Summery: Danny didn't think ten years from now he would be married to his arch nemesis with three kids. Nor did he expect that everyone one he loves dies once more again in the future. Can his change his future with a certain halfa's help (yaoi)

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Warning: There shall be a few characters that are not in the show. Swearing, violence, character death, M-preg, and some other things. And Vlad Danny paring!

Also I am assuming you have watched Ultimate Enemy, and since I do not know what to call Danny's evil future self I shall call him Dan since most people seem to do that.


Chapter 1: Me In Ten

Danny Fenton had seen a lot of things in his short stay on earth. He had seen angry bully's too evil ghosts out to destroy his life. He had even met and fought himself ten years in the future.

After seeing so much he had come to expect things such as the Box Ghost jumping in front of him out of nowhere, or even Skulker attacking him in the shower. He had never expected to meet his future self again.

So it was expected for 16 year old Danny Fenton to let out a startled scream at the sight of a 26 year old Danny Phantom on his bed.

"Be quite! Do you want mom and dad to wake up?" The older halfa hissed and sent a warning look at his younger self.

"Maybe I should just to make sure I am actually seeing you…" Danny stated after a moment of silence looking the ghost man up and down. His future body was slim but carried some muscle from what Danny assumed was from fighting ghost. Why his future self had a goatee and hips was beyond him. He didn't think guys could get hips like those, and the goatee didn't help him seem sexy ether. Maybe it was just there because with out it his future self could be mistaken for a rather boyish looking girl.

"I could have finally taken to many hits on the head." The teenager said after a moment frowning at his future appearance, was he really going to look like that?

His future self laughed and stood from the bed. Previous thoughts about his future appearance went on hold after that laugh. Danny didn't know why but his future self seemed tired, almost sad, despite the laugh. Had something happened in the future that caused his future self to come back in time?

"Why are you here? Does Clockwork know you have one of his necklaces?" Danny asked idly wondering why the ghost of time hadn't contacted him.

"I doubt Clockwork would stop me traveling back even if he could." The older phantom said with sadness laced into his voice, and began looking at the pictures of family and friends on the nearby dresser.

"What do you mean 'if he could'? Where is Clockwork? Did something happen-" A bitter laugh erupted from the Phantom causing a chill to run down Danny's spine.

"So much has happened." Empty green eyes turned and focused on Danny instead of the pictures on the dresser "You have no idea how much. It would have almost been worth it if I- I mean we, had just become evil."

"What are you talking about? What happed? Why are you here?" The teen was becoming increasingly uneasy about his future self. What could have possible have happened that made the Phantoms eyes seem so, empty?

"Ten years from now everyone you love dies...Well almost everyone." The 26 year old glanced behind him and at a lump that was on Danny's bed that the teenager hadn't notice before. Then again he was too caught up in what his future self looked like to notice anything.

"Your youngest son lives." Blue eyes went wide when the lump under the blankets moved, followed by a jaw dropping when a five year old boy sat up and gazed around the room while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

The boy was small and fragile looking in his white nightgown. Danny was like that also at that age, but that was where the similarities between Danny and the child stopped. Sure they both had black hair and blue eyes, but the boy's hair was tamed and pulled back into a loose ponytail. And as for his eyes…

Danny had to suppress a shudder; if he thought his future self had disturbing eyes it was nothing compared to the icy blue eyes staring at him now.

His future self smiled warmly at the child, who in return gave him a cold glare that could match Vlad's any day.

"Danny, I am leaving you my-no- our son because the future is too dangerous at the moment." The older Phantom looked away from the child and to Danny "And while I may die, our son will still live."

"Die?" Ok, Danny was confused before but now he had reached his limit, it was time to ask questions.

"What do you mean die, who is after you? What happened?!" The 26 year old frowned and looked down with what Danny could only identify as shame and fear.

"I would rather not talk about it. Back to what is important, I need you to watch our son while I take care of things in the future."

"I can't take care of a kid!" The teen yelled only wincing afterwards when he remembered everyone in the house was sleeping. Which, he now wished he was doing instead of dealing with his future self after a night full of ghost hunting.

The phantom gave Danny a blank look as if he was missing something obvious, but after a few minutes of silence the 26 year old spoke.

"You mean you-Oh! I see now it hasn't happened yet." The phantom paused "I know of a man who will help you if you tell him what is going on."

"Okay…" Danny attempted to keep his voice steady and not lose his temper in front of a little kid who was seriously weirding him out. His son or not the kid was weird "First could you tell me what is going on before you tell me about this person who I am suppose to go see, or else no deal."

Phantom sighed and in a bright light changed back into his human form, which was dressed almost in the same clothes as 16 year old except for the red turtle neck which served to make him seem even thinner.

'Wow I really need to eat more.' Danny thought as he watched his future self sit on the bed next to the five year old who scooted away from his father.

"Ten years from now Clockwork is killed." The man started; Danny grabbed a chair from his messy desk and sat down. Something told him this was going to be a long story. "Evil Dan escaped and killed him if your wondering how he died, then Dan went to your future time, my time, after destroying his tower."

"The day Dan escaped I lost almost everyone to him." The 26 year old paused, the pain radiating of the older man shocked Danny. Never had he seen someone with so much grief. "Dan attacked us at a family picnic, which at first seemed stupid of him to do since everyone there had ghost powers or was an expert with the Fenton ghost fighting technology."

"But he did something unexpected…"

Flashback for 26 year old Danny

"You picked the wrong day to attack me." Danny growled at his alter self and threw another punch at the evil ghost.

"So this is the big bad Dan you were telling me about?" Plasmius asked as he kicked Dan to the ground from behind. Danny grinned at his husband and nodded then blew a kiss to his three children who were cheering them on next to there godparents Sam and Tucker.

"I know, before he seemed so much stronger but now-" The halfa was cut off by his husband who wrapped an arm around his waist.

"But now you have me." Vlad whispered into his ear. Danny grinned, even after having three kids and being married for eight years Vlad still couldn't keep his hands off him.

"How sweet." Dan said sarcastically as he floated back up into the air. "I am glad to see things worked out for you while I was stuck in that god forsaken thermos."

"Go Mama!" Jake, Danny oldest son cheered next to his little sister Jenny and little brother Vlad Jr. The 7 year old continued to cheer and stuck his tongue out when the evil ghost sent him a vicious glare.

"He's almost as bad as Jack." Dan commented only to be yelled at by the large man himself and his wife. "But he will serve his purpose…"

Before Danny could question the evil ghost on what he meant, the screams of Sam and Tucker grabbed his attention. The 26 year old looked down at horror as a hidden duplicate of Dan's grabbed Jenny and Jake while another Dan sent an ecoblast at Jack and Maddie.

"No!" Danny yelled and charged at the Dan duplicate holding his children while Vlad took care of the one attacking his parents.

"Let them go, there just kids!" Danny yelled, he glanced at Vladdy who was in the safety of Sam's arms staring in horror at his big brother and twin sister.

"Now why would I do that? Don't you know that I'm evil?" Danny couldn't tell if it was him screaming or his other family members as he watched Dan kill his daughter with an ecoblast and throw Jake like a rag doll at Jazz knocking her down.

"Danny!" The halfa barely registered his husband yelling his name, but the pain did register as it erupted from his shoulder blade as another duplicate made an appearance.

Flashback end

"After the hit I blacked out." The future Danny told the frozen teen. "Everyone was dead except Vlad Jr."

The 16 year old sat still and looked at the small child, who now that he thought about it did look an awful lot like Vlad, same eyes, same square jaw, same look of hatred. But how?

"You say you and Vlad are together in the future." The older halfa nodded "And that you had three children with him?" Another nod "But how could two men have children?"

"Desiree." The other Danny stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world "I wished to be able to give Vlad a child one day, because he always had wanted kids, and she happened to hear me. So next thing I knew I was having morning sickness."

Danny just stared at his future self, still having trouble believing that he turned gay and married his archenemies in the future, that and had three kids. But the proof was there, Vlad Jr. was evidence of that.

"I know that this is hard to accept, but I must be going if I want to try and stop Dan." The 26 year old stood and pulled out a Clockwork medallion from under his turtle neck. "You can go to Wisconsin and ask Vlad for help."

"What?" Danny hissed and stood up "I can't ask Vlad for help he hates my guts! I'd be lucky to avoid getting killed on his doorstep."

The halfa sighed and pulled off the medallion "Trust me Danny, Vlad will listen to you, if there's anyone who knows Vlad it's me."

An unwanted image filled the teenagers mind about the possible meaning behind that sentence causing him to shudder at the thought.

The 16 year old was pulled out of his thoughts at the sound of Vlad Jr. voice.

"I hate you." Danny stared in shock at the child's words then looked at his future self for some sort of reaction but found none. The future Danny's face was completely blank, defeated almost.

"Goodbye then, take care. And if I am not back in a month assume I died." Danny opened his mouth to say something, anything that might have eased his future self but before he could the 26 year old dropped the gear shaped necklace and disappeared back to the future.

The teenager stood still and continued to gaze at the spot were his future self once stood, and then slowly turned his attention to the five year old that was playing with his own medallion.

Not sure what to say to a five year old kid who seemed to hate him, or at least his future self, the teen did the only thing he could think of.

"Want something to eat?"