Oh Captain, My Captain...

Disclaimer: Yuh, I... well this was for Seren-sama because she wanted crack - more crack - so I asked for a suggestion and she said 'board games'. But do not blame her for this. As my warped mind came up with it all on it's own. xX

"Captain… I…"

Byakuya just turned his head away, black hair swishing to cover his face.

Renji's fists clenched before he moved to slowly put everything back in the box. Who knew his captain was such a sore loser? Of course, considering Renji had never seen him actually lose at anything – except maybe shunpo tag to Yoruichi – it wasn't that much of a surprise.

If he didn't find some way to amend the situation, he was going to be kicked out of the noble's bed for who knew how long, both literally and figuratively. And dammit those floors were hard on the back.

After all the pieces were placed back inside the box, and the box stowed away in a closet – with every other piece of contraband from the living world that Byakuya or Renji had managed to 'accidentally' bring back with them – Renji shuffled back over to the dark-haired man.

"We could play again?" He asked tentatively.

A small sniff greeted this suggestion.

That was the last straw, if he was going to be cut off for one thing, he might as well be in for the pound. Pouncing upon the unaware shinigami; he knocked Byakuya onto his back, as well as the air from his lungs.

"Renji…" A thin blue vein throbbed at Byakuya's temple. All of his perpetual calm always seemed to escape him around Renji.

"Byakuya…" Renji parroted back.

"You are pushing it."

"Pushing what?"


"No really, what am I pushing?" A lascivious grin.

"How long would you like to sleep in the hallway, Renji?"

"I'm not the one sulking because I lost at Mouse Trap!" Renji bellowed indignantly, leaning back slightly to take his weight off Byakuya.

In that small lapse of attention, Byakuya turned the tables, flipping their positions, and rolling Renji beneath him.

"You cheated." He insisted, as he pinned the redhead effectively to the floor.

"How can you cheat at Mouse Trap?" Renji asked as he attempted to wriggle his way out from underneath his captain – not too hard though, it was a comfortable position after all.

"You were sneaking pieces while distracting me!"

"What! How was I distracting you?"

Byakuya pinkened slightly.

Renji grinned deviously. "I knew it was a good idea to play shirtless, but I wasn't sneaking pieces! I won fair and square! But we could always have a rematch… in another game." His smile widened.

An answering smirk appeared on Byakuya's face, a look that had anyone else seen, would have sent them running either for cover or for Unohana-san to see if the Kuchiki heir had finally gone round the bend.

"I would suggest an investigation so see how far your tattoos really go, but it's no fun when you already know the answer to something." Byakuya said as he leaned down to nibble at a section of the tattoo.

"Could ya at least wait 'til I leave?" A gruff voice interrupted, breaking the two apart.

Both men looked up at the captain of the eleventh division somewhat sheepishly, having forgotten the presence of the third member of their weekly board-game group.

"Aa… Zaraki-san… sorry about that…" Renji apologized from his prone position underneath his captain.

"Hmph… freaking bunch of nancy boys, shoul' send Yumichika to your division, that glittery moron would fit right in."

Byakuya and Renji watched as Kenpachi got to his feet and made his way from the room, muttering about how a man couldn't even kill things and play board games in peace these days.