Lucretia held Elliott's hand tightly. Sweat beaded down both of their faces. The first explosion had taken off a major chunk of the school, and Elliott was a mere second away from falling to his death. The fumes were terrible, and it took all the will power Lucretia had to stay concious. Elliott needed her to hold on. The gas had to be toxic. Lucretia could feel her grip slipping.
"Elliott.....I'm losing my grip. You've got to try to pull yourself up!" But Elliott went limp, almost dead weight.
"Goodbye, my Imazadi." Elliott let go off her hand.
"Elliott, NO!!!"

Lucretia jolted up in bed. That had been almost a year ago, and it haunted Lucretia still. Elliott had been her soulmate, she knew it with every essance of her being. She would have left the world with him had it not been for her friends.
Lucretia hugged her knees. The hurting would never go away, she knew, but why couldn't it ever subside a little? She balled up her fists, causing her fire chi to flare up. The gas had caused people with strong but under developed chi to come of age. She kicked the hot sheets and blanket of the bed and slept in her nightgown in the cool night air.

A small, colorful bird flew in through Lucretia's open window and landed at the edge of her bed. This was no ordinary bird. It emmitted a strange, soft light. In a few moments it had transformed into a tall man with long dark hair pulled into a ponytail. He leaned over Lucretia and kissed her deeply. Lucretia woke up instantly and gasped.

"Where have you been this past year?!"
"I was taken by those..... creatures...I probably would have died if they hadn't. I did everything I could to return to you. You don't understand how much I've missed you Lucretia, longed for you."
Lucretia's eyes turned to slits.
"Don't you think I've felt the same way? How many cold nights I've spent, wishing to be held by you." Elliott took her in his arms, kissing her deeply again.
"Elliott," Lucretia murmered, "It's been so long..."
"I know my darling." Elliott slipped her gown off her pale shoulders, kissing her neck. "I give myself to you, and with it, the power of hawk." Lucretia gently pulled Elliott down on the bed with her.