What Am I Worth?

by read-n-review

'Why am I here?'

'Where am I?' A young raven-haired girl thought to herself. 'Is anyone there?' She could only look out into this certain nothingness around her. Everything was white. Just white. And it seemed a fog had descended to this world of nothingness. It gave the place an almost eerie look. Like it could go on forever. It was a purgatory, a purgatory of nothingness, and this girls unanswered questions were her suffering.

"Am I here for a reason?" At her question, she stepped forward intending to look for something other than herself in this white universe. When her foot was brought down color burst out from beneath her and expanded into a large clearing surrounded by a forest. It was almost clear, except for the same fog that clouded her vision. It blurred her beautiful horizon, making her feel still like she was in that nothingness.

Glancing around her surroundings, she discovered an object in the middle of the field. 'What could it be?' Again she stepped forward, this time slowly, making sure that this time her world would stay. As she moved the fog would sway in its mission in blocking her path and she saw beautiful flowers in its wake. Yet it seemed as the girl walked the flowers would move out of her path. She felt a tugging sensation pull her towards this hidden object. Hours seemed to pass as she walked but time was an illusion in this misty milieu. Staring down at the large object in the ground, in the back of her mind she felt a memory come forth.

"Isn't this the Bone-Eaters Well?" Said object stood unmoving, affected by nothing and everything all at the same time. "Am I in Inuyasha's Forest?" She paused her thoughts for a moment 'But... who is Inuyasha?' Again an image and information surged forth. A hanyou clad in a red kimono appeared in her mind's eye. His breed was apparent by the dog ears upon his head. A fang-made sword was hanging from his waist. He had a look on his face, it made him look hard. Rough around the edges, a lifetime worth of pain in only the two hundred years he had been alive. 50 of those years being cast against a tree. The Sacred Tree, a tree of ages. She remembered now, she came from 500 hundred years in the future. She saved this boy from his fate of nothingness, his eternal slumber. He had been sleeping against that tree. She could see it from here. It seemed much larger than the other trees that surrounded her clearing. More memories appeared before her. A vision of a past life. Of her piercing said hanyou to said tree, and watching with sorrow and hatred as he merely fell asleep, and she fell into the pits of the netherworld. Yes, she remembered. She was once Kikyo. 'At least I think I was..'

"Was I really Kikyo? Or am I something more?" she spoke to no one in particular. Leaning over and gazing down into the well, she felt none of its power. Usually, the well was swirling with demonic power. But in her little world there was no demonic aura pulsing from its depths. 'Has the well stopped working?'

"Where am I?" she voiced it aloud this time. Feeling anxious and alone. 'Why do I feel scared? What is this feeling? I .. sense something.. Wait I know this feeling. This is an aura! A very strong one!'

She turned towards the aura to find herself looking at an angelic looking creature with the powers of a demon across the clearing.

"You are in Inuyasha's Forest, miko." he spoke coldly to her. For some reason it almost felt normal to her. Upon seeing this person, her body relaxed. She had no understanding as to why. Again her purgatory of nothingness answered few questions and kept giving more to her tortured mind. 'I am a miko? I remember Kikyo was a miko. Does that make me a miko as well?'

"Who are you? I cannot remember. Do I know you?" Her mind was whirling, her vision was blurring. She felt a voice in the back of her head. Someone was calling her it seemed. Her forest pulsed for a second, and the angelic demon was in front of her. He was so close to her, she felt a heat she could not feel before in this empty place. She felt nothing here, felt no emotions. She did not smell, she could not feel and she could not taste. She could only speak and hear all that she could. But this man before her, she could feel the heat from his body. She could smell the scent from his being. She could see him now, where she couldn't before. Before he had just been something white in a sea of greenery. Barely being able to see anything but his outline. Now she could see his unarmored chest. His delicate silver hair that seemed to flow around his very being. Golden molten eyes that seemed to either call your very soul into their depths, or freeze your mind and body with their hiden power. Yes, his eyes seemed to have a power of their own. But yet, it seemed his very escense poured power from him. His yoki. It was amazing. It was unyielding, relentless in its journey. It felt like it wanted to engulf her very being. She felt her own ki emerge from her body and challenge his yoki in return. It felt almost natural. She liked these feelings.

Again her surroundings pulsed, but the being stayed the few inches away from her. She rose her head to meet his gaze and fell deep into his eyes yet again.

"I am Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Do not worry, miko. For you will remember when you awaken, and when you return to this place," she could only hear his voice now, it seemed as if she were being pulled from her world.

"We will meet again."

:End of The Beginning:

I am alone in an endless sea,

Where no one else should ever be.

This sea of pain,

This sea of regret.

What would I gain,

If I should forget?

To remember nothing.

And find myself fighting.

For something I can't remember having.

:Author Discussion:

A/N: Well, this isn't my first Kag/Sess fanfiction, but it is the first one I've posted. The first one was an AU where Kagome and Kikyo run an Ancient Antique shop where they purify, bless, and buy/sell objects of demonic possession or just regular antiques. The catch is that Sesshomaru, cursed 500 years ago by a priestess, is only himself by night. During the day, the Almighty, Great Lord Sesshomaru, TaiYoukai of the Western Lands, is nothing but a mere puppet. Controlling people by night, and being controlled by day, he seeks out the only priestess believed to have enough power to free him. He didn't know that it could only be broken with love and that her ancestor, the one he swore to have his vengeance on, was the one who cursed him. They discover that the spell is only broken by true love, so what will Sesshomaru do before he's back to normal? Sesshomaru can't love right? Will he have his vengeance on the priestess' decendant and fulfill his life-long journey or sit by and let her worm her way into his life while trying to help him become what he truly longs to be? Being himself again, that is what he really wants right? And he can't go back on his word can he? After all he is the Lord of the Western Lands.

I was sooo self conscious about it, I posted it up and as soon as it was available to read I took it down. And the same might go for this fic too if I'm feeling anxious about it again. BECAUSE as you can see my name is read-n-review. Nothing to do with writing stories whatsoever. I really don't think I'm a good writer.. Never get down everything I want to. Hahahaha

-nervous laughter-

Ok people I'm serious here. The next chapter is the Final Battle and guess what? I'm really graphic with blood and guts because I love grossing people out! So HA! I'm definitly getting the Final Battle out of my head before I decide to continue writing this fic or not. Well Author Out Y'all!

Yours Truly,

read-n-review v.

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