I watch her talk to her friends

acting like nothing is wrong

but I know there is

and its all my fault

running off to another

because I am trying to run from this pain I feel

I remember the feeling

of my heart

falling to pieces

on that fateful day

I dont want it to happen again

I try to avoid this pain

I hide from the world

I keep it bottled up hoping it will stop the shattering of my soul

but its no use

I go back to the one that betrayed me

hoping it will make me forget

about this feeling but i can't

its enbeded

stuck in my mind for all eternity

I dont no what to do

so I push her away

trying to make her leave

so maybe this feeling will to

but no matter what I do

she keeps coming back

no matter how much I try

how much I hurt her

she's always by my side

maybe this time my heart won't get broke

maybe this time I can have hope.

Hope you guys liked it and its my first poem tell me if you liked it.