plane to Jamaica, for a week long honeymoon. We'll have a couple of free days when we return, which will be spent moving into our new house in Georgetown.

As we had suspected, the Bureau split us up. As of September 12, Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully, aka Mrs. Fox Mulder, will become head of the forensics department in VCS.

Me? I'm getting a new office for the X-Files. I'm also getting the chance to choose 3 new Agents to work under my supervision. And I'm also the new Profiler Supervisor at VCS. Which means I can still work with Scully every now and then.

I lost the best partner any agent could ever wish for. But I gained a whole lot more. More than I ever expected that gloomy day in March when a rookie redhead came into my basement office.

Sure, the danger is still there. Now bigger than ever. But our happiness is worth the risk. If push comes to shove, we can always quit the Bureau and teach. I don't need the FBI to continue my search for the truth. But I'll always need her by my side.

I hear the bathroom door open, and I look up to see my bride wearing a soft pale silk night-gown, which I went back to Victoria's Secrets to buy.

Dana looks at me, amused. "I leave you for three minutes and you're already playing with that remote."

"There was nothing better to do while you were gone", I reply.

"And now that I'm here?" she asks, teasing me.

I grab her by the waist and throw her in bed next to me. "Now I can't make up my mind as to where to start."

She laughs and I lower myself to kiss her.

The rest of my life has just begun.