Author's Note: This is a really kinda dark fic I wrote while listening to "Hello Beastie" on the Pirates II Soundtrack. The idea struck me as, 'why not do a duology perspective of the end of the Pearl?' This is Part II of II. Part I, called "The Death of Captain Jack Sparrow" is posted both here and singularly. Revel in my sad, dark thoughts, and review, please.

This is the death of Elizabeth Swann:

She hears Jack Sparrow say, "Abandon ship." She knows it must kill him to say the words.

"She's only a ship, mate. Abandon ship." Then the crew scurries to the longboats, taking what supplies they will need. Then she is torn.

Part of her wants to believe that Jack will stay on the ship to save them. Part of her believes he will not. Part of her wants him to come with them. To come away with her.

What happens next is a blur to her. She walks forward, takes Sparrow in her arms, and kisses him. As she does it, she realizes that she had been with the wrong man all along. But she is resolved to do this. And she does.

She drives Jack back, back, until she gets to the mast, and, as he would say, seizing the opportune moment, claps the irons shut on his wrist.

She realizes that she's just betrayed him. And how deeply that must hurt him.

She tries to explain it to him. "It's after you. Not the ship, not us." Though as she says it, she realizes it's not true; he ran off on that rowboat, and it still attacked the ship rather than him. But it was occupied with getting us, then; best not to take chances, especially with Jack.

The inherent cruelty of that thought is just one more drop of poison in her veins to add to the vial that is already there from just doing this.

"This is the only way, don't you see?" She tries to rationalize once more, but it does no good; for him or for her.

"I'm not sorry," she lies. She feels a bucket full of poison enter her for that fib. She is dying inside. But she cannot take it back; she can't.

But Jack, bless his heart, through his pain and betrayal, understands. He simply smiles humorlessly, and says, "Pirate."

She can't be here anymore. She goes to the longboat, and, fighting against the anguish trying to kill her inside, gets in.

She looks at Will, who says rather oddly, "Where's Jack?"

She doesn't understand why he is so...she can't quite find a word for it; did he see us? But I could not tell him the truth; it would hurt him more. "He elected to stay behind, to give us a chance." She sees the uncertainty in Gibbs and the crew; not at her words, but at the prospect of abandoning Jack to death once more. "Go!" She cannot keep the anguish from cracking her voice as she orders Marty to let go of the line.

She feels the pain come coursing in through her body as they row away. She watches through red, tear-filled eyes as the Kraken wraps itself around the Black Pearl, and then...

She's gone.

And so is Captain Jack Sparrow.

And so is Elizabeth Swann.

She's dead.

Elizabeth is really only a corpse as they row to Tia Dalma's village. Certainly, she breathes, she is aware of the water rocking them, of the bad food she must eat on the way, but she only exists. She does not live.

Elizabeth Swann would never have done that to a man, especially not Jack, the man she—

Did she? No, she didn't love Jack. She couldn't. But then, why am I so dead inside?

As they row somberly through the sad mist of the village, she sees a sight to see.

The people of the village are out, waist-deep in the water, all holding candles, watching them silently.

It is a candle vigil for Jack Sparrow.

When they go inside, Elizabeth moves to a seat, and withdraws.

She sits on her stool in Tia Dalma's home, silently killing herself inside. She'd betrayed and killed the man she—

Did she love him? And if she did, what of Will?

Then, as Will monotonously thwacks his father's knife into the table over and over, Tia Dalma comes out, silently offering rum, knowing what they'd gone through. She begins to refuse, when Tia explains. "Against de' de sorrow." She quietly takes her mug as Dalma moves to kneel beside Will understandingly, saying, "It's a shame. I know you're thinking that with the Pearl, you could have captured the devil and set free your father's soul."

Taking a mug, Will mutters, "Doesn't matter now. The Pearl is gone, along with its captain." The blade lodges in the table its last time as he speaks.

Gibbs turns back in the doorway to face them, and says sadly, in a voice too deep and lost to be his own, "Aye. And already the world seems a bit less bright. He fooled us all right till the end, but I guess that honest streak finally won out." He accepts Tia's drink, as Elizabeth bows her head in utmost shame. "To Jack Sparrow," he toasts in a low voice.

"Never another like Cap'n Jack," Ragetti says, choking on the words from sad tears from his one eye.

"He was a gentleman of fortune, he was," Pintel adds, raising his glass.

"He was a good man," Elizabeth finishes, barely keeping the tears out of her voice, feeling the gut-wrenching emotion from his name. As the others drink, she cannot, knowing that this noble end was one she'd resigned him to. She feels Will's eyes on her, ignoring them as the tears freely come now, misery overcoming her. She feels so dead inside without him, now. Then she truly knows. She really did lo—

"If there was anything could be done to bring him back..." Will begins. She looks at him. She may be wrong, but he may have just started to say that he isn't the one for her. That Jack is—was.


The man she betrayed.

The man she killed.

The man she loved.

The pain almost overwhelms her as she looks at Will, rising, saying "Elizabeth..." Noble man; he loved her so dearly that were it possible, he would give her up for her happiness rather than his own.

Tia Dalma cuts him off. "Would ye do it? Hm?" Elizabeth looks up at the tone in her voice. "What would" As she moves towards Elizabeth, "What would any of you be willing to do, hm? Would you sail to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fetch back witty Jack, and him precious Pearl?"

"Aye." Gibbs stands.

"Aye," Pintel agrees.

"Aye." Ragetti.

As Cotton raised his mug, his parrot squawked, "Aye."

"Yes," Elizabeth says softly.

"Aye" says Will, in the quietest voice of them all.

"All right," Dalma grins her toothy grin. "But if ye go and brave the weird an' haunted shores at World's End, then you will need a captain who knows those waters."

She looks up the stairs. As does everyone else. Elizabeth moves forward first.

Inside, she realizes, Jack can be saved.

As Barbossa comes down the steps, and says, "So tell me, what's become of my ship?" Elizabeth comes alive once more. She is resurrected. She can save Jack. And, no matter what it takes, she will.

This is the death and resurrection of Elizabeth Swann.