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"Anna! Get your lazy butt up!"

Hearing her mom's shrill command she got up and took a shower.

She came out of the bathroom, she put on her favorite hip-hugers and a black t-shirt that said, 'IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND YOU WOULDNL'T BE SMILEING!' Admiring the outfit, she looked up at her smooth complexion, nice and tan from going to the beaches in California. She looked at her eyes, they were dark brown, and her brown hair that is so dark you can easily mistake it for black. Prominent high cheek bones that weren't from her mom, and a scowl that makes people cower before her. Something to scary to grace her mom's delicate features.

Suddenly her door swung open and out popped a little blond head.

"ANNA! Hurry were going to the park!"

She smiled at her little sister grabbed hr flip-flops and followed her little sister down stairs. She thought about her family, her mom Maria, with her fair completion, light honey colored hair and deep blue eyes. Then there was her step dad, Roy, he had sandy hair, a light completion and bright sky blue eyes. Maria met him when Anna was bout 8.

He was always nice to Anna, but she knew he loves his daughter and son. They're names are Elizabeth and Tyler. They have fair skin like their mom, Elizabeth had sandy hair and Tyler had his mom's light brown hair. They treated Anna like a big sister and they love her as much as she loves them. They are a happy family, but Anna yearned to know more about her father. All her mom would say about him was that he was a chemistry teacher and that he was from England. It excited Anna to know that British blood is in her.

Anna, her mom and sisters went to the park, while the kids play on the seesaw Anna sat her mom down at a near by bench.

"Mom? You love me right?" Anna started off.

"Of course sweetheart, whatever gave you the idea that I didn't?" Her mom asked worried.

Anna sighed, "Mom, I want to see my dad, my real dad!" She said forcefully.

Her mom shook her head, "Honey, there are some things that you don't know about your real father that could be a shock."

Anna just laughed," Shock? Me? Mom I was the one that almost caused an earthquake when I was five!"

Anna was right, she had strong powers that she couldn't explain. Although when it happened it seemed as if her mom was expecting it.

"MOM! I'm almost 15! I would like to go see my father, and maybe spend a summer,or if I could maybe a year with him." Anna said.

She could her mom was going to say 'no' so she cut in.

"Mom, I haven't seen or meet my father in 14 years, do you think you can spare 1 year for me to see my father."

Maria looked at her and saw the loneliness and hopefulness in her eyes. She knew this day would come, and sighed defeated."Alright" Maria said, but before Anna could thank her she said, she took her daughter's hand and said," Anna, if your father isn't what you expect him to be, don't turn away or give up on him." She replied slowly. Anna took a moment to consider this, nodded, and broke out into a grin and threw her arms around her mom. They got home and Anna was so happy she packed all of her things in about 5 minutes, she even took the kids out for ice cream. While Anna and the kids were gone, Maria thought it best to contact her father, Severus Snape.

Dear Severus

It's been almost 15 years since I last saw you, well there was a reason why I left. This may come as a shock to you but you have a daughter. Yes her name is Anna Marie Martin, or Snape. Yes Martin is not my maiden name, I fell in love and now have two more beautiful children. And a wonderful husband. But Anna wants you to be apart of her life, so she's coming on a flight to London this Friday, she is witch, but she doesn't know it yet. I expect her to spend a year or two with you, please don't turn her away and treat her badly because I left and started a new life.

Sincerely, Miss Maria Martin


Severus Snape stormed into his room, mumbling something about know-it-all brats, and crazy Dumbledore. When all of the sudden he saw an unfamiliar owl in his chambers carrying a letter. He snatched the letter and sent the owl on his way. He looked at the letter and his breath caught in his throat. It only said his name, but it wasn't what it said, it's the penmanship, he hasn't seen it for 14 years. He sat on his bed and slowly opened it, once he read it he almost passed out from shock. Him? Severus Snape, old mean potions teacher, has a DAUGHTER! This Friday, he sighed. He decided he had to go to Dumbledore to ask about the living arrangements.


Severus entered the room.

"Ah Severus! What do I owe this unexpected visit?"

Severus said nothing and shoved the letter into his hands. Dumbledore scanned it and looked up at Severus with a twinkle in his eye. God how Severus hated that twinkle.

"WELL?" Asked Severus annoyed.

"Well, what?" Asked a calm Dumbledore.

"Well, where is she going to stay while she's here?" Asked Snape.

Dumbledore looked amused. "Well she's going to be sorted into a house of course." He said.

"WHAT?" Snape yelled outraged.

"Dumbledore she doesn't even know she's a WITCH yet! How can she go to school for witch craft and wizardry?"

Dumbledore smiled.

"To solve that, you will tell her what she is and explain to her were you work and what your job is. If she doesn't believe you show her your magic."

Dumbledore said knowing that if she didn't believe him at first sentence he would take the easy way out and say he tried. This just irritated Severus more and he asked,

" She knows no spells, I'm not going to put her into a class filled with 12 year olds." Said Snape who just happened to be smirking triumphantly.

" That is why I will have her tortured by the smartest which in her year." Said Dumbledore happily.

Snape looked defeated.

"you don't mean..." he said hoping, praying he wasn't going to hear the name.

" Miss Hermione Granger, yes." Said Dumbledore.

"Lemon drop?" He asked politely.

Severus just shook his head.

Dumbledore chuckled, "Go get some rest my boy, after tomorrow you have a 14 year old daughter to meet." Severus glared and grumbled, all the way to his chambers.