Chapter 3

Ozzie and Heather layed down, and began kissing and licking each other all over.

Ozzie began kissing Heather's neck, and moved down to her left nipple.

He began licking his tongue around her nipple, while massaging her right one.

Heather moaned in ectasy.

Ozzie then moved his head down more, and shoved his tongue into her clit.

Heather moaned as he found her G-Spot, and she climaxed.

Ozzie eagerly licked up all his daughter's juices.

Ozzie moved up again, and their tongues carressed each other's.

Ozzie positioned himself at her entrance, and looked at her in question.

Heather nodded.

Ozzie slowly pushed himself into his daughter, and then pushed hard, breaking her hymn.

She cried out in pain, and then pain vanished, replaced by ectasy as Ozzie continued to push himself into her.

He began thrusting himself faster & faster into his daughter, who began sliding up and down.

Ozzie massaged both of her nipples as he thrust into his daughter a final time, and they climaxed.

Heather layed down in her father's arms.

"I love you, dad."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

They later married, and had kids.

(Be prepared for my next story: Heather & Stella)