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I present you the impatiently awaited

Deleted Scenes for My Little Kitten

First scene:

Pansy tries to talk to Voldemort

Voldemort sits behind his desk, looking over papers when Pansy Parkinson enters.

"My Lord?" Voldemort doesn't even look up at the nervous Death Eater wannabe as he starts writing on one of the reports.

"What is it, Ms. Parkinson? I don't have all day." Pansy shifts, biting her lip.

"Is it true that you have kept the gift I gave you?" Voldemort doesn't stop writing on his paperwork as he replies.

"Your 'gift' as you so call it is stolen goods, but, yes, I have kept the little furball. Not because he was given by you, but because he is good company and Nagini doesn't eat scrawny animals that are more fur and bones than meat." Said furball pokes his head above the desk to glare at the upset girl from his position on Voldemort's lap. "Now, if you don't want to be crucio'd for stealing from a Gryffindor only to give the stolen good to me as a 'gift', then you had better get out of my office and never do something that stupid ever again." Pansy bows low and skitters out of the room quickly. Harry-kitty settles back down, purring. Tom grins down at the black puffball on his lap.

"Lazy little sod," he murmurs fondly, petting the happy feline.

Second scene:

Nagini questions Harry-kitty

Harry-kitty sits nervously on the bed in front of a serious Nagini. Tom has gone off to work, leaving his familiar and new pet in his rooms alone.

'You mean him no harm, yes?' Nagini hisses, watching the stiff cat closely as he nods slowly. If he tried to move his head too fast, then he'd feel sick.

'Are you really a cat?' The cat shakes his head, looking a bit more nervous.

'Is this your animagus form?' Again he shakes his head.

'Was it an accident that you came to be a cat?' He nods, shifting a bit.

'Do you come from Hogwarts?' Nodding again, he feels a bit dizzy. Nagini must have noticed how woozy he was getting.

'Are you a teacher or a student? Raise your left paw for teacher or your right paw for student.' He raises his right paw, causing Nagini to nod to herself.

'If you are in Slytherin, turn your head to the right, left if you are Gryffindor, up if Ravenclaw, or down if you are Hufflepuff.' The cat turns his head to the left and Nagini raises herself up a little more.

'Your name wouldn't happen to be Harry Potter, would it?' Shocked, the cat nervously backs up a bit before nodding slowly, watching for any sign of an attack.

'You aren't lying to me about hurting Tom?' The feline shakes his head insistently and Nagini can tell he's not lying. She gives a snake-sigh.

'If it was a spell that turned you into a cat, raise your right paw; if it was a potion, raise your left.' He raises his left paw, sitting down again now that Nagini believes him about not hurting her master.

'You don't want Tom to know that it's you, do you?' The cat shakes his head immediately.

'I won't tell him and I won't hurt you if you behave.' Nodding enthusiastically, he starts purring.

'Does anyone know that you have been turned into a cat?' He nods, thumping his tail hard on the bed twice.

'Two people? Who? It was a potion, so would one of those two people be Severus Snape?' He nods again.

'But who is the other?' The kitty turns his head to the left.

'A Gryffindor? Which one?' He stands and starts walking, then stumbles, nearly falling off the bed.

'The klutz?' He nods, pulling himself back up onto the bed.

'Neville Longbottom, the other Prophesy child?' At his nod, she lowers herself completely onto the bed to ponder this new information. He curls up next to her for a nap.

Third scene:

Tom returns

'I'm back.' Tom announces after entering his chambers, causing Harry-kitty to come racing to him. The adorable little furball stands up on his back legs, placing his front paws on Tom's legs to beg for pets and mewling pitifully. Tom scoops him up, petting him which causes him to switch from mewling to purring. Nagini slithers in, watching their interaction happily.

'Nagi wasn't tormenting you, was she?' Tom murmurs, stroking the happy feline, and Nagini gives a little snake-huff, pouting.

'I've done no such thing. He's just an attention whore.' The cat turns to glare down at her, then turns his nose up and away with his eyes closed before opening them again to rub his cheek against Tom's chin. Tom chuckles at Nagini's offended rearing up and his new pet's attachment to him.

'He sure told you.' The Dark Lord hisses, amused as he strokes the ecstatic feline.

'Ok, so maybe he's not an attention whore. He's just in love with you.' The cat looks down at her oddly, quieting down to watch the smirking snake. Tom also gives his familiar an odd look.

'What do you mean?' Said smirking snake raises herself up a bit more, looking extremely smug.

'He's been moping around all day doing nothing, but the moment you return he's all over you. If that's not a sign of love, then what is it?' Without his fur, the cat would have been blushing. He hadn't even realized he had been moping, but once Tom returned he was energetic and happy. He'd seen other people around (Death Eaters or not, they were still people) and he hadn't been interested even though plenty of them had wanted to pet or play with him. He only wanted Tom to touch him like this, to caress him and cause him to purr like a motorboat, to hold him and make him feel safe. Only Tom.

'Nagi, you're so silly. Of course he runs to me, I pet him and make him feel wonderful in doing so.' Tom looks a little wistful. 'Now if only I could find a human trustworthy enough that reacts like this.' Nagini sighs, watching the cat closely. The kitty looks up surprised at Tom's wistful face.

'But for now I have you two, so that's good.' Tom resumes stroking the pitch black feline who watches him sadly for a moment before giving into the heavenly feelings washing through his body at every caress by those talented hands.

If Nagini had hands, she'd be rubbing them together and cackling evilly, but since she doesn't, she settles with hiss-cackling softly as she sneaks off.

Fourth scene:

Return to the Manor

'Nagi! We're ho-ome!' Tom hisses, still holding Harry who is blushing furiously in his arms. The huge snake slithers into the room from the bedroom.

'About time! I - ' She pauses, seeing the blushing Harry in Tom's arms. 'So they forced you back into human form?' Harry nods and Tom sputters. Noticing the cat ears and tail, she tuts. 'They didn't do a very good job. Well, I guess it appeals to Tom's kinks, so it won't be bad.' Tom sputters again and Harry blushes more.

'You knew he was Harry Potter?' Nagini blinks at him.

'I questioned him and he responded nonverbally. If he had been a threat, I wouldn't have allowed you to keep him.' She states matter-of-factly. Tom looks down at Harry who looks worried and apologetic, cat ears down.

'If you had known that I was that cat, would you have kept me?' The cat-boy asks a little sadly and Tom shakes his head slowly, making Harry's face fall even further.

'Thought so.' He murmurs, wiggling out of Tom's arms and starting to walk away, but Tom grabs him from behind, pulling their bodies flush together.

'I wouldn't have because I thought that I'd have no chance to sway you because of Dumbledore's brainwashing, but now I think I have a chance. You came back here willingly when you could have fought tooth-and-nail to stay in the Hospital Wing with your two best friends. By choosing me over them, you've shown your willingness to at least be in the same room with me and not immediately try to kill me.' Harry relaxes back into Tom who nuzzles the side of the cat-boy's neck. 'Then your words to your two friends...' Harry's blush that had retreated after his question returns full force.

'I...' Tom nibbles on the side of his neck, making him gasp and tilt his head to allow Tom easier access. 'Tom...'

'Hm?' He hums as one hand slips under Harry's pajama shirt to trail over Harry's taut stomach while the other dips teasingly under the elastic of the pants.

'N-not yet, please.' Harry whimpers, though his body seems to be saying the opposite. The Dark Lord retreats with his hands up, but Harry turns around and glomps him. They barely stay upright. 'I mean that we shouldn't move so fast; I don't want this to look like you persuaded me over with your body.' Tom hums in agreement as he claims his cat-boy's lips. Said cat-boy reacts favorably, pressing up into the kiss and purring.

When they finally pull away for air, they're both panting. Tom pecks Harry on the cheek before leading him to the dining room. It's time for dinner and they're both hungry after such a stressful episode. Nagini had slipped away unnoticed quite a bit earlier; she knew what was going to happen and thus wasn't worried.

Fifth scene:

Several weeks and much discussion later

Harry is curled up on the bed, napping while Nagini is off hunting. Tom returns from a Death Eater meeting, frustrated by Harry's shyness and his Death Eater's incompetence.

Since the day Harry returned Tom had taken to teasing him, making the cat-boy breathless and rock hard before leaving him high and dry. After a few times Harry started getting his revenge by laying out somewhere in tight and/or scant clothing and stretching sensuously or eating suggestively, then, when Tom was nearing his breaking point, Harry would get up and leave.

It was maddening for both of them and Nagini expressed her opinion about their stubborn ways many times.

Standing in the doorway, Tom watches Harry sleeping peacefully. As a threat, as a child, as a student, as his rival, and now as his love interest Harry would always frustrate him, but Tom wouldn't choose anyone else. He softly pads over to the bed and Harry doesn't even twitch; he really is asleep.

Smooth, pale skin though it does have more color than Tom's and ebony locks that are always messed-up meet his eyes. Long, dark eyelashes touch soft, pink cheeks and luscious lips lay parted slightly in sleep.

'Beautiful,' Tom breathes, reaching out to softly stroke one of those smooth cheeks (facial, you pervs) and Harry sighs in his sleep, turning into the caress. Smiling softly, he takes a seat at the edge of the bed, leaning over to give the same cheek a butterfly kiss. Velvety black ears twitch and petal soft lips come together in a small smile as emerald eyes reveal themselves.

'Tom,' Harry sighs, reaching up to pull the other down onto him and into a chaste kiss, just lips on lips. It is... soothing. After having weeks of frustration especially these past few hours, this kiss is so calm. They forget about their childish games and Harry decides that it is time.

Pressing closer, he opens his mouth against Tom's and Tom immediately accepts the invitation, exploring enthusiastically not only Harry's mouth but the rest of his body, making the cat-boy pinned beneath him mewl.

'Harry?' Tom hisses once their lips had separated for air. Slitted green eyes burn into blood red.

'Yes, it is time,' the cat-boy hisses back, mewling at the almost vicious grinding of their pelvises. 'Take me.'

Tom growls, stripping his smaller lover quickly while Harry strips him.

In practically no time at all, they are both bare. Pausing for a moment, they appreciate each other before Tom pounces and captures Harry's mouth in another kiss. Talented fingers stroke Harry's body, causing a rumbling purr to erupt in his chest as he arches up into his lover and gasp-hisses his name.

'Tom!' He smirks against the cat-boy's neck, one hand trailing down between his legs.

'Yes, Harry? Am I so mind-blowing that you can only say one word?' Tom teased, sucking lightly on Harry's neck.

'Jerk.' He manages to mewl as a magically-slicked finger teases his anus, slipping in and out. Ignoring Tom's smirking face, he lets out a shaky breath that turns into another sharp gasp as a second finger joins the first.

'Two words, then.' Tom teases, returning to torment Harry's neck with nips and licks. Harry opens his mouth to speak, but whatever he was going to say comes out as: 'OhmygeezhowisheMERLIN!' Laughing, Tom continues stretching Harry with three of his wonderfully long fingers, occasionally touching his prostate gland and causing more entertaining yet arousing reactions.

'I don't think that really counts, so still two.' The cat-boy tries to glare at his lover, but is quickly distracted by the abuse of his prostate.

'Evil - ' That's as far as he gets in verbal lashing because Tom decided that he was prepared enough and withdrew his fingers, making Harry whimper at the loss. Then after slicking up and flipping his cat-boy over, causing another strangled gasp, he positions himself and slowly sinks into heaven, careful to not hurt his love.

After waiting for Harry to get used to the feeling, Tom thrusts shallowly, just a small buck of his hips that he finally allows himself to do. Whimpering, Harry thrusts back, eyes half-mast and peering over his shoulder to meet warm red eyes watching him closely. Tom pulls out a bit and thrust again; Harry rocks back into him, eyes smouldering. Again he pulls out, a bit further this time, and thrusts, evoking Harry to rock back, creating a rhythm that soon picks up speed. Thrusts becoming harder, going deeper.

Harry archs up into Tom's thrusts, mewling as he is stroked along his spine, causing it to bend down to offer better access to the male riding him. His claws dig into the mattress as another thrust rocks his body and a sudden explosion of painpleasure on his neck makes him yowl louder than any natural cat could have as Tom clenches his jaw on the back of Harry's neck.

"Kittens!" The thought jolts through his mind, eliciting a shiver that wracks his body and helps bring about their climaxes.

Yowling and groaning ensues as the sudden pleasure rips through them, almost causing them to blackout.

Minutes tick by as they bask in post-coital bliss. Harry doesn't want Tom to pull out, so when his lover shifts he grabs Tom's arm and wraps it around him.

"Don't," he whimpers. Tom shifts closer, pulling Harry to spoon against him. There is no space between them.

"Does it - " He starts to ask, but the cat-boy cuts in.

"No, but... did you... do you know what you did?" Curious green eyes peer through black bangs into soft red eyes.

"Yes, do you mind?" Long, pale fingers stroke Harry's cheek as his wondering look melts into a truly happy smile.

"I would love to have your kittens," he murmurs, snuggling back into Tom's warm embrace. It's time for a nap. Tom sighs deeply, watching as his lover, mate, most likely soon-to-be husband settles in for a nap. It's a good idea, so he relaxes, closing his eyes and reveling in the feel of Harry in his arms. One of the best feelings that he's ever had and would never had he not taken in that little black kitten. Fate's strange workings of getting her way; Lord Voldemort is no more.

#Bonus, kind of...#

What I had originally planned to have at the end of My Little Kitten, but they refused to go any further.

They arrive at the Manor and Tom sets Harry down carefully, then starts to attempt explaining.

"Harry - " Tom is pleasantly interrupted by Harry glomping him and kissing him for all he's worth. When they finally pull away, Harry speaks first.

"Tom, were you seriously serious about letting me stay with you?" Wide hopeful eyes that are so familiar stare searchingly up into crimson eyes.

"Of course I am! I told you I was." A small smile accompanies a furrow on his brow. He's daring to hope, daring to ask.

"And were you serious - " Tom nods to emphasize how serious he is.

"I was serious about everything I told you." Harry kisses him again, pulling Tom's body flush against his own, causing them both to moan and clutch at the other.

"Then I don't see any reason putting off the inevitable. Tom, would you - " Ducking his head he blushes, then looks up into the Dark Lord's vermilion eyes through his bangs with pleading viridian. "Please?" Tom's eyes darken in lust.

"Anything for my serpentine kitten." Sweeping Harry up into his arms, he carries the cat-boy up to his chambers and into his room. Silently he thanks Salazar that Nagini's out hunting as he places Harry reverently on his bed, taking a step back and looking the cat-boy over. What he finds is...

'Beautiful.' Harry blushes, ducking his head in embarrassment and then Tom leans forward to capture the cat-boy's lips in a soft kiss that soon turns demanding. Still kissing, Tom leans forward even further, forcing Harry onto his back as Tom lowers his body onto the cat-boy's.

"Are you absolutely sure about this?" Harry nods, pulling him back down for another kiss. Slipping an arm underneath Harry, the older wizard scoots them further up the bed then gets to work on their clothes with Harry helping the best he can.

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