Hey! I have another idea, so I'm going to put it here. It's longer than my other one, but I think you'll still like it. And I have some characters I made up and I used some names I used in my other one because I didn't feel like finding new names. lol But I'm going to put the ages of the people so you don't get confused. lol

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Mr. Moseby




Jordan (She's a girl! lol TV star)- 13

Caroline (Jordan's fraternal twin)- 13

Drew (Jordan's brother)- 17

Heather (Jordan's sister)- 12

Patrick (Jordan's brother)- 8

Cassie (Zack's girlfriend)- 13

'Fame Doesn't Get You Everything'

-Scene- Martin Suite. Cody's getting ready for school.

Carey comes in.

Carey- "Cody, go get Zack from the lobby and tell him breakfast is ready, please."
Cody- "Okay mom."

-Scene- Lobby. Zack, Cassie and Maddie are on the couch talking.

Cody yelling across the lobby.

Cody- "Zack, breakfast is ready, come on!"

Mr. Moseby looks up at Cody.

Maddie- "Don't worry, Cody, Moseby can't see who just yelled. He was blinded by that hotel inspectors mole."

Everybody laughs.

Zack- "Okay, I'm comin'. Cassie, are you going to be okay down here? You can come up with me. My mom always has extra food."

Cassie- "Yeah, I'll just stay with Maddie, if that's okay."

Maddie- "Fine with me."

Zack- "okay. I'll be back to walk you to school."

Cody- "Yeah, you gotta watch out for those wiener dogs across the street. They're vicious!"

Zack and Cody go into the elevator. Maddie and Cassie walk over to the candy counter.

Maddie – "Want some candy?"

Cassie- "Don't I have to pay for it?"

Maddie- "Moseby told me I can have one free candy bar a day. Who said I can't have two?"

They laugh. London comes over.

London- "I have some good news!"

Maddie- "Please don't tell me you got more money."

London- "Well of course! But this is about you and the cute guy over there." She points to a boy by the front desk. "I checked and he's staying here for a whole year."

Maddie- "Wow! Why so long?"

Cassie- "Oh my gosh! That's, that's Jordan's older brother, Drew!"

Maddie- "You don't mean, no way! That's the girl from 'Empty House' (lol Empty House, Full House. I couldn't think of anything else.)

London- "Yeah. And I can get him to notice you Maddie. Just say the word."

Maddie- "What's the word?"

London- "I thought you would know."

Maddie- "Okay…… The word is yes! He's so cute. London, if you hook me up with him it's going to take a lot to repay you."

London- "Oh Maddie, you know I have money."

Maddie- 'Whatever."

London- "I'll go put in a good word in right now. Toodles!"

-Scene- Martin suite. Zack and Cody are playing video games on the couch.

Carey- Zack, Cody, you're going to miss your bus if you don't go now."

Zack- "That's okay, we have a math test today."

Cody- "Yeah, I can't wait!"

Zack looks at Cody.

Zack- "No wonder you have no life." He looks at Carey. "Mom, I don't feel so good."

Cody (coughs)- "Faker."

Carey- "Zack, it's just a test. Now get going."

As they get off the couch Jordan walks by their door. She comes back and peeks through the door.

Jordan (under her breath)- "Wow! It's my lucky day. Two cute boys."

Zack and Cody start out the door saying bye to Carey. Jordan hides around the corner and watch them leave. She follows them downstairs.

-Scene- Lobby. Cassie is sitting on the couch when Zack takes her hand and walks her out the door. Cody trips up the stairs.

Zack- "What a dork."

Cassie- "Zack."

Zack- "Sorry."

Zack helps Cody up and the leave.

Jordan- "Well Cody's a dork! I'm going for Zack, I just have to get rid of her."

-Scene- Hallway. Zack and Cody are going to their suite.

Zack opens the door and they see Jordan sitting on the couch. Zack and Cody stare.

Zack (whispers)- "I saw her first."

Cody (whispers)- "You have a girlfriend. Remember Cassie?"

Jordan- "Hi, my names' Jordan."

Zack- "I'm Zack and this is my brother Cody."

Carey walks out of the bathroom.

Carey- "Oh boys, you're home. This is Jordan. She says she's staying here in the hotel for a year. I have to go to the store. Will you guys be okay for an hour?"

Cody- "Mom, we're not babies."

Carey- "Okay. I'll see you later, love you, bye."

Zack and Cody- "Love you."

Carey leaves. Zack goes to the fridge and gets a soda.

Cody- "Zack, we have a guest!"

Zack- "Oh, my dad."

Zack holds out the can of pop he took a drink of.

Zack- "Wanna drink?"

Cody- "Zack!"

Zack shrugs and they sit on the couch.

Cody- "So, Jordan, why are you staying here so long?"

Jordan- "Well, my family and I are on a vacation thing."

Zack- "That's cool. What are you doing for school?"

Jordan- "I'm home schooled. And I'm a little confused. do you know who I am?"

Cody- "Sure we do! You're Jordan. Uh, right, Zack?"

Zack chokes on his pop.

Zack- "Um yeah, of course you are."

Jordan- "I play Alexis on the show 'Empty House', duh. Have you ever seen that show?"

Zack- "No, dorky here," he points to Cody, "only watches 'educational' shows."

Cody- "Atlease I don't rot my brain with stupid wrestling moves like this."

Cody tackles Zack onto the floor.

Jordan- "Boys, please!"

Zack and Cody sit back on the couch.

Jordan- I'm going to go now. See you around."

Jordan gets up to leave.

Jordan- "Well, isn't someone going to walk to me to elevator?"

Jordan heads toward the door. Zack and Cody get up, but Zack pushes Cody back on the couch.

Zack- "You'd trip! And Cody, she's too hot for you."

Zack and Jordan are at the elevator. Jordan leans in to whisper in Zack's ear.

Jordan- "Meet in the kitchen tonight at seven and you'll get a surprise. Don't be late."

Jordan gets in the elevator and winks at Zack. The doors close and Zack goes back to his room.

Cassie comes around the corner with a sad look and a tear in her eye.

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