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Beyond Time

Chapter 1 – Held Up By Rodney McKay

"I don't think the square root of one trillion is relevant, Rodney." John Sheppard had nearly had his limit of Doctor McKay on this particular away mission. The Colonel, McKay, Teyla, Ronan, and Doctor Hayden had been on P5A-62Z for nearly a week, conducting trade negotiations and upgrading some of their archaic computer systems. The Korzoi were a peaceful people to their core (completely unlike the duplicitous Genii) and everything was going smoothly so far. So far being the important part.

"Colonel, if they don't upgrade their systems even more…." Rodney was his usual self, seemingly obnoxious but actually trying to give the Korzoi the right amount of help.

A loud whistle pierced the air. "Now boys, Mommy told you no fighting offworld." Mel Hayden closed the gap from where she had been helping some of the techs in setting up a more advanced computer system.

"Melody, if they don't upgrade then who knows what catastrophe could befall them? Hm?" Rodney was getting to be even more obnoxious than usual.

Mel looked over at Teyla, and then both women rolled their eyes at McKay's little hissy fit. "Rodney, do want to be sent to your room like a bad little boy?"

Rodney's jaw dropped at how Mel was talking to him. "What?" His voice got higher as he screamed out the word.

"We can dial up Atlantis and replace you with Radek any time that you wish." Sheppard had a feeling that this was what Mel had in mind. He knew she was getting anxious to see her husband, but didn't know why she was getting worse by the day.

McKay crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his chin up. The smug look followed. "I'd like to see you explain this to Elizabeth."

"I'd tell her that her chief scientist on this mission was acting like a toddler in his terrible two's." Mel crossed her arms and started to stare Rodney down.

Rodney's mouth opened a few times like a fish gasping for air, and then he turned and stalked out of the camp towards the forest.

Sheppard quickly put his ill-tempered friend out of his mind. "Mel, just how close are we to being finished?"

Mel sighed. "Actually if Rodney hadn't had this little fit, and had put in about an hour more, we would be done and on our way home."

John's face brightened considerably at that news. "Then I think we should get Rodney back here to finish up. I'll go chase him down."

An hour later….

Rodney and Fash, the chief Korzoi scientist, were finishing the last of the upgrades. "Is everyone satisfied?" By the tone of Rodney's voice, he was still pouting.

"If this will get me back to my husband faster, then yes, we are satisfied." Mel grabbed her bag and started to head toward the gate.

Sheppard, McKay, and Ronan looked at each other, completely confused. Then Sheppard raised an eyebrow and silently questioned Teyla, but she shook her head and raised her shoulders in the universal 'I don't know' shrug.

The quartet caught up to Mel just as she was entering the last symbol into the DHD. "Everyone ready?"

"Apparently you've been ready for quite some time. In a hurry to get home?" Sheppard teased Atlantis' top oceanographer.

"Actually I am." Mel was about ready to jump out of her skin. I'm cutting it close. I hope he's got everything ready.

The event horizon gave its usual whoosh as the wormhole was established. Teyla sent her IDC and the confirmation beeped.

"Move 'em out!" John started herding his team toward the gate. He watched Teyla, Mel, and Rodney go through first, and then he and Ronan walked through together as they brought up the rear. He didn't notice anything wrong at first since he was trying not to run into Rodney who was rooted in place just in front of him. "Hey McKay, why haven't you move?"

"Uh, Colonel Sheppard, I think something went wrong during our gating." Mel's voice had an edge of hysteria in it.

Sheppard's head snapped up as he took in the familiar Gate Room. Where are our people? And our equipment? "Rodney?" John growled.

Rodney was frantically looking around, trying to find a familiar face among the many in the Gate Room. "I have no idea! We are in Atlantis, but…."

"Yes, this is Atlantis. And who may you be?" The man leaned over the upper balcony to address the strangers who had come through the Gate.

"I am Colonel John Sheppard of the Earth expedition to Atlantis." Sheppard stepped to the front of the group as he addressed the man he thought could be the leader here.

"I am Janus." The man made his way down the steps towards the Gate. "You say you come from Earth?"

"Did you say Janus?" Rodney couldn't believe his ears.

"Yes, that is my name." The man smiled at Rodney.

Rodney stepped next to Sheppard and lowered his voice. "Colonel, this is the man that helped the other Elizabeth. The Elizabeth from the past, remember?"

Sheppard's eyes showed his surprise. "Are you telling me were in the past?"

"Approximately ten thousand years in the past. Before Atlantis fell the first time."