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Life Goes On
Part 10: Home Sweet Home

"Earth..." Chloe looked out of the window at the slowly rotating blue/green sphere, "Never though I'd see it from up here."

"It always takes my breath away." Sam admitted as the Daedalus settled into orbit, "It's good to be home." She wrapped her arms around her wife, "Home is the sailor, home from the sea..."

"...and the hunter home from the hill?" Chloe smiled, "Talking of which, we need to start looking for a new house: our apartment isn't going to be big enough."

"We are in position to transport you down to Area 51." Hermiod announced over the intercom.

"Do you think they know?" Chloe asked, looking at her wedding ring.

"It might have been included in Dr Weir's last mission report." Sam shrugged, "Or Colonel Caldwell may have told them, to cover his own ass."

"They can't do anything to us, can they?" Chloe asked, a little hesitant about facing the reception comity ground-side, "I mean, we're pregnant..."

"Between General O'Neill and Senator Kent, I think we should be safe." Sam took her wife hand and walked over to where their bags stood in the middle of the room, "Dr Carter-Sullivan to Hermiod: we're ready."

There was a flash as the transporter beam enveloped them, and they were suddenly standing in a bitch black space.

"Maybe Hermiod got the coordinates wrong?" Chloe suggested.

Both women jumped when there was a series of loud bangs, and the lights switched on: the room was full of people in party hats, with a large banner hanging from the ceiling proclaiming 'congratulations, Sam & Chloe!'

"Surprised?" Jack smiled as he walked over, a glass of fruit juice in each hand, "What? You thought that you could just sneak back home after an all-expenses paid honeymoon, courtesy of the Air Force?"

"Too much to hope?" Chloe asked, accepting the offered drink, "Who squealed?"

"Hermiod sent a status report to Freyr by subspace." Daniel appeared at his friend's side, "Freyr told Thor, who told Jack by..."

"No need to go into details, Dannyboy." Jack cut the archaeologist off, "Let's just say that the little-guy set a new record for worst possible time and place to beam me up and leave it at that."

"A story for another time." Sam smiled, "How's the brass taking this?"

"What? The fact that an Air Force officer conducted a possibly legal, possibly illegal marriage of two women on our ultra top-secret spaceship?" Jack smirked, "Some are kicking up a fuss, but you've got more friends on the hill than you think: some of the more liberal members of the Senate and Congress are backing the two of you on general principal. You'll probably have to register your marriage in Massachusetts, but it looks like you'll get away with it."

"And they couldn't exactly rake us over the colas without risking the full story getting out." Chloe smiled, "You got to love the freedom of the press."

"It has it's uses." Jack admitted, "So, what's the big plan?"

"Go home and decompress a little." Sam sighed, "We've got a lot to take in, and then we've got to start looking for a new place to live, probably in Metropolis."

"Well that can wait." Daniel smiled, reappearing with a glass of Champaign for himself and Jack, "To the happy couple."


Clark looked out through his telescope: using the astronomical instrument and his own enhanced eyesight, he could just make out the Pegasus galaxy, but it was still little more than a hazy spot. He shook his head; the distance between Earth and the distant dwarf galaxy meant that he was seeing light that had left there more than a million years ago.

"Star Light Star bright, the first star I see tonight," a soft and familiar voice came from behind him, alerting him for the first time that he was not alone, "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight."

"Chloe?" He span round and embraced his fried, effortlessly lifting her off her feet, "It's good to see you again!"

"Good to be seen." The young reporter returned the embrace, "That whole 'slow boat to China' thing got a little old after the first two weeks."

"I'm glad you're back; life's been a little lonely without you and Sam around to liven things up." Clark put her down, "Although Cassie stopped by for a game of chess the other day; kicked my ass."

"Ah, my wife has taught her well." Chloe smiled, then waited for the words to sink in. she grinned like a Cheshire Cat when her friends jaw dropped wide open, and she held up her hand so he could see the ring, "Chloe Carter-Sullivan, at your service."

"Wow!" Clark blinked, "I didn't think that was legal?"

"Not in the great state of Kansas, but in Massachusetts and Canada, we're good to go." Chloe sat on the old sofa, "I'm growing up fast; marriage, kids, the whole shebang!"

"I don't think I've ever seen you happier." Her freeing sat down next to her, "You and Sam have been good for each other."

"Yeah, well remember that when we're both hormonal and bloated." She ruffled his hair, "Expecting you to use your superpowers to run around, doing all the things we can't."

"Hey, I get to be 'Cool Uncle Clark'; why should I be worried." The young Kryptonian laughed, and then looked series, "I'm thinking about taking Dr Weir up on her offer, about going back to Atlantis for a summer internship."

"You think there are other Kryptonian outposts out there?" Chloe asked, "Thor didn't seem to think so."

"Thor didn't expect to find me on Earth." Clark countered, "It's a big, big universe out there; and my people visited at least 28-Galaxies. That's almost the entire Local Group." He shook his head, "I have to believe that somewhere, out there, there are other Kryptonian colonies."

"It's a grand dream." Chloe nodded, "And I for one hope it comes true."


"You'd better have good reason for coming here." Lex stormed into his office, "Samantha Carter was once a host; she could detect you..."

"Do you know the story of Prometheus?" Ba'al cut him off, poring himself a glass of whisky and looking out the window at the Kansas countryside.

"Only from the ancient Greek legend." The young businessman nodded, sensing that he was about to learn something important, so forced himself to calm down, "But I would be interested in hearing the Goa'uld side of the story."

"Prometheus was a Tok'ra who stole weapons from the System Lords and gave them to the humans in the area you now know of as Greece." His guest explained, "His actions forced Cronus to abandon Earth."

"So you want to steal Kryptonian technology?" Lex asked.

"Whoever controls technology controls the universe." The former System Lord smiled, "And with Kryptonian technology, not even the Asgard can stand in my way."

"Me, I just want what Prometheus wanted," Lex smiled, pouring his own drink, "to bring fire to the people... and I want my cut."

"When I have regained my rightful place as master of this galaxy, Earth and all its peoples will be yours to do with as you please." Ba'al raised his glass, "To stealing fire from the gods."

"To Prometheus." Lex returned the gesture: "And to getting what we want."

The End

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