Spilers for Chain of Memories


Of course he wasn't sad. He had no heart, after all.

Besides, Axel mused, he wasn't sure he could have mourned for her 'death' even if he had been a Somebody. She was undoubtedly a good fuck, but that counted for little more than pleasure and relief from boredom - both of which was now being derived from members of the Organization crumble in the wake of his deft manipulations. He somehow didn't doubt she'd slipped into a few other colleagues' beds, either. The image of Demyx giggling about 'making sweet music together' was all to easy to conjure up.

A slow smirk found its way onto his lips. There was also that little fact that he had played quite a big part in the general decay of their plans. If not for him, those two would probably have succeeded in their little bid to claim Sora. Axel had his doubted if they would have actually taken over the Organization - other than Zexion and perhaps Vexen, the top echelon were no slouches. That fool Marluxia talked tougher than he could ever hope to actually be.

Not that it mattered now. His smile fading, Axel looked down at the book in his hand. Sade. There would no longer be any sly blue eyes glimpsed over the tops of the pages, no more smiles knife-quick concealed by the covers. Her slim, skilled fingers would never rest here and here and here, where use had worn faint dents.

He weighted the little book in his hands for a moment before tucking it into his coat. His face, for a moment almost tender-looking, regained its detached smirk, and he strode from the library with his old, almost swaggering pace. But he paused at the door, a hand resting against the frame.

Turning back, Axel gave a sudden, twisted smile to the empty room. With a little mocking salute, he said, as if to a turned back,

"Goodbye, Number Twelve. I'll see you in the void."


AN: Please forgive me. The fangirl in my head -who I generally keep locked up for obvious reasons - happens to be a LarxeneAxel shipper. To date, I have drawn one picture to this effect, and have, as is apparent, added a oneshot. God help me.

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Also, I used something out of the esteemed Organization VI's vault of amazing writing here. If you read their piece Roll Of The Dice: Organization XIII, I suspect you would find a familiar line. (: