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Summary - This is a 3 part story and is about Wyatt's growing attraction to Chris during their teenage years and how he tries to get together with him, this story is completely AU and does not follow the charmed plot in any way anyway I hope you enjoy this and if you want to review then it will be very much appreciated

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Wyatt's POV

I never in a million years thought that things would turn out like this. Im laying in bed with you, the love of my life, my soul mate, and its weird how you're my brother and yet I don't care. Im not really sure how it all happened, all I know is that iv been infatuated with you for as far back as I can remember. My teenage years were always full of lusting and hunger for you. I was a bag full of raging hormones whenever you came into the room.

I remember when we were kids, I think that even then there were always signs of our love and attraction for each other. I remember we used to sleep in the same bed for years I think, and when our mum and dad finally decided that we were old enough to sleep by ourselves they gave us our own rooms. I remember when you were 9 and you always used to sneak into my room in the night and I remember asking you why you always came here…you told me that you felt safest whenever you were in my arms.

I remember when you would always fall asleep first and I would spend minutes and even hours at a time just studying your face, it was always bliss to me, you were so beautiful, hell you always have been. I think it was at the age of 10 that I knew that I was attracted to you. I didn't want to feel this way but how could I not.

I remember when I was 13 and you were 11 and we still slept together at times. I swear you knew my thoughts and feelings and tormented me. You would always touch me in a way that was innocent but so sensuous that it would drive me insane, I swear you looked at me in ways that demanded fuck me! Your touches alone would give me fantasies that would satisfy my lust for you for weeks at a time but I always wanted more. Hell your stunning green eyes would give me wet dreams, you were in my head day and night and the funny thing is that I didn't really mind.

I remember when I was 16 and you were 14. Our neighbors and we were playing soccer and you looked so fucking hot in your shorts and white t-shirt. The sweat was dripping all over your face and soaking through your shirt showing the toned body through it. It made me so goddamn horny and all I could think of was pounding you on the very ground. I was breathless and you weren't helping me in the slightest. You asked if we could stop and we agreed to go back to ours. Jake followed you into our house while the others went home, and we saw our mum and Aunt Paige who were waiting in the kitchen with a glass of cold orange juice for all of us. Mum told you to take a shower cos you were sweating like hell and I nearly drooled when you took of your shirt in front of us and mumbled something about having a nice cold shower. I was hard beyond words and needed a release and who better then Jake. He was the same age as me and was only known because Chris made friends with him. He had a nice lean body with light brown hair and brown eyes. He seemed innocent and sexy (nothing on Chris of course but then who is).

I suggested to Jake that we should go hang in our room. He agreed albeit a bit uncomfortably as he wasn't confident with himself. By the time we got to our room I decided to flirt with him and see how he took it. To my delight he seemed turned on by it so I decided to take it further. I took of my clothes in front of him pretending that it was an everyday thing. Jake to my delight started blushing and tried to conceal his hard on. I smirked at him and walked up to him displaying my huge hard on in front of his face.

'Like what you see' I asked grinning, he stayed silent but couldn't tear himself away.

'And if I do' he said finally finding his voice, my smile grew bigger as did my cock

'So Jake; have you ever fucked a guy before?" Silence.

"W-why? Have y-you?" I crossed my arms and smiled before replying.

"Yeah...a little aren't a little curious?" Jake kind of nodded, flushing slightly.

"Come here," I commanded throatily and Jake stood up facing me shakily. My cock was already stiff, thanks to Chris and his goddamn body

'Why don't you give me a little head, hmm?' Jake's eyes widened as he looked at me then to my cock in front of him. I smiled reassuringly and stroked myself slowly, still gazing confidently at him. He flushed deeply and with virginal grace and hesitation slipped my cock into his mouth. He needed quite a bit of direction, but once he got the hang of it, I sat back, my fingers curled in his hair thinking only of Chris.

If only it was him with his tongue sliding and wrapping around my cock, if it was Chris's fingers grazing my hipbones. I came thinking guiltily of Chris, feeling as if id betrayed him in some way; Jake swallowed. I thanked him with a kiss tasting my seed on his tongue. I just couldn't resist his innocent gaze; I pushed him onto my bed and went from there. I never really meant to fuck him, but, god was he willing! And he just looked so damn good bent over my bed, his face contorted in pleasure and pain. And he felt so goddamn good with my cock thrusting in and out of his tight ass as he writhed and screamed into the pillows, arching his back and begging for mercy and more...

We were done by the time you got out of the shower. Jake was already dressed and gone, and I was sitting on the couch, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. I remember you looked at me and smiled slightly.

"What's up with you?" I simply grinned up at him. Oh, only if you knew.

"Nothing...just...relaxed, is all." You only snorted and sat down beside me switching on the TV. You smelled so good and while you focused on the TV, I was trying my best to smell you and get your scent imbedded into my body. Jesus your presence alone was getting me rock hard and my jeans were once again becoming uncomfortably tight. When you finally left I locked the door and rubbed myself until I came. I soon feel asleep with the thoughts of you, Jake and sex in my head….

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