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As the years went by I kept fucking Jake and you kept on fucking with my head. After that night of unforgettable pleasure, you became withdrawn and distant for a few days. I felt like shit thinking that you were now repulsed with what happened and that you didn't want anything to do with me. It's unsurprising to say that I became anxious and miserable during that period. But then it changed a couple of days after you gave me the cold shoulder.

I remember you slipping into my bed in the morning while I lay asleep in only my boxers, completely unaware of what was to happen. The next thing I know, I wake up to the most incredible feeling as my cock is enveloped in something extremely hot and wet. I opened my eyes and see you bobbing your mouth up and down my cock while maintaining eye contact with me. I came within a minute to the most amazing blowjob I have ever gotten in my life (and that's a lot).

The strange thing is that even with all the making out and blow jobs we were doing with each other, things never changed with us as a whole. We still acted like brothers to the whole world and were completely comfortable with each other. We never did discuss what happened but we would make out like rabbits on heat at night. You could say we were like those characters from those comics like batman or something, but whereas he was billionaire by day and hero by night we were brothers by day and fuck bodies by night.

Two years had passed and I was then 18 and in all honesty my feelings for you hadn't gone away or dwindled they'd actually got more intense. My days were now spent looking forward to our times together when we would make out till our lips turned bruised and when I would moan when you would deep throat me as if you'd been doing it all your life. I had it bad for you.

I still went out with Jake…no lets be real here I still fucked Jake whenever I needed a tight hole. That's the one thing we never did with each other…actual fucking and Jake provided the perfect opportunity whenever you turned me on so bad that I needed more then a hand job. I know I shouldn't have strung Jake along all these years because I have the feeling that hes fallen for me bad I feel really guilty for that because I know for a fact that if you asked me to dump him I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I remember when you turned 17. I, Mum and the others planned a surprise party for you at P3. Dad had somehow managed to get you into the club with a made up reason and when you came in all you could see were a bunch of people shouting SURPRISE. You should have seen your face it was so beautiful…you were so beautiful. Hours later after you had your cake and presents and everyone had almost left, you asked mum if I and you could go watch a movie. Mum agreed and the next thing I know you had grabbed my hand and orbed me away.

The next thing I see when we rematerialize is a cosy looking room with a huge double bed with silk sheets and a bottle of champagne and strawberries. As I turn my confused gaze to you my dick hardens immediately. You have a coy and mischievous look as you turned to me and smiled.

"Wyatt do you want me...?" You smiled gently at me with an arched eyebrow. Goddamn you were sexier than ever and all I could do was nod dumbly.

'I want you to be my first Wyatt' you asked in a husky voice as you walked slowly towards me and kissed me on the lips. I shuddered and sighed as I murmured yes in frenzy. I moaned when you sucked on my lower lip before pulling away from me and told me to strip.

I numbly stripped down to my boxers and forgot to breathe as you did the same. We lay side by side in silence. Not much had changed in the last three years. You were quiet and I was unbelievably frustrated. You looked at me and whispered sweetly;

"Want a drink?" I nodded, staring fixedly at you. You got the champagne out of the bottle and poured the drinks. We drank, we talked; time flew and soon the bottle came up empty. I had ended up in your arms, squirming helplessly as you whispered devilishly filthy things in my ear; my cock was by now no stranger to your lustful charms and seemed to never tire of them as it made its presence known, stirring stiffly against the material of my boxers.

I fed you the strawberries and watched glazed as the juices flowed down your lips and onto your chin. I used my tongue to lap it up and then sucked on your lips which caused you to moan. I decided to take initiative with you. I knew you were nervous and I whispered to you not to worry. We explored each other like we had done over the years and when your fingertips grazed my cock I moaned and pushed you below me.

Before I knew it your hands were stripping away the boxers and in my passion I ripped yours from your body, my hands grasping tightly the throbbing member which I found. I caressed your cock and loved it; I nuzzled it and sucked you off contentedly, almost cumming as you groaned and thrashed about beautifully. I whispered how much I loved you as I caressed your body and you replied it back as well.

My lubed finger found your hole and wormed its way inside; you were so goddamn tight it was amazing. I swirled my tongue around the tip of your cock which had you bucking and gasping with approval. Another two fingers found their way inside and felt around, pressing on the tightened muscle until you relaxed. You nearly screamed as I positioned myself behind you and eased my throbbing cock in.

It felt incredible…there is no other word for it, the feelings that I felt were out of this world and I finally felt whole as I didn't just fuck you like I did with Jake; I made love to you as my lover, my best friend, and my brother. Words will never describe how happy I felt.

When we both climaxed to the most amazing orgasm of my life I felt content holding you in my arms while we both told each other how much we loved each other. I kissed your sweaty face and you kissed me back lovingly before you fell asleep. I lay there myself just content watching you before I myself fell into slumber and this is where my story ends. I finally felt complete!


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