Author's Note: This is a really kinda dark fic I wrote while listening to "Hello Beastie" on the Pirates II Soundtrack, and I've updated it with editing with regards to the film. The idea struck me as, 'why not do a duology perspective of the end of the Pearl?' This is Part I of II. Part II, called "The Death of Elizabeth Swann" will be posted both here and singularly. Revel in my sad, dark thoughts, and review, please.

This is the death of Captain Jack Sparrow:

"Abandon ship. Into the longboat."

With those five words, the beginning of the end is sparked. Something inside Jack just dies. The spark goes out. It is like being stabbed with a dagger for Jack.

"Jack..." Gibbs does not understand. "The Pearl...?"

His next five words twist the dagger. "She's only a ship, mate."

"He's right, we have to head for land," Elizabeth agrees sadly.

"It's a lot of open water," Pintel notes warily.

"It's a lot of water," Ragetti simplifies.

"We have to try," Will says, an equal tone of dismay in his own voice. "We can get away as it takes down the Pearl."

Gibbs nods gruffly. "Abandon ship. Abandon ship or abandon hope."

As the order is given, the crew moves to the boats. All but Jack. Inwardly, he sobs, cries for forgiveness. He stands, lost, as he surveys the deck of his beautiful Pearl for the last time, pacing slowly. Then he knows. I cannot go; I can't leave with them. The Kraken wants me and the Pearl. Well, the beast will get us both, then. Captain goes down with his ship, he thinks dourly.

Behind him, he hears, "Thank you, Jack." Elizabeth. Lizzie. Good Lizzie-beth, the bonnie lass, ol' whatserface, he thinks humorlessly.

He turns to face her, seeing some pride in her face as she looks at him. He says, "We're not free yet, love."

"You came back," she smiles. "I always knew you were a good man."

Then she presses her lips onto his. Surprised, but not displeased, Jack allows her to push him backwards across the rubble-strewn deck, backing him into the mast.

Then she rips the dagger out and sticks it back in.

The irons click on his wrist, trapping him there. For the second time in his life, Jack is betrayed by someone he trusts. Strangely, this hurts far more than Barbossa's betrayal ever did.

"It's after you; not the ship, not us." Elizabeth looks into Jack's eyes. Within, Jack feels true emotions; hurt, pain, sadness, wan humor, and a little bit of regret...perhaps, deep down, he really does have feelings for Lizzie after all. But now, I'll never find out, will I?

"This is the only way, don't you see?" As her voice breaks midway through her rationalizations, he knows. She leans in closer, as if to kiss him once more, but she stops herself, saying only, "I'm not sorry." But Jack looks into her eyes, and sees the torment, pain, and sadness this places her in.

Jack only grins softly, and says one word: "Pirate." Then she is gone.

For the longest time, Jack stands there, until he suddenly comes to his senses.

I am Captain Jack Sparrow; I will not die like this.

He begins to tug at the chains, hoping that the rusty old things will break. They won't. He begins to curse a string. "Bugger. Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger!" Then there is a rumbling as the ship shifts. The Kraken. As items roll by, he eyes the lantern a few feet away.

He draws his sword and, straining himself, reaches it, loops the sword tip through the loop, and smashes it against the wood he is chained to. He grins in triumph as the slick fuel drips over his hand.

He begins to tug at his hand, trying to slide it through the irons. It really isn't interested in his idea. Grimacing in pain, he mutters, "Come on! Just got it. Come ON!" Struggling, he wriggles his hand free of the irons. He rubs his sore wrist from the pain, grinning in his small triumph.

Then he senses something behind him. The grin falls. He turns.

The Kraken roars.

There, as Gibbs had so eloquently described it, is the reeking stench of a thousand decaying corpses, plus a couple other things that Jack isn't interested in identifying. Globules of cream-colored spittle fly out and coat Jack's face and outfit. As this happens, something makes a 'thunk' noise nearby.

Finally, the thing runs out of breath. After shaking as through throwing off a case of the heebie-jeebies, Jack regards the spittle as he removes it from his face. "Not so bad," he says, thinking of the breath.

"Oh." The 'thunk' had been the return of his hat. Jack really does not want to know how it ended up in the Kraken's belly, and probably will never find out.

He reaches down, and picks it up. He swings it back and forth a bit to shake off the spit on it. He then firmly affixes it on his head.

Now he is ready for action. He grins, and draws his sword.

"Hello, beastie," Jack greets the monster. He remembers a few days ago; he remembers the look in Lizzie's eyes when she looked at him. He remembers the way she almost kissed him. He remembers how close he came to giving in. He remembers how, in that moment, he realized how he truly loved her. And he remembers the words Elizabeth said to him.

"You will have the chance to do something...something courageous. And you do, you'll discover something. That you're a good man...Oh, I have faith in you. Want to know why?...Curiosity. You're going to want it. A chance to be admired..." The girl was right after all.

His only regret is not being able to tell her he loves her. To never see her again. What he would give for her voice to come to him now, what he would give for her to inadvertently show how much she cared, to see her beautiful, elusive smile, just one more time...

Charging forward, he feels as though he is in slow motion. He brings his sword to the ready, lunging toward the monster. It willingly moves forward to take him.

The creature comes forward.

He swings.

Then he and the Black Pearl are gone.

This is the death of Captain Jack Sparrow.