Title: Our Time

Author: Carly

Hey everybody! Dont worry, I am still working on So At Last's update, but this idea popped into my head and I just had to write it down! It's a one shot, just to see how you all like it. But, if you want more just review and let me know. Thanks! So it takes place, after the wedding. And I dont want to give anything away in the intro about what happened to Hot Uncle Cooper, Nathan, Rachel, and them. So, yea, just read to find out lol. Unlike my other fic, it has other characters in it. It starts out, just like it would on a show, Brooke with Lucas, Peyton still in love with Lucas, Nathan & Haley just got married, all of that. The setting is Tree Hill High. Enjoy!

This is an LP fan fic, so if you dont like them, you wont like my fic. Oh, and I don't own One Tree Hill, lol. Wish I did.


"Hey, TutorWife!" Brooke happily chirped as she sat down next to Haley at a table outside of Tree Hill High.

"Hey Brooke. How are you?" Haley asked as she looked up from her homework she was working on.

"Well, I had a run in with Lucas this morning. All he said was, 'Brooke, please meet me outside after first period. Im sorry about everything, Pretty girl.' So it's after first period, and here I am." She said as she looked around the courtyard.

Haley nodded as she responded, "Must've been awkward, huh?"

Brooke laughed sarcastically, "I hadnt talked to him since your & Nathan's wedding. Of course it was awkward! I thought you were suppose to be smart."

Haley just quietly laughed as shook her head and looked back down at her homework. "You know Brooke, our wedding was only two days ago."

"Yea, but its not like what happened was any normal little fight. It was a major one, HE KISSED PEYTON!" Brooke said getting frustrated because nobody seemed to understand where she was coming from.

'She's acting ridiculous.' Haley thought in her head. She rolled her eyes as she looked up from the work in front of her again as she responded with confidence. "Yea, I know. You've only been complaining about it since you found out. But, I really think you should let Peyton explain herself. I mean are you really going to throw away years of friendship over this?"

As soon as Haley said that she knew it was a mistake and would push Brooke the wrong way. "Over THIS!" And there it was, Haley was right. "She went behind my back with Lucas last year! And now she did it again! So let's see... thats two times she has gone behind my back and messed around with my boyfriend. MY boyfriend. and MY best friend. And, Rachel likes to mess around with him too, what is it about him? Is he like a whore magnet? I wish Rachel was the one in the hospital right now instead of-"

But a farmiliar male voice standing over them cut her off. "Funny you should mention the whole 'whore magnet' thing, because he did attract you."

Haley looked up to see her husband, in pain and hurting. He had been through so much. She knew she had to try and stop him from saying thigs he may regret later, she stood up and shook her head as she looked at him seriously, "Nathan..." She said while raising her eyebrows, like a parent would to warn a little child when they are about to go too far or say something inappropriate.

Nathan compltely ignored her and went on. "No. You're aware that Uncle Cooper is in the hospital, aren't you? And yet, all you do is talk about what happened to you on that day. My uncle is in the hospital, who I would have died trying to save if Lucas didnt drive by, Haley and I had to postphone our honey moon, and now I have to come to school and hear you talk about Lucas and your fight. It's just really selfish, that's all. You're really selfish."

And with that last note, Haley slowly turned back around and sat down once again. As she did, she put her head in her hands in embarassment at his behavior. Brooke was shocked. "Nathan, I really am sorry about Hot Uncle Cooper. But what you just said was really hurtful. Either way, it's clear whose side you're on."

Nathan just laughed at how clueless and selfish she was acting, "Lucas is my brother, I'd pick his side over you anyday. And for that matter, I would take Peyton's side over yours too." Brooke's mouth dropped. "Come on, Haley." Nathan said as he walked away and grabbed her hand to follow him and leave, making her stand up from the table.

Brooke stood up and yelled back defensively, "Well, fine! Haley is on my side, aren't you Haley!" She said as she grabbed Haley's free hand causing Nathan to look at it disgustedly and walk closer to Brooke, threatening her to let go with the anger in his eyes.

"Brooke, I'm not taking sides." She said softly as she looked at both of her hands, one intertwined with Nathan's and the other one which Brooke was grapsing on hard to.

"But I was your maid of honor! She was just a bridesmaid." Brooke said trying to persuade her.

They were so involved in their agruement, nobody noticed Peyton walk out the door. But she sure noticed them. Normally, she would go sit with all of them and they all would laugh and talk about the newest things going on in their life, or what they all did the night before. And even though that was only a few days ago when they were all friends, it seemed like it had been forever. She figured she better steer clear from everyone, and go sit alone at the farthest table from them. She was incredibly relieved to not have seen Lucas at all today. She hoped he wasnt at school, so she didnt have to deal with him. It would just make things between Brooke & her more strained anyways, she thought. The last time she talked to Lucas, he had just told her how he told Brooke about their kiss and how he was sorry. 'Like that can make up for everything,' she thought to herself. 'Like that can fix my friendship with Brooke. He's sorry.' She walked to the farthest table, sat down, took out her sketch book and began to draw.

Haley had finally had enough, as she raised her voice and was clearly getting attitude with an her. "You know, Brooke it's not always a competition between you two. Not a competition with me, or with Lucas. Who by the way, just walked outside." Nathan saw it as an oppurtunity and removed Brooke's hold onto Haley's hand and lead her away as Brooke turned around to find Lucas. When she saw him, she raised her eyebrows slightly as she quickly turned around and sat down with her back towards him, hoping he didnt see her and she waited for him to approach her.

Lucas spotted Peyton first, and his heart started beating faster and faster. But, that was nothing new. She had always done that to him. Her hair was curly and she wore a red tank top with low rise jeans. 'She looks beautiful,' he thought to himself. 'And of course, she's drawing.' He smiled at her. He always smiled when he was around her, thinking of her, talking to her, just anything to do with her. When he was looking through his Peyton box, or listening to the mix she made him. She just made him smile. He felt her pain too as he noticed she was sitting alone. He knew why, Brooke. Then suddenly, he remembered why he came outside. To talk to Brooke, he looked around and then found her. But just like that, she didnt seem important anymore. He looked back at Peyton and then to Brooke again, then to Peyton. He finally made a decision and started walking toward one of the girls.


"Mind if I sit?" Lucas asked.

"Actually, I do." The girl responded without looking up.

"What?" Lucas said, laughing a little. Not sure if she was joking or not.

"It would just be best if you didnt sit here, Luke." Peyton said, still not looking at him, it would hurt her too much right now. Pleading with him to stay away, knowing Brooke was watching.

"You ok, Peyton?" Lucas asked with concern, as Peyton finally looked up from her drawing, but not at Lucas. Across the courtyard to the table where she sat, staring furiously at Peyton.

Peyton was startled and responded quickly, "I will be when you go away!" After seeing Peyton's eyes wander from one side of the courtyard to the other, he knew she was nervous about Brooke watching. But Lucas didnt care about that, Peyton was his number one priority right now.

He smirked. "Because Brooke wont be giving you the look of death when I go away, right?" She looked up at Lucas and couldnt help but shyly smile at the cocky expression he had on his face, but she quickly wiped it away, her eyes found Brooke's again. She was starting to feel Brooke's eyes on her and Lucas. She looked back down at her drawing again, Lucas took her smile as enough of an answer.

"What are you drawing?" Lucas asked curiously.

"I took a picture of Haley and Nathan when he put the ring on her finger at the altar," she said as she passed the picture across the table to Lucas, "And I just thought it would be nice to suprise them with it."

Lucas was amazed at her drawing, it was breathtaking. "Wow. It's really beautiful, Peyton." He said as he sat down at the table with her.

"It's just a rought draft, I'm gonna do it again on a much larger canvas, paint it and then frame it for them."

He smiled widely at her gestures, so sweet and thoughtful. "It's amazing, Peyt. They're going to love it."

She looked back up at him to find him smiling at her, "Thanks." She began to draw again, "So, how is your uncle doing?"

"Actually, I was just gonna bail and go visit him." Lucas said.

Peyton laughed a little, "Funny, I was about to bail too."

Lucas raised his eyebrows. "Oh, really? And where were you planning on going?"

"Anywhere but here." Peyton responded as she shook her head.

He laughed, "Well, do you want a ride there, Miss Sawyer?" He was hoping so badly that she would say yes. They they could just get out of there, together. And leave it all behind them, it's all he wanted.

She wanted more than anything to leave with him too. She smiled at him and titled her head, about to answer him. Lucas knew she was going to say yes. But instead Peyton looked up to see Brooke approaching them. She quickly gathered alI of her things and quickly told him, "I better not. I'm gonna go, see ya Lucas."

He was left sitting there, incredibly confused. And before he could comprehend what had just happened, Brooke was sitting across from him them at the table.

"Okay, I'm here. Now let's talk." She said, trying to act innocent and sweet realizing that being a bitch would just make him aggrivated.

Lucas didnt care about apologizing anymore, but something finally clicked in his head. If Brooke didn't know about the kiss until Lucas told her, then why did Brooke still forbid Lucas to talk to Peyton? "Hey, Brooke."

'Unbelievable. He said, Hey.' Brooke thought in her head, "I thought you were going to apologize or something along those lines." She said, getting an attitude with Lucas.

"Uh..." Lucas was deep in thought, he wasnt even paying attention to the person in front of him anymore. Wasnt even aware of what he was saying, either.

"Lucas?" Brooked asked, waving her hand in front of his face.

"I have to go." He said, as he stood up.

Brooke grew furious, "NO! You sit down, you wanted to talk to me here, you told me to meet you here! Now I'm here and all you have said is 'Hey.' I'm not going to stand for this, now apologize to me, Lucas. So we can get on with everything and back on track with this relationship! No, you know what, you dont even have to apologize to me, I forgive you! I love you!" Lucas just stood there, not knowing how to respond. He didnt want to be with her right now, he wanted nothing more than to be with Peyton, skipping school, ignoring the world. And the worst part is, it was too late. He realized his feelings too late, he was hurting Brooke. He was hurting Peyton. He was hurting himself.

"BROOKE!" Mouth shouted her name from the entrance to the school. She turned around, and just as she did, Lucas slipped away and began running the same direction Peyton had a few minutes ago. Brooke turned around and was shocked. There was nobody in front of her anymore. No boyfriend. No Lucas to be found. She was absolutely enraged. 'What the hell?' She thought, as a tear escaped her eye. "Brooke!" Mouth shouted her name again, Brooke yelled back very loudly, "I'M COMING!" It made everybody around her jump, just then the bell rang, and everybody was back inside. Of course, everybody except, Lucas and Peyton.


Lucas found Peyton sitting under a tree, drawing. Then, he had an idea. He took out his cell phone and dialed her number. Ring, ring. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw his name flash across her cell phone. She answered hesitantly, "...Hello?"

"Hey, Peyt." Lucas responded on the other line. "Still wanna get out of this place for a while?"

Peyton lied, avoiding the awkward situation that would create, "Actually, thank you. But Im already home."

Lucas sighed and laughed slightly, "Really? How did you get there?" Little did she know that Lucas was watching her that very second. His plan was defintely working.

Peyton didnt want to lie, but this was the only way. "I... walked."

"Oh, I see. I didnt know you were such a speed walker, Miss Sawyer."

Peyton shook her head to herself, she hated lying. Especially to Lucas. "Yea, well... I am."

Thats cool, I'm about to drive by your house right now, actually. I know you want to come, so I'll come pick you up now."

"Wait, no. You cant come pick me up there...


"Because... ummm..." Lucas saw this as the perfect time to reveal himself. He started walking towards her and she struggled for the words to say to him.

Peyton looked up and was stunned to see him standing in front of her, phone to his ear. Giving her a look of accomplishment. He spoke into the reciever, "Because you're sitting under a tree at school and not at home?"

Peyton stood up and shoved him, "LUCAS! Why did you do that?"

"Why did you lie to me, Peyton?"

Peyton shooked her head, "You're unbelievable! You know that?"

Lucas knew she was ambarassed now, so he began to speak with more sincerity because he knew she felt uncomfortable and ashamed of herself. "Because, I knew you would say no. And Peyt, I really wanted to spend some time with you. Just the two of us, I wanna get away. Even if only for a few hours, it would be worth it. And I knew if I did it this way, you would have to say yes."

"Well, now I'm really saying no!' She said as she reached down and picked up her belongings and placed them into her bag.

"Well, that's too bad. Because Im not taking no for answer." He said as he raised his eyebrows and smirked at her, even though she couldnt see him as she was gathering her stuff together.

She turned around with a very serious expression on her face. "Oh, yea. Well theres nothing you can do about it." She said as she began to storm away.

"Oh, really? He said as he ran after her and swept her off the ground and threw him over her shoulder as she squirmed to try and escape.

She continued to hit the bottom of his leg repeatedly. "Lucas! Put me down! Right now! WHAT do you think are you doing?"

"I told you, I'm not taking no for an answer!"

"Okay, seriously. This isnt funny, I could get you arrested for kidnapping!"

"Im sorry, what? I cant hear you!"

"You can hear me fine!"


Peyton rolled her eyes, "Luke, please." her voice grew more serious.

He sighed and put her down. "Peyton, I dont want to go see Uncle Cooper alone. Please, come with me. He really likes you anyway! He will love if you come. It will make his day, Peyton. I cant do it alone, I need you."

Peyton titled her head, she couldnt say no now. "Lucas..." She said softly.

"After that, we will go wherever you want to go. Honestly."

"What if I want to go home?" She said as she smiled innocently at him.

"Except for that." He smiled back at her.

Peyton turned around to grab her stuff, "Then I'm not coming!" She said, almost singing it.

Lucas laughed and scooped her up again, this time into his arms. One arm supported her back, and the other between the back of her knees. Flashbacks of the last time he held her like this came back to him all at once. When he was carrying her out of the school, saving her life. He couldnt live without this girl, he was hopelessly devoted to her, and she to him. Suddenly, he came back to reality. And he gave her the look, the look that makes her melt. And makes her fall in love with all over again, everytime. When she knows he staring into her eyes and into her soul. Tearing down all of her walls, and it makes her feel terrified and safe at the same time. The look of love, that he only gives to one girl, the one who he was holding in his arms. A look of passion, desire, what could be, what has been, and how much he adores her. He was overwhelmed with feelings and as he barely spoke, almost in a whisper, he told her, "You see? I'm really not taking no for an answer."

Peyton just gulped hard and nodded. "Okay, I give in."

And then he carried her to the parking lot and when he reached the passenger side of his car, he slowly lowered her to the ground, their bodies rubbing against eachother and she slid down off of him. He never took his eyes off of hers and she did this, and when her feet touched the pavement, she giggled and looked up at him. Which was a mistake, because their eyes locked and as much as they wanted to in order to spare the tension between them, they couldnt look away for that moment.

Peyton looked off to the side and realized her bag was left behind. "My bag."

Lucas snapped out of it, "Huh?"

Peyton said it again, "Um, my bag, We- we- uh, we left it over there." She said as she looked down and pointed to the direction of where it was.

Lucas looked at the bad and back at her. "Ok." That was all that he could say. Peyton looked back at him. "I'll go get it."

He said as he turned around quickly and sighed a breath of relief. What has he gotten himself into. What was he suppose to do now? Why didn't he realize this sooner? It was too late for anything to happen now, wasn't it? What was he going to tell Brooke? She was defintely going to give him a piece of her mind about him running off. How is he even suppose to know if Peyton feels the same way? And the biggest question on his mind right now, How in the world is he suppose to control his feelings for the rest of the day? He picked up her bag, a million thoughts running through his head. Just then, her sketch book fell out of her bag opened to a page. What he saw in front of him was the last thing he ever expected to see in her sketch book. Just to make sure, he flipped to the next page, and there it was. Nathan and Haley at the altar, so the picture before that she must have just drawn recently.

He quickly picked it up and put it in her bag, and began to walk back to the parking lot.


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