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This is an AU story. What if Kim did a favor for someone and when she truly needed one in return, they reneged?



Dear Kim,

The hands are fine, I still have to do the exercises but they don't hurt any more. The down side is that Bonnie won't feed me anymore! Got the picture you sent, don't take this the wrong way but, you look a lot like your mom with your hair that short. (Well, your mom or maybe a pumpkin.) Bonnie says you and Shego look cute together. When are you planning on telling your mom? (I need to know because I have to be in Japan that day.) Here's a picture we took in Cabo, hope you like it. We'll be back in a few weeks and we'll see you then.

Love Ron.

PS. My dad says "Hi."


"Writing a letter to Kim?" Bonnie asked from behind Ron's shoulder.

"Just finishing up." He replied.

She looked at the postscript, "She's going to notice that you didn't say; 'mom and dad'…"

"I know but…" his mom's attitude toward Kim had not mellowed at all in the last three months and it was beginning to wear on him.

"She'll come around, Ron." Bonnie said encouragingly. "I did."

"This way she at least knows my dad forgives her and we can all hope that you're right about my mom. Let me seal this up and we'll drop it at the front desk on the way to the beach."

"Are you sure you want to go back out?" Bonnie sounded concerned. "The doctor said you should protect your eyes from the UV as much as you can."

"Check out the Real Cool Shades, Babe!" he said, indicating Rufus, who was posed casually, leaning on a new pair of trendy sun glasses.

"Nice…" she said hesitantly.


"With your tan, those little scars around your eyes stand out more…" The brunette reached out and traced a few of the thin scars lightly, she looked a little pensive.

"Does that bother you?" he asked.

She smiled, "No."

"Then why the sad face?"

"I was just thinking about how lucky she is… how lucky I am… that you're the kind of guy who cares for his friends so much…" and her expression turned mischievous, "I was also thinking about how lucky you're going to get… tonight!"

"Aw man!" he said with his hands over his heart in mock angst, "I have to wait until tonight?"

Bonnie glanced at Ron's hands and that led her to thinking about Ron's hands touching her… and Ron's arms holding her… and Ron's back in her hands… and Ron's mouth…

"Nope!" she said and pulled him over to the bed. Rufus went outside to look at the beach.


Shego sat in her big comfy chair staring at the girl sprawled across her bed. The last three months had been really stressful. For nearly eight weeks they had been held at an NSA facility in "protective custody" with daily "interviews" that were nothing more than thinly veiled interrogations, she was surprised every session that passed without a shot of sodium penathol. The only highlights came when she and Kim stole a few minutes together in the gym, sparring was a good way for them to let off steam and keep in shape.

They were almost out of there when those fucking clones died. That delayed their release by two weeks and she was ready to kill Dr. D and that freak Gemini because for those two weeks she didn't get to see her kitten at all. At least they knew which one was the real Betty Director now. Shego glanced out the sliding glass door that led to her balcony; the moon was impossibly big and orange. It reminded her of the comment in Ron's letter, about Kitten looking like a pumpkin. She did look a little bit like a pumpkin with her hair growing in and that round face… Pumpkin… Shego tried it on for size and decided she liked it. Her eyes slid back to the slender figure taking up most of a king-sized bed, how in the hell does she do that? She's, like, five-two. Restless, Shego got up and went out on the balcony.

This was the end of their first weekend out and it had been a full weekend. She'd never been to a museum to just "go to a museum" before. Although, truth be told, she had figured out three ways to get the Monet out without tripping the security system but since she didn't have a buyer set up, she'd have to shelve that for a while. Kim had never been to a place like Club Macaroon and they had enjoyed VIP status all evening, it seemed that Tony only needed to be taught a lesson once. And she still couldn't believe the corny "first kiss on the dance floor" bullshit, but it had happened, she was there for it and damn if it wasn't magical. Shego didn't count the stuff that went on in her apartment the first time they were alone. That had been the drugs, this kiss had been all Kitten, well… she had helped too. After that kiss, all their other plans just kind of went away.

Kim had surprised her by being a tentative and gentle lover but her quiet passion was intense and their lovemaking had been extraordinary. Her breasts tingled at the thought of Kim's tongue, and her breath caught at the memory of Kim's body trembling beneath her hand. Her fingers twitched involuntarily and she licked her lips, hoping to find the red head's flavor still lingering. Damn! She thought, I need a cold shower.

Shego slipped quietly into the master bath and started the shower. When Kim's arms encircled her from behind, she allowed herself to melt against the red head's taut body. "I miss you." Kim whispered into her ear and Shego reached to turn off the water, there would be time for showers later. Warm showers, with soapy washcloths and lots of mutual washing and slippery skin and rubbing and… Shego turned the water back on.


In a small room, furnished only with one square table and two chairs, illuminated poorly by a single incandescent bulb shaded so that the majority of the room was in shadow, a woman sat waiting. She waited quietly without any outward sign of impatience. When the door to the room opened, she did not glance at it or acknowledge it in any way, she continued to wait. The man in the doorway was large, he turned to an aide and handed him a small dog, taking a large manila envelope. "Wait here, Lambda." He growled.

The large man sat opposite the woman and placed the manila envelope on the table between them. He pulled a stack of photographs from the envelope and oriented them so the woman could see them properly. The first showed a man in his mid thirties with blue skin and a scar running from the inside corner of his left eye out to his cheek. "This man betrayed us." The large man said, and set aside the photo. The next photo showed a pale skinned woman with flowing black hair and a cynical sneer. "This woman killed a member of our family." The third photo showed a red haired girl the woman in the chair knew very well. "This one turned her back on us and then assisted the pale one." The man said before setting the photos back onto the pile and handing them to the young woman. "The others are their friends and family members. Our family has been betrayed and brought to the brink of destruction, what do you think we should do about it?"

The woman looked through the photos, memorizing each face, then took the thick stack and slowly tore it in half.

"Yes," the large man said as he rose, "that's what I thought."


A/N- This concludes my first multi-chapter story on As you may have noticed, I left open the possibility for a sequel. However, I am going to let this simmer here for a bit before I tackle one. I do have several ideas for other stories in this Kimmiverse. (Kim + Universe Kimmiverse) Obviously the first one involves the repercussions of the conversation between Gemini and the mystery woman from Kim's past. If you enjoyed this story, I would like to hear which parts you liked the best and which parts you could have done without. If you absolutely hated this story, I would first like to know how you forced yourself to read through 35,000 words and then which parts of it you hated the most. In any case, I know that my writing can be improved and I would like to know which part you think could be improved the most. Feel free to e-mail me: a1exmarkov


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