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Anna awoke to itchy sheets and a blinding light, she sat up and instantly regretted her action.

"OW!" She yelled plopping back down.

All of the sudden the curtain flew back and a woman in a white knee-high dress squealed.

" DOCTOR! SHE'S AWAKE!" She yelled behind her, Anna looked around to see a moniter that constantly beeps and an IV attached into her vain.

A man with a white button down shirt, black trousers and a white medical jacket rushed into the room. He looked at her in disbelief and started checking her clip board at the end of her bed.

" About time you woke up." He joked with a smile.

" How long have I've been asleep?" Anna asked her confused. Anna rubbed her throat, her voice was hoarse and it hurt to talk. The doctor looked up at her with a sympathetic smile.

" Almost five months." He said quietly.

" WHAT?" Anna yelled in disbelief.

" When they found you, you were beat up pretty badly. Not only did we find broken bones and cuts, we found internal bleeding." The doctor informed her. " Your body went into acoma because of the head truama you experianced. " He finished.

Anna sat there in shocked silence. "Wait who are 'they'? The ones that brang me here." She asked.

The doctor smiled, " that would be the Smiths. They found you while taking thier nightly walk and brang you here. They have been paying for your care here. Until we find out who your parents are that is." He said happily.

" First let's start off with some other questions." He said sitting next to her.

" What's the date?" He asked.

" Uh, erm, it's- I don't know." Anna replied sadly.

The doctor shook his head, " it's May 14." He said sadly.

" Alright lets try something easier, what are your parents name's?" He asked smiling.

Anna was deep thought, she couldn't remember. Not her mother or her father. She was getting scared. " I don't know." She said with tears in her eyes. " I can't remember!" She said her voice rising.

" It's alright, calm down." The doctor said putting a hand on her shoulder. Anna nodded and took a deep breath.

" Alright let's try this, do you remember your name?" He asked worried that it might come to the worst.

Anna searched her memories, 'name, what's my name?' She thought. She really couldn't remember anything about herself or her past. " I can't remember." She admited softly with a tear rolling down her cheeck.

"I can't remember anything!" She sobbed as she buried her face in her hands. The doctor rubbed her shoulder trying to comfort her and waited until she finished.

"It's a terrible thing to lose your memory." He whispered as Anna laid back down. The events of the day over whelmed her and her body decided it was time for a nap.

The doctor made his way out the room and shut the door quietly. He then walked up to the receptionist.

" Could you inform the Smiths, that the girl in room 815 is awake. I have some bad news for them." He said shaking his head.

"What's wrong?" Samantha asked.

" The girl has amnesia." He said quietly and then moved on to his next patient.



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