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As soon as he flipped the page, Peyton knew she had some explaining to do. "Lucas, I- I can explain it, really. I-well-I..."

Lucas just shook his head and started the car. "You dont need to. It's really none of my business anymore."

Peyton placed her hand on his shoulder and he turned to face her, "Luke, why were you mad at me because of this?" Peyton asked confused.

Lucas knew the whole reason why, but he obviously couldnt tell Peyton, so he told her the parts that he could. "I told you, I wasnt mad at you. I was more, more mad at myself I guess."

Peyton furrowed her eyebrows as she removed her hand from his shoulder, "What? Why?"

He sighed, "Because Peyton, it just reminded me of how much I messed up."

She rolled her eyes, "With Brooke? How can a picture of him remind you of Brooke?"

Lucas quickly reassured her he wasnt talking about Brooke, "No, what? Peyton, I'm not talking about Brooke. I'm talking about with us."

She turned bright red with embarassment, "Oh... sorry. It's just-"

Lucas laughed as he cut her off, "I know. We usually are talking about how I messed things up with Brooke, right?"

Peyton just nodded, "Yeah... pretty much."

"Listen, Peyt. I'm so sorry," Lucas said as Peyton shook her head.

"Luke, dont be sor-"

Lucas cut her off, "No, no, no. I am, I'm very sorry. This sketch that you drew, it brought back last year and how screwed up and messed up everything was. I really feel like I've said this over and over again, but I'm sorry I wasnt there for you more. I was a bad friend then and you called it and I feel like I wasnt there for you enough through everything with Ellie. So I'm gonna say it again, I'm sorry. I'm not going to be a bad friend anymore, alright? I promise."

Peyton blushed, "Lucas..." He smiled.

"I just want you to understand that... the sketch that you drew of Jake really just hit me that I really dont know what has been going on in your life, Peyton." Lucas said shaking his head at himself.

"Luke, you need to stop saying that you're a bad friend, okay? Because you're not. Not only are you not a bad friend but I literally wouldnt be sitting in this car here today if it werent for you, Luke. And you know that, you're always there Lucas, always there to save me."

Lucas smiled, "Somebody's got to."

Peyton laughed a little as Lucas looked up at her and smirked. He turned back around to put the car in drive but before he got a chance Peyton bit her lip as she said, "And about Jake..."

Lucas's attention immediately went to her, and she saw this. "I just went to visit him a few weeks ago and-"

ring ring.

Lucas's phone began to ring, but he didnt even realize it because he was so caught up in Peyton and what happened when she saw Jake, and if they're still together, or they finally broke up, or she's moving there, or he's moving there, or he's back with Nikki. He just needed to know, and the phone call didnt seem too important to him right now.

Peyton saw Lucas wasnt going to pick it up, so she continued on, "And-"

ring ring.

It interuptted her again.

"Are you gonna get that?"

Lucas snapped out of it, "Oh, right. Excuse me." He looked down on the screen to see Brooke's name flash across it. He gulped hard and silenced his phone then clipped it back to his jeans. "Nevermind, keep going."

"Lucas, was that Br-"

"What happened when you visited Jake, Peyton?"

Peyton sighed and continued, "Well I was originally going to see Pete, but I ran into Jake there. I ended up staying with him for a little."

"Did anything happen between you two?"

Peyton looked down at the sketch, "I did love him Lucas, so yes. At first we said no, but then we kissed and things just... progressed from there."

Lucas looked back down at the sketch, "But why," he hesitated and stopped breathing for a moment while his heart was breaking, "but why does the sketch say 'You wanna get married?'"

Peyton knew that question was coming, "Because I asked him to marry me, Lucas."

Lucas's heart stopped, it felt like if he was about to have an HCM episode. This was too much for him to handle. "And...?" He said weakly and barely audible.

"And... he said yes."

That was it, Lucas turned away from Peyton and shut his eyes in pain. His whole world was crumbling, and Peyton was slipping away. Peyton Sawyer, the one girl who he needed the most in the world to keep him on his feet, keep him sane and believing his dreams, was almost completely out of his grasp. Just like the day in the library, almost losing Peyton, he couldnt live without her. A tear was about to escape his eye but before it could, he quickly raised his hand to wipe it off.


He pulled himself together, he couldnt fall apart in front of Peyton. "Yea?" he said as he turned to face Peyton.

"Me and Jake, we're not getting married."

Lucas's expression quickly changed from hapiness to confusion. "What? You're not? W-w-what? Why?" He said now sounding cheerful.

"Something happened, that Jake couldnt handle, and we just never would have been happy."

Thinking to the pregnancy test that he found, "Wait, Peyton, are you, did you and Jake, are you the one who's pregnant?"

Peyton started laughing, "No, Lucas. I'm not pregnant. What do you mean 'the one' who is pregnant? Is somebody pregnant?"

Lucas ignored her interest now in the pregnancy mystery and wanted to calm his own nerves so he asked one more time, "So, you and Jake, you're not getting married?"

Peyton shook her head. "It's for the best."

"And you're not pregnant, right?"

She laughed again, "No, Lucas. I'm not pregnant."

Lucas let out a sigh of relief and laughed to himself about being so scared. Then it hit him, Peyton's not pregnant, so all signs pointed him to Brooke right now.

"So, Lucas! Who's pregnant?"

He smiled at her, really excited to tell her the news about his mom. "Two people, actually."

Peyton's eyes widened and her mouth dropped, "WHAT?! TWO PEOPLE IN TREE HILL PREGNANT, THAT WE KNOW?"

He laughed and nodded.

Peyton squeed, still holding the same expression on her face, "Who!!!!"

"Well, there's one I dont know yet, but on the other hand, I'm going to be a big brother!"

Peyton screamed, "Ahhhh, Lucas! Karen is pregnant?" A huge smile playing on her face.

He smiled widely and nodded.

She screamed again, "No way! Congratulations, Lucas!"

He smiled, "Thanks, Peyt."

She rolled her eyes, "Oh, stop being so broody for once and give me a hug, Luke!"

He laughed as she reached over to the drivers side and grabbed Lucas as he hugged her back. Taking in the scent of her hair, grasping onto her tighter and tighter, closing his eyes and feeling the connection between Peyton and him. Peyton too calmed down as she fit perfectly into his arms and shut her eyes as she put her head on his shoulder. A hug of celebration quickly became strongly filled with desire and passion. And it grew especially long and meaningful as they both just soaked in the moment.

"Peyton, I..." Lucas said thinking back on what just happened back in the hospital with his talk with the doctor.

"Yea?" Peyton asked.

"I'm just, really glad to have you in my life." Why cant I tell her how I feel?

A huge smile crept across Peyton's face. Lucas continued, "I just dont know what I would do without you, Peyton Sawyer. You're the only one I told this to by the way, and you're the only one I'm going to tell for a while."

Peyton smiled and nodded, "That kid is going to be real lucky to have you as a brother."

"I know, isnt he?" Lucas smirked.

Peyton laughed, "Ok, I take that back! Can you imagine, if it's a boy, and he has you AND Nathan are brothers, those girls dont stand a chance."

Lucas laughed, "What are you trying to say? Peyton Sawyer thinks the Scott boys are attractive?"

"Ew, no. You and Nathan? Gross. I only dated him and with you..." Peyton stopped.

Lucas nodded, "I know..."


"Do you wanna go back to school, Sawyer?" Lucas said.

"Yea, maybe we should take Cooper's advice and be good students." Peyton said as she turned to Lucas

He smiled and turned to her, "For today, at least."

"Of course." Peyton laughed.

Lucas pulled out of the parking lot, and they were on their way back to school. Oh, and what they were in for when they would return.


Brooke and Nathan walked down the hallway towards the office, Brooke was furious and Nathan was just amused.

"You really, really have no right to embarass me like that. You have no idea what kind of day I have had." Brooke said.

"I dont care either." Nathan responded.

Brooke took Nathan's arm and made him stop walking, "What is your problem, Nathan. Seriously?"

"My problem? My problem is my uncle is dead, my problem is my other uncle is in the hospital, my problem is my wedding day was ruined, my problem is my parents are trying to kill eachother, my problem is I almost died in a car accident yesterday, my problem is--"

Brooke continued walking, "Nevermind, sorry I asked."

Nathan followed, "Whatever." They finally arrived to the front of the office, as Nathan continued walking.

Brooke looked confused, "What are you doing? The office is right here."

Nathan laughed, "Right, like I'm really going in there. I'm leaving. I dont have the patience to be here right now. Bye."

Brooke laughed too, "Yea, what am I doing here? Like we were actually going to go to the office."

"Yea, the office wont do any good for you. You need to go to a slut rehab or something." Nathan smirked.

Brooke sighed and rolled eyes then they went their seperate ways.

As Nathan neared the exit, the bell rang and Haley spotted him down the hall when she got out of class. She was contemplating whether she should even follow him after all the hurtful things he said to Brooke. But, of course after a second hesitation, she was by Nathan's side.

"I knew you werent going to go to the office, but I thought you would at least stay at school." Haley said laughing.

"Wanna bail with me?" Nathan said hopefully.

"I have a better idea, we stay and finish school. How does that sound?"

"Like a worse idea than mine." Nathan laughed slightly as Haley gave him a demanding look.

"Fine! We'll stay." She smiled wide and kissed his foreheard. "I knew you'd see it my way."

Just then, Lucas and Peyton pulled into the parking lot.

Nathan took Haley in his arms and turned her to face the door that lead to the exit, "But you know, its a beautiful day out, we could take a nice walk and---- is that Lucas and Peyton?"

Haley looked just as surprised as Nathan, "Thats kind of-- weird. Do you think Brooke saw them?" Haley said.

"I hope so." Nathan said cockily.

"You know, she was my maid of honor. And one of my best friends. You have to start getting along with her."

Nathan shrugged.

"What about when you were dating Peyton? You had to have been friends then, she is--or was--her best friend."

"Im married to you and shes your best friend and I dont like her now, do I?"

"I dont know, its just kind of random how you all of a sudden go out of your way to be rude to her."

"She slapped Peyton."

"How is that any of your business?"

"Peyton tells me things."

"When did you and Peyton become so close?"

Nathan rose his eyebrows at her. " Peyton and I have always been close."

Haley rolled her eyes.

Nathan laughed, "What? Jealous?"

Haley shoved him playfully. "No! Its just... I guess I kinda miss how close I was with Peyton. Our friendship got all messed up somewhere along the line."

Nathan nodded then looked outside again at Peyton and Lucas. "So, fix it." He smiled as he reached in his backpack and handed her a picture of Haley and Peyton at the wedding.

Haley smiled at the picture but then hit Nathan's shoulder, "And why do you carry a picture of her in your backpack!"

"Hey! Its just a copy I was giving to Peyton! She asked for it!" Nathan said laughing again and Haley laughed too.

"And even if in some alternate universe I wanted Peyton, I dont think I'd stand a chance with the way Lucas looks at her."

Nathan and Haley's eyes both wandered to the parking lot again where Peyton and Lucas had been parked for a while, but were now just sitting and talking.


"So... we're here. But yet were not getting out of the car?" Peyton asked confused.

"Im just... thinking." Lucas said as he sighed and looked down.

"About Keith."

"How did you-"

She cut him off, "I know the look, thats all."

"I miss him. A lot. And dont get me wrong Im really glad that Cooper is ok, but its just that... its seems unfair that Keith wasnt given that same outcome."

Peyton didnt really know what to say, "I know, Luke. Im really sorry. I wish there were something I could do or say to make it better, but I know theres not."

Lucas shook his head, "No, just you being here has made it better."

Peyton smiled, "Im glad."

"Brooke never makes me feel like this." As soon as the words escaped his mouth, he wish they hadnt.

Peytons head snapped to face Lucas, "W-w-what?" She was shocked he had just said that.

"Sorry, I didnt mean to--sorry."

Peyton just looked away and breathed deeply. Why does he make this so hard? And with that, she opened the door and got out of the car without looking back and began walking fastly towards school.

"Peyton! Wait, Peyton!" Lucas shouted as he jumped out of the car quickly to follow her. He began running after her and finally caught up with her at the stairs to the entrance and grabbed her shoulders.

Peyton shut her eyes, and barely in a whisper she said, "Let go of me."

Lucas couldnt really hear her, "What?"

"I said, let go of me! Let me go, Lucas! Just let me go!!!! Let me let go of you!" She began trying to fight him off of her, then gave in and started crying. Lucas held her in his arms as she became weary and he sat them both down on the steps, still never releasing her from his arms. He kissed the top of her hair and his tightened his grip around her, "Its okay, Peyton. Im here."

She looked up at him shaking her head, "Thats just it, thats the problem. You're always gonna be here."

Lucas looked dumbfounded, "I dont follow?"

She shook her head again as the tears fell, "Just forget it."

Lucas's eyes were filled with concern, as he pulled her back towards him and she crashed into his arms.