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Mr. Moseby




Jordan (She's a girl! lol TV star)- 13

Caroline (Jordan's fraternal twin)- 13

Drew (Jordan's brother)- 17

Heather (Jordan's sister)- 12

Patrick (Jordan's brother)- 8

Cassie (Zack's girlfriend)- 13

'Fame Doesn't Get You Everything'

-Scene- Candy Counter. Maddie and Drew are talking at the candy counter.

Maddie- "so your sister's Alexis on 'Empty House'? That's cool."

Drew- "Yeah, but it sucks sometimes because I don't get to see her. That's why we're on vacation together."

Maddie- "Yeah, well you probably won't see her much if see she's Zack and Cody around here."

Drew- "Who are they?"

Maddie- "Oh twins that live here at the hotel. Their mom's the hotel singer. If they see a cute girl, they go for her. But Zack has a girlfriend, Cassie."

Cassie walks out of the elevator and to the door.

Maddie- "That's her…..Cassie, what's the matter?"

Cassie keeps going and leaves.

Drew- "What's wrong with her?"

Maddie- "I don't know. Where's your sister?"

Drew- "Um, I think Heather is watching my little brother-"

Maddie- "Lance!"

Drew- "No his name is Patrick."

Maddie- "No, that's Lance! You have to go now!"

Drew- "But-"

Maddie- "Now!"

Drew- "Okay! Meet me in the kitchen at 7. Bye"

Maddie- "Bye, Drew."

Lance comes up to Maddie.

Lance- "Who was that?"

Maddie- "Oh, that was my cousin."

-Scene- Hotel kitchen. Jordan is waiting for Zack. Drew comes in. He's surprised to see Jordan.

Drew- "What are you doing here?"

Jordan- "I was waiting for Zack. Could you leave?"

Drew- "But I'm waiting for someone too. Maddie."

Jordan- "You mean the girl Zack likes? I don't see why he likes her. He's going to be mine."

Drew- "Um, Jordan, he has a girlfriend. I think Maddie said her name was Cassie."

Jordan- "Not for long. When he gets here, he won't be able to take his eyes off me."

Drew- "I can't let you do that. You'll hurt Cassie's feelings and I couldn't live with the fact I let it happen.

Jordan- "Too late, someone's coming. Leave!"

Drew gets behind the cabinet. Maddie walks in.

Maddie- "Wasn't I supposed to meet Drew in here."

Jordan- "Have you seen Zack?"

Maddie- "Yeah. He was getting ready to go to Max's with Cassie and Cody."

Jordan storms out of the kitchen. Drew comes out from behind the counter.

Maddie- "Drew, what are you doing?"

Drew- "This chicken's good!"

Maddie- "That's London's dog treats…for her dog."

Drew throws the treat down.

Maddie- "So…"

Drew- "So…"

Drew leans in to kiss Maddie, but stops.

Drew- "Jordan! Where's Zack?"

Maddie- "He's probably in his room. Why?"

Drew- "Can't explain now, gotta go!"

-Scene- The Martin Suite. Zack and Cassie are on the couch holding hands, watching T.V. Cody, Heather and Caroline are playing a game on the kitchen table. Drew and Maddie come running in.

Drew- "Where's Jordan?"

Heather- "She's bringing Patrick up to play."

Jordan and Patrick come in.

Patrick- "Hi Drewbert!"

Drew- "Hey little man." Jordan, can we talk?"

Jordan- "Not right now, I have to talk with Zack poo."

Cassie- "Say what!"

Zack- "What she said!"

Drew- "Jordan!"

Jordan- "Zack!"

Cassie- "Zack!"

Zack- "Cody!"

Cody- "Caro!"

Caroline- "Heather!"

Heather- "Maddie!"

Maddie- "Drew!"

Drew- "Patrick!"

Patrick- "Elmo!"

Everybody- "Elmo?"

Patrick- "Well everybody was saying a name…….What?"

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