MP5 Presents: Uzumaki Naruto- Konoha Marksman

Chapter 1: A defenseless Child dies, A Loyal soldier is born

"..."- talking

"bold" - Kyuubi speaking

'...' - thinking

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

October 10, 1998

6-year-old Uzumaki Naruto was running as fast as he could. Though today was his birthday, It was the one day of the year he had come to hate the most. On this day, the Yondaime (fourth) Hokage 'Defeated' the Nine-tailed fox Demon, Kyuubi no Kitsune. In reality, The Yondaime had sealed the Nine-tailed demon inside Naruto when he was born that day. And though the Yondaime's last wish was to have Naruto treated as a hero, it was not to be. When people learned Naruto held the Kyuubi, they realized that the demon was still alive. Unfortunately, Their hatred for the Kyuubi did not separate Naruto from the Demon, and led them to the thinking that Naruto and the Kyuubi were the same. Thus, as he grew up, he constantly faced discrimination and hatred, to the point where he would be periodically beaten half to death by the villagers. And though he didn't know it at the time, the Kyuubi sped up his healing, which resulted in Naruto getting beaten constantly, because there were no traces of him already being hurt. At the moment, Naruto had just leapt over a fence, which was no easy task, and then fell hard, his legs giving out. Naruto prepared himself for the drunken beatings that always came for him this time of year.

"I really hate this." Naruto sighed calmly as he began getting pummeled. Calmly, because he was so used to this at this point, that it no longer fazed him. Later that day, he was in such bad shape that when he went to the Hokage's office, he was limping up the stairs. Gaining some sympathy from the guards there, they let him into the Hokage's office, into which he took a few unsteady steps before collapsing to the ground. Naruto flopped onto his back, staring at the ceiling as Sarutobi, the Sandaime (third) Hokage rushed over to help him.

"Naruto, What happened to you?" Asked Sarutobi in worry. Naruto sighed and answered in his now-usual nonchalant tone.

"The same thing that happens every year, Oji-san." replied Naruto. "My birthday happens, and I get absolutely wonderful 'presents' from the Villagers."

Sarutobi looked at Naruto in worry. The villager's horrible treatment to Naruto had been so common, that Naruto had simply become jaded from it all. If this continued, the boy wouldn't even care about his own life, which may possibly get him killed. Or worse, Naruto wouldn't give a damn about dignity, which is important to any person. Sarutobi thought for a moment, and made Naruto an offer.

"Naruto-kun, would you like to learn how to defend yourself?" asked Sarutobi. Naruto looked at him with a face that could easily be mistaken for Shikamaru of the Nara Clan and replied.

"As much as I would, I highly doubt anyone would want to train me, and I certainly don't want to interrupt your work, Oji-san." replied Naruto.

"Hang on, Naruto. By this, I meant that you would be going to a military school on the other side of the world for a few years. Not only would you get to see what culture lies far outside this country, but I'm sure it'll be a nice change from the sort of things that happen around here."

Finally, Naruto smiled a genuine smile. "I'd like that very much, Oji-san." Now that he had agreed, Naruto packed up that night, and as soon as Sarutobi gave him a parting gift of some scrolls covering the use of Chakra and fighting techniques, he left Konoha on a Japan Airlines flight to the United States. That night, many thought Konoha had seen the last of Uzumaki Naruto, including the Hyuuga Clan Heiress Hyuuga Hinata. They had no idea how wrong they would be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

July 25th, 2004, 6 Years later

The buzzing sound of a 4-stroke motorcycle engine could be heard on the main dirt road to Konoha. A Desert Camouflage-painted Harley-Davidson dirtbike with two large olive-drab crates on each side was making its way towards the village gate. Its rider wore a blue cloak and concealed his face with a Boonie hat, Balaclava, and ESS Turbocam dust goggles. The only identifying feature visible so far were his piercing eyes of sapphire blue. As the guards at the Konoha gate watched the visitor approach, they called in their sighting to headquarters just so that someone knew what was going on. Meanwhile, the dirtbike closed in, and the rider came to a stop. Shutting off his engine, he spoke to the guards, who were still wondering who the person was and what the hell he was riding. Soon, they got it together and asked for Identification. The rider produced an ID card from Blackwater Security Company that was designed only to reveal the bearer's Initials, Blood type, rank, and serial number. When the two guards looked up at the rider, he spoke.

"I apologize for the fact that this is the only ID I have." said the rider. "But if you will allow me to do so, I would like to speak to the Hokage. I'm an old acquaintance of his."

"Very well." replied one guard. "You may enter, 'U.N.'-san."

"Thank you, gentlemen," replied the rider. and as soon as the gates were open, he accelerated off to Hokage tower, weaving through the streets as the villagers looked on with curiousity. Meanwhile, the guards were now thinking that they had heard those initials before.

'Could it possibly be him? Nah. I've just partied way too hard is all.' the two guards thought.

Meanwhile, at Hokage tower, Sarutobi sifted through paperwork listlessly. He missed having Naruto around, and the two had not been in contact for three years since Naruto wrote he'd graduated from a military academy in the U.S. that specialized in 4 Special forces martial arts including The Korean Tae Kwon Do (Military version), Israeli Krav Maga (Military version), Russian Systema, and finally, American CQC Knife combat. Naruto could finally defend himself, but did not return to Konoha for 6 years now. Sarutobi figured that Naruto probably didn't want to have anything to do with a village that despised him now that he was in a country that would accept him as long as he kept his inner demon in check. At this thought, Sarutobi sighed and was about to continue shuffling through his paperwork when he heard his intercom buzz. A message from his secretary.

"Hokage-sama, There's someone here who wants to see you. He says he's an old acquaintance of yours." said the secretary. Sarutobi thought for a moment, then replied.

"What the hell, let him in."

At that, the line went dead, and the door was unlocked. In stepped the motorbike rider, who Sarutobi certainly didn't recognize.

"Excuse me, but just who are you?" asked Sarutobi. "I certainly don't recognize you as an old acquaintance."

"I'm crushed, Hokage-sama." replied the rider, who began removing the items on his face. "After 6 years of being apart, this is how you greet me?"

Finally, The motorbike rider pulled his Balaclava off his head to reveal a shock of Lightning yellow hair, whisker marks on each side of his face, and piercing Sapphire Blue eyes.

"Naruto?" said Sarutobi, incredulous. Naruto grinned his fox grin, proving that it was indeed the Yondaime's legacy, and possibly son (possibly, because they had recently gotten DNA match technology) that Sarutobi sent off 6 years ago to help him defend himself. However, Sarutobi sensed quite a few major changes in Naruto. For one, Naruto, while still unpredictable, was a lot more subtle. His years in the Military academy had taught him plenty of discipline, and just now, after giving Naruto a friendly hug, noticed that the blonde stood at attention, eyes looking straight ahead. That was the sort of stance only a Drill instructor could make one do and memorize. Noticing this, Sarutobi changed the way he spoke.

"All right, soldier. Present Arms!" said Sarutobi.

"Sir, Yes Sir!" replied Naruto. Immediately, he removed his cloak to reveal a Tactical load bearing vest filled with spare magazines of ammunition, a pistol, and some grenades. Naruto then unslung the HK MP5A5 resting on his tactical vest and aimed it upwards at a 45-degree angle so that Sarutobi could get a good look at it as well as Naruto's firing stance. He was thoroughly impressed.

"Order arms and At ease, soldier." Sarutobi said. Naruto complied, and set the Submachinegun at his side, butt touching the ground and the barrel pointing vertically. Then, Sarutobi looked at Naruto's Blackwater Security ID and saw that Naruto had made the rank of, based on U.S. Army Standards, Staff Sergeant.

'Perfect Drill Instructor material.' thought Sarutobi. 'All I need to do now is get him the correct uniform for it. Perhaps his knowledge of western combat techniques and weapons will boost our military strength greatly.'

"Naruto, now that you're back, It's almost time to enter the academy." Sarutobi finally spoke. "But before you do, Let's see what you've learned and how effective it is. We'll be testing your combat styles against various levels of ninja. What level would you like to fight against?"

"Jounin and Chunin, sir." replied Naruto. Sarutboi was caught off guard. Sure, Naruto was confident, but going right for the upper ranks? He had a bad feeling about this...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It turned out that Sarutobi needn't be worried at all. In fact, he should've saved his worry for the Chunin that were currently getting owned by Naruto. The fighting styles he learned were effective to an insane degree, and were just as effective as the Taijustsu of Maito Gai, The Green Beast of Konoha. Sarutobi watched with interest and stepped out of the way when a Chunin, one who hated Naruto way back when, was thrown into a nearby wall face first. At this, Sarutobi had one of the fight course proctors send in the 4 Jounin fighters, all of whom were getting ready to accept Genin students at the end of the coming year, including Maito Gai himself. Looking at the rest of the Jounin, Sarutobi saw a certain silver-haired person reading the hentai novel Icha Icha Paradise. The Hokage shook his head. That particular ninja never took newcomers seriously.

Meanwhile, down in the arena, Naruto took note of the new fighters and saw that they were Jounin level. Having already used Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga, he wanted to end this battle quickly, so he pulled out his Ka-Bar Knife and his HK USP handgun. He ejected the current magazine as well as the round in the chamber and stuffed the round into the ejected magazine, putting it in his vest for later use. Then, Naruto pulled out yet another mag for his USP, only this had blue tape. He stuffed it into his handgun and pressed the slide release to chamber a round. As soon as that was done, he got into the standard CQC stance, though the Jounin had no idea what it was. Each of the Jounin now had a kunai in hand, and the first one he set his sights on was a bandaged woman with red eyes.

'A genjutsu specialist?' thought Naruto, recognizing the sign. 'I better have plenty of Chakra.' He then reached into the recesses of his mind.

'Kyuubi.' communicated Naruto. 'I need 100 percent chakra flow, 50/50 mix. Set the flow to automatic purge if you sense a genjutsu.'

"Roger." replied the demon. In 6 years, Naruto had acquainted himself with his inner resident and now that the two knew each other well, Naruto could safely let Kyuubi control his Chakra flow when he was busy. Naruto now felt his Chakra ready to burst out when he needed, and saw the red-eyed woman come at him with a kunai.

"They're making this too easy." muttered Naruto. The woman raised a kunai, which he knocked out of her hand with his own knife then quickly slid behind her, his knife to her neck, and he kicked her legs out. Now that their heads were on the same height, Naruto used the poor woman as a human shield and fired his USP at the three men. Each of them took a bullet to the head, the bullets being made of rubber, and were knocked to the floor unconscious. Then, he swept his hostage's legs out from under her and shoved her to the ground, knocking her out. Making sure the area was clear, he safed and holstered his gun and put away his knife. He then looked up at Sarutobi with a smirk and shrugged his shoulders. Sarutobi smiled in return. 6 years away from Konoha did good for the young boy. Soon, after a few more tests, the two were walking back to the Hokage's office, where they were going to find out Naruto's rating as a Ninja. Along the way, Sarutobi asked Naruto just how he pulled off the feat of becoming a mercenary at the age of 10.

"Naruto," asked the Hokage. "just how were you able to work for and get paid by a private military company when you were 10, and furthermore, why?"

"Hokage-sama, It's a long story." replied Naruto. "That story is a long and winding road of illegal activity and secrecy, but with acceptance and comradeship thrown in. Basically, I was shuttled through unofficial and possibly illegal channels to get that job. Of course, having a few favors owed by superiors who like me very much helped."

'That statement only raised more questions than it answered.' thought Sarutobi as he focused his attention ahead. As the two passed through the hallway, they saw the four Jounin that Naruto had defeated sitting on seats in the nearby lounge, each of them holding an icepack to their head. The silver-haired one looked up from his Icha Icha Paradise novel at Naruto, who stopped and saluted. The Jounin simply cocked an eyebrow and went back to his book. Naruto took a seat in the Hokage's office, where his ranking results were announced. The four Jounin, curious, crept up to the door and listened. What they heard left them in disbelief.

First of all, they had no idea the kid fighting them was Uzumaki Naruto, who was said to have left the village 6 years ago, and with him the threat of an Attack by the Kyuubi, but his ranking was just completely and ludicrously unexpected.

"Hokage-sama," said the Data analyst. "According to our findings, Uzumaki Naruto's scores have been averaged, and he is qualified to be and classified as an S-rank Jounin."

As soon as the data analyst said that, the three people in the Hokage's office were interrupted by a loud "NANIIIIIIIIII?!" and a resounding 'THUD'. they opened the door, and saw the four Jounin sprawled out on the ground with swirls in their eyes. Sarutobi couldn't blame them. Naruto being a Jounin was a very disorienting idea. Turning to Naruto, he asked a very important question.

"Naruto, Will you accept the position of Jounin or ANBU?" asked the Hokage. At this, the four Jounin on the ground shot up and watched intensely. A 12-year old Jounin was unheard of, and it would certainly be interesting to have one in their ranks. Naruto thought for a moment and then turned to the Hokage.

"Permission to speak freely sir?" asked Naruto, back in soldier mode.

"You have permission."

"Personally, sir," began Naruto. "I'm used to working for my merits. And as tempting as it would be to accept such a high position, I just want to be treated like every other kid who goes through Ninja academy. So if you don't mind, I'll work for that position by going through ninja academy, even if I have to face a little prejudice, sir."

The room was silent for a minute, then one by one, the four Jounin began clapping, and soon everyone in the entire room was clapping because of Naruto's well thought out decision. Since Naruto had decided to be a Genin, the four Jounin were now arguing as to who would get Naruto when he graduated from the academy. For a while, they were at a stalemate, pointing out the assets each one already had. Finally, Kakashi, the Silver-haired Jounin, dropped a bomb that ended the arguement.

"As true as it may be that I have my eyes set on Uchiha Sasuke because I feel I owe Obito, I owe my sensei even more. Naruto's his only child." Kakashi stated. At this, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Kakashi, then Naruto. Kakashi then broke the silence as he held up a folder to help illustrate his statement.

"I just picked up some DNA test results from the lab, Hokage-sama." siad Kakashi. He then turned to Naruto, a grin forming underneath his mask.

"Congratulations, Naruto. You're the Yondaime's son."

Naruto was beginning to cry tears of joy. He was practically at a loss for words, but in his situation, who wouldn't be? He just found out that he is a direct descendant of one of the Legendary Hokages of Konoha. Kurenai, the red-eyed female Jounin, gave Naruto a hug and reassured Naruto that everything was all right.

"Buck up, Soldier." she said into his ear. "You're home now, Naruto."

Naruto continued to let out his tears a bit longer. Ever since graduating military academy, he disciplined himself to let out as little emotion as possible, but when times like this came around, he cut himself some slack and let it all out. Soon, though, he straightened out and paid attention to the Hokage, because it seemed the man had more important things to tell him. In the next hour, Naruto was overjoyed to find out that as the Yondaime's son and his Clan heir, he was now the Uzumaki Clan head and owner of the Uzumaki Mansion, which was close to the Konoha forest. It was well kept, so everything was clean, but it was empty. Next, Naruto also inherited the Uzumaki Family fortune of 20,000,000 Ryou, part of which was built by Yondaime's salary during his term as Hokage. Finally, Naruto was now the owner of a forbidden scroll in the Hokage's scroll library that was written by Yondaime, and it featured clan Jutsu that was to be passed down to each generation. But hold on. If all this stuff belonged to the Uzumaki clan, why wasn't it given to Naruto in the first place? The blonde asked this very question, and a frown came onto Sarutobi's face.

"The council was not willing to believe that the 'Demon child' was related to and even the son of one of Konoha's greatest Hokages." replied Sarutobi. "Thus, until there was a proper way to prove you were the Fourth Hokage's son, Naruto, they would not give you anything."

Naruto was disgusted. He was deprived of all these things that could've helped him in the long run just because the council bent over backwards in the favor of all the prejudiced villagers who beat him so often. Well, now that he had an arsenal of weapons with him and plenty of ammunition, those damned villagers would think twice before messing with a soldier, clan heir, and soon enough, a ninja. Naruto asked Sarutobi to hold on to that scroll until he graduated, and with that, he took the keys and deed to the Uzumaki Mansion as well as the bank card which gave him access to the family fortune. Bidding the four Jounin goodbye, Naruto bounded out the door in his riding clothes, hopped onto his Motorbike, and sped off to the mansion. By the next day, everyone knew that Uzumaki Naruto was back in town.

To be continued...

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