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Warning: Slash, character death, m-preg, yaoi (meaning Vlad and Danny get it on), and other things that some might be uncomfortable with

Chapter 11: Me and nobody

A soft sigh escaped the restless teen that lied awake staring at the ceiling as time ticked by. Danny idly wondered how his future self was doing with the baby, and if maybe he should go check on Vladdy to see if he was sleeping with Vlad or still wide awake with his mother.

'Hey wait a minute!' Blue eyes widened at where his mind jumped to 'I have three kids in the future, but how does a man have babies?'

He shuddered at the thought, that was one question he didn't want an answer to just yet. Thinking about him doing that at the moment made his stomach cramp up.

"Danny?" The halfa blinked in surprise and sat up to look at the ghost who entered his room, not knowing if he should be relieved or not that it was Vlad who floated in. "Your future self had the baby, it's a girl."

"How is he doing?" A ripple of fear washed through the young hero when Vlad winced at the question.

"He is stable, and currently sleeping." He smiled when the teen visibly relaxed, how predictable the boy was. He doubted that Danny would ever outgrow that natural concern for others; it was sweet to a certain extent annoying to another. Danny became involved in so many battles just because someone, known or unknown, safety was at risk.

When Vlad could claim to be enemies with the young man this was beneficial for himself, but now…

"You're a foolish little badger." Danny eyed the now human halfa who sat down next to his feet causing a dip in the soft mattress

"Vlad?" Danny leaned forward to get a better look at the silent halfa who appeared reluctant to speak.

He really didn't know what to say, it seemed too soon to talk about the gothic girl who was recently killed. Though Vlad was not fond of Danny's friends, he didn't want to see the teen cry or become angry.

"I almost told Jazz about the kiss." That caused alarm to rush through the older halfa who jerked his head up in confusion, unsure if he heard the teen correctly or not.

"What?" Danny looked down at his hands nervously.

"We were talking and I almost told her, but then Tucker showed up, and," He waved he hand in the air "you know what happened from there."

Vlad nodded and let out an irritated sigh when silence once more took over the room, still he did not know what to say, but it seemed as if he didn't have to worry about what to say at the moment since Danny brought up the next topic.

"Vlad, there are a lot of things on my mind and, and I wanted to know, are we a couple?" Wide blue eyes looked up into Vlad's, causing him to notice how tired to poor boy looked. This was hard for him, a full grown man, but it must have been even harder for Danny. The only thing Vlad could do for the teen at the moment was give him security, then again he wasn't even sure he could even do that.

"We are if you want to be Danny, I wont lie, being with you seems morally wrong in societies eyes and in my own, but" Strong hands cupped the youths face "I do want be with you, and I am willing to fight anything that might prevent us from being with each other."

Danny froze at the sincerity of the once evil mans words, he wanted to be with Vlad, he really did, but there seemed to be so many things wrong with it. So many things that could make the relationship go down the drain.

Was he willing to take a risk like that? Now was the time to make the decision, but Danny would admit he was unsure and scared.

"I understand Danny." Vald took the teen's long silence as a no, and attempted to hide the disappointment from his face. He shouldn't have asked the other halfa to make such a big choice when he already had so many things on his plate

"Wait," Danny reached out and grabbed the mans sleeve pulling him back down on the bed and nearly on top of Danny in the process "I didn't tell you my answer."

Eyes that almost seemed black in the darkness gazed down at the black haired youth, waiting for him to continue.

"I want us to be a thing, but…" He stumbled with his words only to be silenced when a pair of lips descended on his own.

"I understand" Vlad whispered before having his head pulled down for another searing kiss, idly thinking that the teen was very energetic considering moments ago he was exhausted looking.

They broke apart for air only before going back to kissing, though Vlad knew it had to end soon. Neither he nor Danny were ready to go past kissing, but upon looking at the black haired teen panting for air and weakly saying his name the middle aged man couldn't seem to pull himself away.

"Vlad!" Danny gasped when a warm handed wondered up his flannel shirt, while another groped his behind. He of course was dimly aware that this was going too far, but just like Vlad didn't want it to stop just yet, especially when Vlad began nipping his neck.

He was slightly embarrassed at the noises that kept escaping him, he had never gone this far with a girl, actually he had never gone this far period. It was slightly scary, but Vlad knew what he was doing and Danny was willing to trust that the man wouldn't take advantage of his inexperience. So the teen sat back and enjoyed the ride for once, trying to control the noises that came out of his mouth.

"Vlad!" He found himself nearly screaming when the older man bit down on is nipple, when he even unbuttoned his shirt Danny had no clue, the man was good, really good.

A smirk appeared on Vlad's lips at the sound of Danny screaming his name, the teen was so loud, but he liked hearing Danny's voice, it was pleasing to say the least, but he reminded himself this would have to end soon.

"Danny." The halfa cracked open his eyes that he had shut because of the intense pleasure when he heard his name being called so softly by Vlad. "You need to get some rest."

The youth below him let out a low whine that caused Vlad's smirk to grow, he wanted to go on, but once more again neither of them was ready for it, it was too soon.

"Don't leave." Danny pleaded not really wanting the man to go to his own bedroom, he understood they had to stop, though that was very difficult for his body to agree with, but he still didn't want the man to leave.

"I have to Danny, other wise this," Danny's face burned at the feeling of fingers lightly ghosting his erection through his pj bottoms "will never go away."

So with one last kiss on the lips Vlad climbed off the bed and gave one last small wave to the boy who was still red and slightly out of breath before leaving the room.

Danny turned his gaze downward and attempted to ignore the blush that filled his face at the thought of having to deal with his erection. It wasn't like he had never done that before, but never did he imagine it was Vlad touching him.

But now that he and Vlad were together he guessed he would be doing this often. So with a sigh Danny fixed the problem at hand.

It was strange for the next two days, but oddly enough it was just what everyone needed to rest up and relax. Though the ever looming battle up ahead was in each of their minds, it just went unspoken about.

Jazz, who had the hardest time relaxing found herself spending time with her future niece and nephew, along with her future little brother who told her of all the latest discoveries of his time while letting his body recover.

Tucker and Danny comforted each other on the loss of Sam, Tucker despite the large bags under his bloodshot eyes seemed to be handling everything, and was now more than ever determined to defeat Dan.

Vlad on the other hand took this time to tighten security in his mansion and hired ghost, such as Skulker, to tract down Dan and find out his current location and what he was doing.

He regretted not spending much time with Danny but was happy to know the teen took no offence to his absence. But for the first time in close to 48 hours the regal man had a few minutes to spare before Skulker met with him and gave a status report.

So using his free time wisely he walked towards the room that currently had all of his guest in one place.

"Daddy!" Vladdy greeted the halfa warmly with a hug, alerting everyone in the large elegant bedroom of his presence

"Hello Vlad." Future Danny greeted him, briefly looking up from his baby girl who he was currently feeding with a bottle before looking back down at the chubby baby who had messy black hair with the brightest blue eyes Vlad had ever seen. With an exception to Danny's, though he had to admit they did rival his.

"So what are you going to name her?" Tucker asked ignoring Vlad, who he still wasn't so sure how to act around. Sure Danny said Vlad was cool now, but it was very difficult to forget all the evil halfa had done.

"I haven't decided yet, maybe Vicky?"

"Vicky sounds to much like icky." The present Danny pointed out with his face scrunched up at the name.

"What about Jill?"

"I like Jill better than Vicky." Vlad informed them sitting next to Danny on the window seal, an action that didn't go unnoticed by Jazz and future Danny.

"Then Jill is her name, Jill Masters" The 26 year old smiled when the baby let out a gurgling sound as she sucked on the bottle.

"It's perfect!" Jazz cooed and leaned over the bed so she could hold one of the chubby little hands "She's just perfect!"

"Mommy?" Vladdy jumped on the bed, though it being o soft barley caused any disturbance "Can I burp her?"

Danny smiled softly; his youngest son seemed to love burping Jill. Every time she burped he would laugh and laugh, the young man didn't even want to mention when Jill let out a baby fart.

But he was happy that Vladdy took the new baby so well, and wasn't feeling jealous. Danny had tried his hardest to spend equal time with both of them, but a new baby required much more attention. That was why he was so grateful for Jazz, who just like her future self she helped her little brother take care of the children when he was too overwhelmed.

"How come Vladdy doesn't have a J name?" Tucker asked noticing that only Vlad Jr seemed to have the different name.

"I don't know why, Vlad was the one who named the children." All eyes turned to the present Vlad as if he knew the answers, which he didn't, how could he understand his future self's reasoning?

"And since I am not him yet I do not know why ether." The future Danny nodded in agreement before looking at his two surviving children, one who had just burped, while the eldest one giggled over the sound despite having baby spit on his shoulder now.

"Vladdy go change your shirt." The boy nodded before gently handing the baby back to his mother before flying off to the next room to change his designer shirt.

A comfortable silence filled the room, each individual looking at each other once before turning their attention back to Jill who was beginning to fall asleep.

"Where are you going Vlad?" Danny asked when the older halfa stood, already missing his presence.

"I have to meet with Skulker."

"We will come with you." Jazz stood and gave a small wave to her future brother before moving towards the door, followed by Tucker and Danny.

Vlad said nothing knowing he could not deter the teens, and knew that they should hear whatever Skulker had to say, good or bad.

"Whelp we meet again." Skulker said nothing more to the halfa, and chose not to acknowledge the other two humans.

"What do you have to tell me?" Vlad moved towards his leather chair behind his rich wood desk and became comfortable almost immediately. He noted that no one else chose to sit down, but didn't think twice about it seeing as they were in a room with a ghost, who soon as Vlad stopped paying, would go back hunting them.

"The woman and the fat man have took in that female whelp, and last I checked were purchasing her an airplane ticket here." This caused alarm for the regal man who didn't have a clue who the 'female whelp' was.

"Female whelp?" Skulker glared at the group of teenagers who glared right back

"Their friend, the one who loves purple-back gorillas"

"SAM?!" Both Tucker and Danny looked at each other with disbelief written on their faces. But who else could it have been? Unless Dan was posing as the girl to find out where Danny was…

Apparently Vlad had been thinking along the same lines

"Are you sure it wasn't Dan, the ghost I told you to track?"

"Yes, it was the female. The ghost you hired has been spotted in the ghost zone, but nothing more, I didn't have enough time to track him further and even if I did he frequently moves making it difficult to follow."

Vlad nodded and dismissed the ghost, informing him that his payment was in the lab.

"Danny Sam's alive and on her way here!" The halfa nodded and sent a grin to his sister and Vlad who were both smiling, well not so much as Vlad as Jazz, but still a small smile could be found on his pale lips.

The nerdy teen began talking in broken sentences before he gave up and with a grin ran out of the room; to the front door Danny guessed so he would be first to greet Sam.

"I am going to tell Vladdy and Danny about Sam." Jazz stated and made her way to the office door, but paused when her hand touch the knob "Will you be alright Danny?"

Danny was slightly taken back at the question but quickly nodded and said he would be fine and didn't know why she was asking.

"I just wondered that's all." The red head informed them before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

"Danny? Does she know?"

"Maybe…" Danny said with a frown before grinning like an idiot once more again "Vlad thank you!"

Vlad smiled, he had forgotten he had asked Skulker to check on the Fenton's, seeing as the social worker refused to speak about the couple, and instead wanted to ask about how Danny was holding up.

She didn't seem to believe him when he said Danny was doing fine, and rarely had to take pain relief medicine anymore.

"Vlad?" Danny looked up with alarm when strong arms surrounded him and pulled him to a firm chest. The alarm quickly vanished though, and instead embarrassment took its place as Vlad leaned down and kissed the top of his messy head.

"Not here!" The teen protested but was silenced by the soft kiss, well he guessed here was alright, it's not like Vlad didn't deserve a kiss, or a hicky.

The teen could feel the smirk on the older mans lips as he bit down, hard, on his tender neck. Sure he would have to wear a turtleneck for a while, but it was worth it to feel Vlad's arms around him.

'I can't believe I just thought that.' Danny internally frowned, as Vlad continued his erotic touches 'I am sounding like a girl.'

"Pay attention Danny." Vlad scolded the boy before returning his collarbone while his hands sought out the hem of the teen's shirt.

"Vlad" The halfa gasped when icy hands felt him up, that certainly caught his attention!