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The Magic Vulpix

by Twilight The Umbreon

Chapter 6: Battle Of Blades And Secrets Revealed

That night, just before thier evening meal, William sat near the campfire enjoying the heat of the flames. His vulpix was curled up on his lap, napping. Vicky was preparing dinner for all. Her vulpix was trying to charm Vicky, to give her some of the sausages cooking in the pan, over the fire. Vicky's eyes melted at the cute antics her vulpix was performing. Vicky produced some tongs and passed a thick sausage to her vulpix, who ate it promptly.

William walked towards Vicky, his green eyes glistening in the firelight. "If I done some really cute antics, would I get a sausage now?" William teased. Vicky laughed. "Do your stuff, William" he replied between giggles, "If you cute enough, i'll give you a nice big sausage," William's head feel fuzzy for a moment as he dropped on his hands and feet and gave her the "puppy dog" eyes look. Vicky looked at William like he had gone totally bonkers. "Riight, that was just freaky" she exclaimed. William puzzled at what he had just done. He looked at Vicky, his green vulpix eyes troubled. "I don't know why I done that" he whispered. He was about to say sorry when he remembered. The sausage! He'd dolled himself up to acquire that sausage. He fixed Vicky with a puppy-dog eyes look and pleaded, "You promised me a sausage..." Vicky fixed William with a piercing stare, which William returned. Vicky was the first to break. "Ok, fine. Have the sausage..." she said bitterly, passing a sausage on a plate to William. William looked at the sausage for a moment before the fuzzy feeling returned, and with that he started eating the sausage OFF the plate, making contented eating sounds. Vicky's face soured like a milkshake left out in the desert. "If you're going to act like a insane madman, I'm going!" she exclaimed angrily. William snapped out of his trance. He looked at Vicky, surprise and confusion clearly evident on his face. "Sorry, I didn't know what came over me" William apologized. Vicky looked into William's eyes, then smiled at William. "Just don't do it again, ok?" she replied as she served out sausages to everyone except William's scyther, who was still in his pokeball.

After everyone enjoyed their meals, William left the fire with his vulpix to a nearby clearing. William knew that Vicky would be a little afraid of scyther, since it did attack her and her vulpix. William threw his pokeball with scyther inside. "Come on out!" he cried. A blaze of light appeared, revealing scyther. William pulled out some pokechow from his bag, and offered it to scyther. "Come on," he coaxed "time for a meal." Scyther glared angrily at William, then at the food and turned up his nose at it. "Scyth!" "Come on and eat!" William pleaded. "Scyther…" "Why not?" William asked. As Scyther glared at him, William began to feel light-headed. What he heard next, he was not expecting. The scyther shook its right blade in frustration, narrowly missing his ear. "Scyther! Scyth…Scyther! Scyyythhherrr!" I don't need any of your lousy food, you coward! . William backed off in surprise. "Did you just call me a coward?" he asked in a low freaked out voice. The scyther glared at him. Scyther! Scy…scyth! Scyther!" Of course I did, you dumb human! William stood there, quite amazed at what was unfolding. Then vulpix spoke up "Vull…vulpix, vulpix!" Give my dad a break, he doesn't really understand pokemon too well. William spoke to vulpix softly. "Did you just call me dad?" Vulpix's emerald eyes widened in surprise "Vull…pix?" You can understand me? William nodded. Scyther butted in, branishing a blade "Scy, scy, scyther…Scy!" I challenge you to a duel, just me and you. William glared at scyther "I can't battle you, you'll slice me to pieces!" he exclaimed. "Scyther" Wuss scyther replied. A tug on William's pants from vulpix, brought William to attention. "Vull…vull…vulpix" I could help you… vulpix mumbled around William's Pants leg. "But scyther will butcher me!" William exclaimed alarmingly. Vulpix winked at William "Vulpix…pix!" Don't worry, I'll make it more even . William still didn't really believe that vulpix could even the ensuring battle, but he gave his vulpix the benefit of the doubt. He stood bravely "Alright! I accept your duel!" he replied. Scyther's eyes opened wide open for a second, then it was followed by laughter. William stood there in annoyance as he watched scyther, who was doubled over with laughter.

Vulpix approached the laughing scyther carefully. She needed to make contact with scyther to pull her plan off. She quickly rubbed her face on scyther's leg and padded back to William's side. Now it would be up to William to defeat scyther.

William was slowly becoming extremely annoyed with scyther's laughter. He snapped. "Stop laughing! We have a battle to conduct!" Scyther stopped laughing and fixed his eyes on William. "Scyther…Scy!" It's going to be so simple to win William looked down at vulpix. "Well" he mumbled quietly. "It's up to you.". Vulpix's eyes began to glow oddly. "Vulpix…vull…vulpix!" Its not up to me, you will fight this battle and it will be a fair battle. "Great" William grumbled as he turned to face scyther in battle. As he focused and steeled himself for a battle that would ultimately lead to him being beaten, nausea swept over William. Scyther stopped making eye contact with William and started staring at William's hands, eyes wide in shock. William looked down at his hands and gasped. His fingers had fused together and had started to lengthen out, curving at the end. His body began to fell lighter and the nausea worsened. His insides felt like they were shifting around and his throat constricted for a moment. He went to express his surprise but all that came from his mouth was a very puzzled "Scyy?" he tried to lift up his shirt but instead tore the front of the shirt with his blades. His blades? Confusion set in. It took him a while for relisation to set in. His vulpix was turning him into a scyther, believing that it would even out the battle and give him a good chance of winning. As it sank in, he felt an itching on his back, followed by a slicing sound as sharp scyther wings slashed up the back of his shirt. HIS wings. Suddenly he discovered that wearing clothes while you were a scyther was not very comfortable and instinctly performed a Swords Dance attack, shedding the remains of his clothing. Scyther stared at now fully transformed William, primed up and ready to go, with shreds of his clothing fluttering around him and the fight went out of Scyther. "Scyther..scy…scy…" I cannot beat that… Scyther concluded. William stared at scyther, surprised at scyther's surrender. But William was still pumped up from his clothes shredding Swords Dance. "Scyther Scy scyther!" We can still duel! yelled William. "Scy scyther…scy…ther…ther!" What are you? A scaredy rattata? . Scyther's eye's flashed. "Scyther…scy! Scyther!" You have spirit…OK lets go! . William and the scyther flew at each over, exchanging blows. Vulpix watched on with distaste "Why did he have to battle Scyther even after winning by default? He didn't even want to battle scyther, yet now he was battling scyther with vigor and looking like he was enjoying it greatly. Humans, I'll never understand them…"

After a long period of exchanging blows with scyther, and shared pokechow with scyther, William and scyther flew back over to vulpix, who was deep in thought. Vulpix noticed the two scyther landing nearby. "Vulpix?" Done? Vulpix yawned. William banished his left blade "Scyth...ther!" That was fun! William crowed. "Vulpix…" Ok… Vulpix replied, her six tails drooping a little. "Vulll…vulpix…" But I have to change you back now. Scyther butted in (as usual, my isn't he rude…) "Scyther..scy?" You TRANSFORMED the human? Vulpix shook her tails in annoyance "Vull..pix…vull" Yes, I did… "Vulpix? Vull…vulpix?" Ok, are you ready? vulpix spoke in a bored voice. William nodded "Scy!" Yes. Vulpix's eyes stated glowing and William that his green exoskeleton was giving away to pink skin. Nausea erupted within William as organs shifted around inside him. His blades quickly straighten and split, eventually forming hands. His wings withered and vanished. A minute later, William was running for cover behind bushes, since he was naked in the middle of the clearing. Scyther spied his fur covered part-paw foot. "Scyther scy…scyther?" Why is his foot covered with fur and shaped differently from his other foot? Scyther asked Vulpix. William overheard scyther as he released his umbreon from his pokeball to go get some clothes from his backpack. He shook his head "I'm not quite sure, actually." he mused. Scyther just teased vulpix "You just want another vulpix to mate with and you're too lazy to find one." Scyther jeered. Vulpix's eyes flared in rage. "VULLL…VULPIX!" don't talk about me or him by that! she howled and let forth an immense flamethrower towards scyther. William quickly withdrew scyther before the massive fire wall. Unfortuneally, William's butt was caught in the blast as he protected his front from the wave of fire. Six tails suddenly sprung from his behind and fur spread over them and up half his back. William groaned. "Vulpix, could you be more careful next time?". Vulpix ears and tales dropped "Vull…" Sorry… she replied. William went over to vulpix, picked her up, and patted her. "That's alright, vulpix… " he replied "you didn't mean it…and I'll eventually become a vulpix myself anyway." William was interrupted by a pawing at his mutated footpaw. William looked down to see a very concerned umbreon with a change of clothing. "Umbre…Ummbre..Eon!" You didn't tell me that! umbreon barked "Umbreon? Umbre…Umbreon?" You becoming a vulpix? Why not become an umbreon like me? William sighed sadly as he put clothes on. "I cannot help it. It is impossible for me to control." He headed by to the fire. Vicky was fast asleep in her sleeping bag, her vulpix napping on the end of it. William unrolled his sleeping bag and carefully hopped in. Soon William and his vulpix were fast asleep.

At about midnight, a silvery ninetales gracefully popped out from bushes behind William. The ninetales knew at a glance that was something about this future vulpix…Him and his vulpix held great power and one day may become one of the most powerful beings ever to exist…but they would need to be guided and it would take a long time for true power to be realized. The ninetales gazed at the two before padding out into the distance.

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