"The Magic Vulpix"

This is dedecated to all who adore vulpix.



Moonlight shone down onto a fleeing pokemon who glowed red with its own firelight. Shouts of rage echoed through the streets, followed by the crawling, flapping and running sounds of many pokemon giving chase. The pokemon fleeing gave a hoarse groan, then fled into the alley nearby. Moonlight shone onto the young vulpix, panting in the alleyway. She was heavy with an egg and could not run anymore. She knew she needed to lay her egg but she knew if she didn't escape Team Rocket she would never escape again, already her mate had been eliminated. She tried to run again but the combination of her egg and sheer exhaustion stopped her from doing anything but crawl.
Suddenly, she felt pain, the pain...then she knew. The egg was coming! She crawled between two bins and braced herself as the egg came out. She nuzzled her newly laid egg and whispered to her egg "Vulpix vulpix" Farewell, my child. Shouts and pokemon cries filled the air, and the young vulpix found more strength that she never she had deep inside her. A Rocket looked into the alley saw the weak, young vulpix running out of the alley, alerted the other Rockets and threw his pokeball "Dugtrio, go" A blast of white light and a very big dugtrio appeared. "Dugtrio, dig underground and stop that vulpix" Vulpix ran and ran, rapidly tiring. Suddenly, a dugtrio slammed into her from underground. Pain roared through her as she was flung through the air. She slammed into the ground with a sickening crunch. She tried to get up but her legs felt as cold as lead and she felt weaker than she ever felt in her life. Her inner fire spurttered, she realized she was dying. Her eyes misted over as she gasped her final breath of air and her inner fire died. A Rocket came up and checked the motionless, dead vulpix. "Oh dear" the Rocket muttered "That's the second vulpix that has died in the last 3 weeks" "Dugtrio, return" he said as he recalled his pokemon. He would now have to tell the boss the bad news.
Meanwhile, the egg sat, proped up by a pile of newspaper oblivious to the death of its mother.
The next morning, a young boy by the name of William was walking to the local Arts and crafts store to pick up some oil based paints for his mother, who was a renowned artist. As he walked to the corner, William's foot kicked something soft. He looked down to see a vulpix lying on the footpath. William looked at the body, sadly and patted it. It didn't stir and that was when William realized that the vulpix was dead. He decided to bury the vulpix because he felt so sad seeing it. The dead vulpix looked thin and its face and body showed signs of stravation and ill-treatment and its face frozen with terror.
He started to dig a hole to bury the vulpix in, when a strange mysterious man approuched him. He looked at William and growled "Don't touch the vulpix, it's dangerous". William stared at the mysterious man , "Why?" he replied. "That vulpix," he replied harsily "has been used in dangerous genetic experiments. It can absorb and transmitt genes and DNA, and that's dangerous. So you don't touch it, or else". "What are genes and DNA?" William asked. The man just snorted and replied "Just beat it kid" he growled. The mysterious man walked away. William looked at the poor, dead vulpix and decided 'I don't care if this vulpix is dangerous, but it deserves as much right as any pokemon.' So with that William dug a hole and laid the dead vulpix in it, then he cut the curls on its head off and said "Here rests a vulpix, May you rest in peace" Then he spoke to the dead vulpix. "forgive me for cutting some of your fur..." Suddenly a warm breeze blew up and he he heard a bare whisper on the wind. "You are forgiven" it said.
He buried the vulpix and placed some flowers at the grave. Then he noticed that his hands were tingling ever so slightly. He ignored it and walked off towards the store.
Meanwhile a ditto had found the egg and had decided to take care of it. Being oridginally a trainers pokemon, and used to breeding with another pokemon, it knew that the mother would want to take care of it, and because this egg was alone and left out in the weather, it would fail to hatch. So the egg continued to develop.
The ghost of the mother vulpix watched as William buried her body. She knew that her DNA was being absorbed into William but she was so touched by William's care and love that she didn't care when he cut the curls off her bodies fur. She decided to follow William around everywhere until her egg had only a few days to hatch, then somehow get him to find the egg. So she started following William so her baby would have a good companion and a kind and loving friend to act as a mother to her baby.

Fini! Prologue done! Anyone who doesn't like a pokemon dying i'm sorry but it is part of the story and that vulpix will be back! Please read and review, this is my first true masterpiece for those who are vulpix-lovers like me (Vulpix is my 4th fave pokemon)!!!