I realized there were only a small number of yaoi vampire fics in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. So here's my attempt at one. Except for the plot, I do not own Kingdom Hearts and its characters. If I did, the Final Fantasy characters would play more dominant roles.

So far, current planned pairings are:

Riku and Sora

Leon and Cloud

Sephiroth and Cloud

Axel and Roxas

Zexion and Demyx

Zack and Aerith

Of course, I might add more later, but the above would most likely never change

The night was cold, colder then it usually was. A full moon hung in the sky, and depending on a person's interpretation, it was beautiful, so large and bright, but also sinister in its unnatural glow. A woman walked alone in the quiet streets, murmuring to herself about how she hated her job at the bar. She was unaware of her surroundings, until a shadow fell over her.

Looking up, she saw above the stairs two figures standing in the moonlight. One had Red spiky hair, darkened by the moon's silver glow. The other had even more spikier hair, Golden in comparison. The red head nodded at its companion, and the blonde turned to the woman. He parted his lips, and a pair of sharp fangs gleamed down at her.

The streets echoed the woman's horrified scream.


My name is Sora, strange name I know, when I was younger people used to mock me for it. I have a twin brother named Roxas, but we haven't seen each other for years. At this moment, I am living with my cousin, on my father's side. His name is Demyx, and despite his carefree living, he cares deeply for me. Besides Roxas, he is the only relative I have left.

Sora smiled as he watched Demyx on the platform in the café. Despite the lowered head and closed eyes, Demyx might as well have seen Sora's smile, for he looked at Sora and returned it. His fingers continued on the piano, playing a melody that was soft and yet uplifting. A melody that sympathizes with a listener's pain, but at the same time encouraged them to go on with life.

Demyx had always been a musician, and he played several instruments, his favourite the sitar. At home, Sora heard him play it several times, and it never ceased to bore him. Demyx was somewhat lazy, overly dramatic, but when it came to music he could give a different perspective to his being. He could play all kinds of music, and for Sora, they could be a wacky song made off the top of his head to make Sora laugh, or soft and comforting when Sora was upset.

Here, though, the owner of the café preferred him playing the electric piano their last musician had left after he quit the job. Demyx took it all in stride, adapting to the piano like a bird adapting to flight in a foreign area – made no difference, he was still good at it.

Do not take him away as well, I've lost contact with my brother, and the last cousin I lived with is dead. After him I met Demyx, and he understands my desire to meet my brother. That's why we've moved here, where Roxas is supposed to be. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know him, we've been here in Traverse Town for almost a year now and no trace of him at all.

A glass of….something cheerful and with three different colours appeared in front of him. Sora looked up and Namine smiled at him "my treat," she said. "The café's about to, ah, close soon. Tifa's about to come down and take over, will you be staying?"

"Why not? I'll help." He finished the drink at the same time the tunes of the electric piano fade away. Already most of the customers were gone, and when Tifa arrived, the employees – along with Sora and Demyx – began moving the furniture. In half an hour, the café was transformed to a bar-nightclub instead. As Sora helped Tifa with the last minute touches, he noticed one of her employees was missing. "Tifa? Where's Kelly?"

"Kelly?" Tifa frowned and looked over her shoulder. A quick glance at her employees told her the girl wasn't there "I don't know, maybe she's just late. She's always been like that, I'm thinking of firing her soon. Even you're more useful then she is." Sora said nothing, but he silently agreed with her. Kelly also had an attitude that Sora didn't like, and secretly he'd been hoping that she'll be gone soon.

It wasn't long before the cleared floor was full with dancing bodies, and the ceilings were filled with flashing lights. Marluxia and Larxene, two of the regulars, had come and dragged Demyx away already, and Tifa was busy with her job. Sora didn't mind, from the very first day he'd met Demyx, he had been introduced to Marluxia and Larxene. The two were Demyx's childhood friends, and according to Demyx they liked to drag him out once a month to 'somewhere boring but necessary'. Sora highly doubted that, since Demyx often came back from them tired and less cheerful. He knew Marluxia and Larxene were not the ones to blame, since besides those times the three of them got along very well, but because they constantly refused to tell him what happened, he only had those two to blame.

Let it not be that he's keeping something important secret from me. Paper cannot wrap fire up; sooner or later it'll get burned, and the fire will only spread.

In his mind, he could see it; burning houses and blackened bodies, all because of secrets being revealed.

It will not happen again.

Traverse Town was a place of eternal night. Day usually meant a lesser-dark sky with one sole brighter star to substitute as the sun. Night was when the sky became rich in darkness with a scattering of stars, made faint because of the city's lights. The place was named Traverse Town simply to keep its history, by now it was no longer a town, but a city teeming with people and lights. The humans accepted the area as a place without day, and celebrated the nightlife daily. The supernatural, on the other hand, saw this place as paradise, and it should have been overrun if not for the vampires that had long claimed the town as their own, fiercely opposing invaders unless they were given permission by the Vampire Lord.

Anyone who went against this was viciously slaughtered. Vampires, especially rulers, were very territorial creatures.

Unfortunately, there were always those that could remain undetected.

A figure stood perched on the tip of a clock tower. His arms were folded over his chest, and his face lifted up to the full moon. Silver hair framed his face, flickering over his face and neck. His companion, also a person with silver hair, stood below at the edge of the roof to his left. His arms were also crossed, but his head was bowed down, probably showing his respect to his superior. The two were silent, deep in their own thoughts, but the presence of another alerted them. The newcomer appeared behind the two and bowed. "Lord Riku, I bring news."

The first silver-haired figure lowered his head from looking at the moon. His eyes fell on his city, and replied "Go on, Leon, you know you can tell Zexion here anything as well." The second silver-haired figure lifted his head up, showing he was listening.

"We've found another vampire victim; the marks on the victim's necks do not match any of our vampires, but it matches Number Three." Riku allowed a frown to mar his flawless features. Another victim of unwelcome vampires, recently there had been reports of foreign vampires feeding in his city, without his knowledge or permission. Unlike with his vampires, these newcomers made no effort to cover up their tracks. The victims were often drained completely of their blood and left on the streets.

By hacking into the human police's files, there were apparently seven such newcomers. When Riku first heard of the incidents, he'd believed it had been his own vampires slacking off or not teaching the fledglings well enough. The police reports changed all of that. The marks they've got off the victims did not fit any of Riku's vampires. This worried Riku, undetectable vampires usually meant powerful, and the idea of seven of them running about in his city was unnerving. Those were usually a sign for a coup and overthrow of a Vampire Lord. He also worried that there might be more, because now deaths that seemed even slightly suspicious with the supernatural seemed to hint at more trouble then he needed. He'd passed the order that they be caught or killed, and numbered them according to when they first appeared.

"Where was the victim found?" He asked, but by now he could guess the area.

"Similar to almost all of Number Three's victims, she was found in the Midgar section." Leon's voice was neutral, but Riku sensed the frustration. Out of all of the newcomers, Number Three should've been the easiest to catch; the newcomer concentrated the victims on the Midgar section of the city, but despite increased patrolling, nobody could catch the vampire. Leon apparently thought so too, as he himself had focused on the area for a while, but almost as soon as he got involved, the number of victims stopped. They reappeared again almost right after Leon decided to go back to watching the whole city instead of focusing simply on one area.

After that, Leon grew quite convinced that there was a traitor in their ranks, despite them later figuring out that the reason were because of three mercenary-fairies up to their jobs again. As usual, the three of them refused to tell them 'confidential information about the client'.

"Have you looked into the scene yet?" Riku asked.

"No, my Lord."

"Then you may do so now, Zexion, would you mind accompanying him? As the most powerful werewolf here you might find out something we could possibly miss."

"Of course not, Riku." Zexion was about the only person who could call Riku by his name without adding a 'lord' in front of him. Riku may be ruler of the vampires here, but Zexion was the head of his clan of werewolves. The city, however, was under vampire rule, and in terms of legal power Riku had more of it. According to rumors, Riku once saved Zexion's life, causing Zexion to accept Riku as his superior. The almost easy way he had done it despite his seemingly cold and proud attitude had caused suspicion that Zexion once followed a leader, but Zexion had lost his memories prior to Riku's rescue, so no one would ever know. Afterwards, Zexion grew powerful enough to have his own clan, and a peaceful co-existence with the vampires came into being. Zexion didn't let power get into his head though, and still obeyed the orders Riku gave him.

So it was with that in mind that Zexion and Leon obeyed Riku's orders and leaped down the tower, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, heading to the crime scene. As they approached the scene, Zexion spoke up.

"Riku should be old enough to consider a fledging soon, has he selected a candidate yet?"

"He had his eye on several, but lately he's been telling me to watch a certain one. I am unsure whether the boy would be a good choice though, I sense his power, but I'm not sure whether he would be willing to become a vampire. He's too attached to his family."

"That's not like Riku, last time I checked, he wouldn't force his way unless he thinks it was absolutely necessary."

"Who knows, but Lord Riku must have his own reasons."

"Of course…" A sudden scream interrupted Zexion's sentence. Startled, the two skidded to a halt. Both of them exchanged looks, and Leon jumped down to the street. He hurried towards the source of noise, but had gone no more then a few steps before he ran into someone. On instinct, his hand shot out to support the person

"Excuse…" his voice stopped short at the pair of emerald green eyes that greeted him. With surprising strength considering Leon's normally iron-like grip, the stranger pulled her hand out of his grasp and ran off. Leon stared after her in shock, his mind recognizing her. Then he noticed something red on the collar of his shirt. "Lipstick…?" He whispered softly, in his memory she never wore lipstick, only lip gloss.

"Leon!" Zexion's voice brought him back to reality. Zexion never yelled unless something was seriously wrong. Leon turned to look at what Zexion was now standing in front of.

It happened to be a human male, lying against the wall. From the side of his neck were two small holes with tiny trials of blood leaking down. Between the two holes were slight marks of shorter, but still deadly sharp teeth. By now, Leon had seen the police files and enough victims' necks to identify the teeth marks at the top of his head.

"Number Seven!" He roared, he whirled around and ran after the woman. Zexion was behind him in a few seconds, Leon's eyes flickered to the red on his shirt.

This isn't lipstick, she never wore lipstick! He thought angrily. No, this is the victim's blood!

"Can you smell her?" He demanded his partner. Zexion glared at him.

"I didn't even notice her smell!" Leon gritted his teeth. Using his telepathy, he mentally touched all of their vampire kin. Attention all supernatural beings, Undefined Vampire Number Seven has been glimpsed. Suspect is female, dressed in pink, with green eyes and brown hair, last seen on Hill Street, possibly heading to Midgar area. He paused, then quickly added Capture her alive and if possible unharmed.

He turned a corner and crossed the street. As soon as he crossed, the streetlight switched to green, and he heard Zexion force himself to halt as the cars started driving between them. Mentally he cursed, the street had humans scattered around that would no doubt see him if he tried using his powers. The woman had picked a good place to run through. He glanced around, unsure where she could have gone. That was, until a voice came to his mind.

Commander, suspect sighted on Plate Street. She ran as soon as I tried to approach her. I cannot sense where she went.

A vampire capable of hiding herself from another supernatural being hints at power, especially since you are our Medium. Keep looking, Tidus. He hurried towards an alleyway and jumped up to a rooftop. Leaping from one to another, he soon arrived to the street, and with his sharp eyes caught a glimpse of pink turning a corner. He jumped off the roof and ran after her, turned the corner, and stopped.

Seventh Heaven stared down at him with flashing, colourful lights. Wide open doors allowed him to see what was going on inside, and the large number of people within it. He hesitated, unsure, before Tidus suddenly ran up beside him.

"She went in here?" Tidus asked, and without waiting for an answer he went inside. Seeing no other choice, Leon entered as well.

Music played loudly around them, and the flashing lights irritated Leon. His eyes scanned the crowd, but even with vampire sight he could not see where the woman had gone. Come to think of it, why had she run here? In his memory, she would never have gone to places like this. Nightclubs, bars? He clenched his fists, why, Aerith?

"I'm guessing you couldn't catch her," Riku was suddenly beside him, and Leon nodded. Among humans, too much bowing would cause attention. Leon noted that Riku being here showed how determined he was to catch the unwanted newcomers, and he felt a twinge of irritation again for having been so close to catching one of them, and then letting her escape.

Actually, his mind was still reeling in the aftershock of having seen Aerith as one of them. In a rare desire to help someone, he wished it was he who had caught her. He would never hurt her, but others won't say the same. He scanned the area again, and although he didn't see her, he noticed someone else. Gesturing to Riku, he nodded to one of the tables, where a certain boy was sitting at. A smirk came on Riku's face "Sora…"

Indeed, the most likely candidate for Riku's fledging, Sora, was sitting alone on a table. Leon's scan of the crowd earlier told him that Sora's guardian, Demyx, was missing today. Seeing Riku's smirk, Leon knew it was probably going to be Demyx's greatest mistake in life. As Riku moved forward, Tidus turned to Leon "I'm guessing that Sora is the Sora he's been watching for almost a year now?" At Leon's nod, Tidus sighed "He's going to turn him now, isn't he?" Leon said nothing, but they both knew the answer. Tidus shook his head, and the two of them left the bar.

Sora was sitting alone at a table, watching the dancers on the floor, when someone slipped beside him. Glancing up, he saw it was another boy, with silver hair and bright aqua eyes. The boy smiled charmingly, but by now Sora knew never to trust that kind of smile. In this world of bars and nightclubs, there were few meanings behind such a smile.

"Want to dance?" The beautiful stranger asked. Sora raised an eyebrow, and the words that he often heard around him came out from his lips easily.

"Nu-uh, not until you buy me a drink." He mentally hit himself, despite all the times he's been asked by strangers Sora had often refused. Tifa had warned him before of people bringing drugs in and slipping them in drinks, such words were an invitation. The stranger's good looks must have got into him. Luckily, when the drink came, it was Tifa who served him. Knowing Tifa would keep an eye on any drinks offered to him, he took it easily. Once the drink was empty, Sora allowed the stranger to pull him up from his chair and to the dance floor.

When he looked at the stranger's eyes, he felt his problems wash away quickly. He allowed those hands to wrap around him and pull him close, and despite his mind telling him he should go before things got ugly, those aqua eyes seem to lure him into a sense of security. He felt slightly dizzy, warm, comfortable, and he allowed his face to rest by Riku's neck. Nothing mattered, nothing except this stranger in front of him, with stylish silver hair and beautiful aqua eyes.

Something was wrong, this shouldn't be happening. If Sora had been this easily swayed by looks, he would've been more open about things like relationships and sex. He wasn't like that at all, so why was he allowing this stranger to approach him so easily? He pulled back and looked up at the stranger "who…are you?"

"My name is Riku," the stranger's smooth voice had Sora weak on his knees again. If Riku wasn't holding him so possessively, he would've sunk to the floor. Still, though, his mind told him to stop. He could see himself, walking away smoothly through the crowd, ignoring the looks and touches people gave him.

Wait a minute.

He was looking at himself walking away. Over Riku's shoulder, he saw himself walk through the crowd and towards the exit. That Sora he was watching, though, was wearing clothes he never wore before, and the spiky hair was shorter.

"Roxas…" he whispered, then louder "Roxas!" Pulling away from Riku's grasp, Sora tried to run after the boy, but he felt his elbow being held back. Roxas paused, turned around, and indeed Sora knew it must be his brother. Despite differences in clothing and hair, their faces were the exact same. Roxas, however, didn't see him. He looked around for a while, an almost confused expression on his face, but upon seeing no one he recognized turned back towards the exit. Sora tried to run after him, but the grip on his elbow was still hard. He looked at Riku, about to demand his release, but once he was graced with those aqua eyes he felt himself go weak again.

"Stay with me, Sora" the tone had taken a more commanding tone. Sora nodded, almost dreamingly, but a flash of Demyx came back to him. He remembered he himself once asked Demyx the same thing, after he was still traumatized about the death of the former cousin he had been living with. The idea of abandoning Demyx for some stranger made him angry at himself for dare entertaining such thoughts.

"No…" he whispered, and wretched his arm away. He turned around and ran towards where he had last seen Roxas. Rushing outside, he stopped when he saw no trace of him, again. Before he could take a guess at where Roxas could have gone, he was suddenly shoved into an alleyway.

Sora stumbled in, and held out his hands to prevent a collision with the wall. He turned himself around and saw Riku again, this time there was an irritated look on the boy's face. "You are no doubt one of the more stubborn humans I have met. I've clearly underestimated your power, but that doesn't mean I won't have you." Sora's eyes narrowed, whatever charm those aqua eyes once held was gone. Now he could stare into those eyes and loathe them. His body tensed as Riku approached him, Tifa had taught him some self-defense tricks, and he was more then willing to use it against this stranger. He prepared himself as the stranger got closer.

Sora didn't expect what Riku did next. One moment he was a good several feet from him, the next he flickered out of sight and was suddenly in front of him. Sora's hands were pinned against the wall, and he felt teeth rip apart the collar of his shirt. Without warning, the horror movies he had seen before came rushing into his mind as he felt something sharp sink into his neck. He screamed.

This isn't happening oh gods no vampires don't exist they're not real it hurts it hurts why is this happening to me I'm going to die please no Demyx please help me please why isn't anyone hearing my screams it hurts please Demyx help me please it hurts no no no do not cry Tifa always told you not to cry but gods it hurts

His mind whirled and he felt himself become dizzy as the blood loss soon got to him, his body went limp in Riku's arms. When the fangs finally withdraw, he left out a sigh of relief, even as he felt his life starting to fade away. His life flashed in his eyes quickly.


You were a mistake! I never wanted a child!

All you do is cost us money! I wish you never existed!


The boy's parents is dead, he needs to be taken care of by one of use

No way, I have my own children

I refuse

Not me, my job is more important

Just give him to her, that woman already has a child, and she's not so important anyways


Hey! Stop beating on Sora! He's my cousin!

Ha, no wonder. You and this Sora shouldn't even be here!


The village has been completely destroyed, Sora

No, my aunt, my cousin….

No one survived, Sora. They're all dead. Rest for now, when you wake up, I will take care of you.

My name is Demyx, your cousin on your father's side. The cousin on your mother's side is now dead, but I am alive, and I will take care of you, protect you, just as he had.


You are Demyx's cousin? Well kid, we just want to let you know we have him in custody


He is suspected of sending wild dogs out to a boy named Damien, do you know him?

Who doesn't, he was the bully! He got into fights all the time!

That still doesn't justify the amount of serious injuries he got last night; witnesses say that your cousin, along with his friends Marluxia and Larxene, has threatened to send the dogs after him. Besides, kid, this isn't the first time he's done it.

Sorry Sora, but hearing what that bastard has done to you, I couldn't just stand by. You're family, Sora, I'm not about to let someone like Damien walk over you. I said before I'll protect you.



Hey Sora! Ow, that hurts Larxene

Your own fault, Sora, could you take over from here? Demyx got himself hurt again

What happened?

Sora, please, I told you not to ask, its nothing you need to know

The bittersweet smell of blood reached his nose; it came from Riku's wrist. Sora turned his face away; he'll rather die, instead of becoming a vampire and end up killing Demyx or someone else he cared for. "Sora, you must drink this," Riku's voice was becoming fainter and fainter, but still Sora refused.

"No…" His words were unnaturally soft now, and he felt sleepy. That was, until he felt nails dig into his skin again, and he let out a yelp. Riku took the opportunity to dip a few drops of blood into Sora's mouth. For Sora, the blood was sweet, and something his body needed desperately.

He launched himself on the bleeding arm and pressed his lips on the open wound. He heard Riku chuckling lightly, but all that mattered now was getting that sweet blood on his lips. Again in one night, he was ignoring all his problems and thoughts, the only thing that mattered was Riku.

Meanwhile, back in the Seventh Heaven, Tifa glanced around and saw no more of Riku's supporters hanging around. Making her way inside the storage, she opened the door and quickly closed it behind her. The silence in the room could've fooled anyone, but it could not fool Tifa "Aerith? Is that you?"

There was a rustling of cloth, and another woman stepped into view. Tifa allowed a smile to greet her friend, Aerith Gainsborough. The pink-clad girl retuned the smile, green eyes bright with mirth "how did you know it was me?"

"When I approached the store room, it was scented like flowers. While many would think it was some room spray or perfume I put on, it's a dead giveaway to the people who know you." Aerith shook her head as she smoothed her dress more. "I guess I was in too much of a hurry. I disguised my scent with flowers, but I ought to remember for those that know me the flowers are my scent. Still, it succeeded in distracting my pursuers. That werewolf, Zexion, didn't notice my smell mostly because his nose was temporarily overwhelmed by the scent of flowers."

"Zexion? You nearly got caught by Zexion?"

"And the vampire commander Leon as well."

"Wait, didn't you tell me once that the two of you used to know each other?"

"Yea," Aerith grimaced. "That was years ago though, now, he's commander of a vampire clan, and I happen to be someone invading his territory. Leon would probably attack me first and ask questions later." Noticing the worry creeping into Tifa's chocolate eyes, Aerith laughed "don't worry; he won't be able to catch me so easily. He may not know it, but you know what kind of vampire I've become. The fact that he and his allies haven't been able to catch us is proof we've still some steps in front of him." Aerith's mirth faded when she spoke her next words "Sephiroth, after all, knows what he's doing."

The two of them fell into a silence, typical whenever the name was brought up. Despite how long it had been, Aerith and Tifa could never forgive what Sephiroth had done. As usual when the name was brought up, Tifa asked the next name "How is Cloud?"

"He's fine, or at least as fine as he could be. He fed last night, one guess on who his victim was." Tifa's eyes widened.

"Don't tell me, Kelly?"

"I believe that's her name." Aerith didn't need to elaborate further, because it was so vague the police and Riku's vampires didn't notice it, but aside from being in the Midgar section there was another relation to all of Cloud's victims. All victims, usually in some degree or another, were people that Tifa didn't like or hated. Kelly was a pretty mild case; Tifa simply had some problems getting along with her. In some other cases, people that had given Tifa trouble or had offended her quickly became one of Cloud's victims. Recently, nobody had been giving her trouble, so she guessed that was why Cloud chose to pick of some of the lesser-worth victims when he needed to feed.

"Tifa, may I use the phone?" Aerith asked, and Tifa nodded. While Aerith busied herself with the phone, Tifa went back out to the bar. Once behind the counter again, a young man slid to the seat in front of her.

"You look worried again, Tifa. Trouble with Riku's vampires, or Sephiroth's, yo?" The red haired man smirked. Tifa handed him the usual.

"Both, yo, one of Sephiroth's nearly got caught by one of Riku's top dogs." She titled her head to the side and regarded him thoughtfully "I'm hoping this doesn't go back to Sephiroth."

"Hell no!" Reno laughed, "Me, give that guy information? Not a chance, Tifa, not a chance, neh, Axel?" A second redhead sat down beside him, Axel. Tifa smiled at the two as she also gave him his usual, and the two redheads grasped their drinks at the same time, but with different hands – Axel with his right hand while Reno with his left.

Mirror Twins. Those two looked and acted alike, both had long spiky red hair and electric-green eyes, with the cocky attitude that had gotten them into trouble several times. The scars that Reno had received in the past were also copied by Axel, and the two of them had switched identities several times 'for the hell of it'. In a quick glance, the only way you could tell who was who was by looking at their hairstyle – Reno's hair was slightly tamer, and despite the spikes he was able to smooth it into a ponytail. Axel left his hair as it was – long and spiky. For the more observant viewer, another thing was that Axel was right handed, and Reno a lefty.

Tifa, however, knew there was also one major difference between the two of them. One was a slayer, and the other was, simply put, pure danger.

Back inside the interior, hiding from the outside crowd, Aerith leaned against the wall with the phone in her hand. A shadow was cast over her face, and she was so silent it was as if she wasn't breathing. At the moment, the voice on the phone had her attention.

"Sister, can you think of my position in all of this?" The light, almost carefree tone already hinted at the insanity often heard in the speaker's voice. Aerith could imagine him smiling as he spoke to her, a curtain of silver hair over his face, but luckily it would not be mocking or promising pain, as she had seen all too often.

"I'm sorry, Kadaj, but I couldn't contact Cloud or Zack."

"I know, brother and Zack would no doubt be your first choices, but you didn't contact Him."

"I try not to disturb Sephiroth as much."

"Wonderful words to disguise your meaning, sister. No matter, nearly being caught by Commander Leon and Head Zexion, I understand why you're upset. I won't be able to leave at the moment without alerting the others, but, ah, brother just arrived. I'll tell him to come get you."

"Thank you, Kadaj"

"Goodbye, sister." Aerith hung up and stepped out, a scan of the crowd told her Leon and Zexion was gone, but when she tried stepping out of the bar she saw Riku with another boy instead, and she hurriedly withdrew back. She caught sight of the boy's struggling, and something akin to pity stirred inside her. She viciously squashed the thought, knowing that it would only hurt her if she dwelled too much on it.

The moon glowed silver in the dark sky, and somewhere a werewolf howled. Aerith flinched, full moon tonight, the werewolves would be more active then usual. With luck, she won't run into any of them, Tifa was the only former comrade that knew what she had become. The last thing she needed was to run into Yuffie or Cid, as those two werewolves would see her as a trespasser no matter what their history had been.

The scene with Leon and Aerith was inspired by the anime Yami no Matsuei AKA Descendents of Darkness. Yaoi anime, but unlike Gravitation it deals with the supernatural.

I'm not sure about Axel since he seems capable of using both arms for his chakrams, but in the Final Fantasy VII picture of President Rufus and his Turks, Reno's weapon was in his left hand. So I'm assuming he's left handed.

Ever notice that Kadaj would call Loz and Yazoo with their names, but refer to Cloud only as 'brother', and he never says Sephiroth's name out loud, only as 'him'. Since he also called Aerith his 'mother' once, I just decided to change it to 'sister' instead. As for Zack, assuming he was more of a successful experiment, Kadaj deems him alright to call by name. That and referring to two people as brother might cause some confusion.