What Am I Worth

Chapter Two:

Beginning Of A Battle

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That voice was calling her again. The rays from the bright summer's sun shone over her, warming her to the bone from the early morning moisture. Birds sang in the tree tops throughout the thick canopy of the forest. Everything seemed peaceful behind her shut eyes but she knew better. She knew better than to assume things about the Feudal Era. Things were anything but peaceful here. This was the Warring States Era. Lands were constantly battling each other for territory, pillaging for fun, or to down right cause havoc. There were Shogun at this time, but it seemed that slowly they were dying out and lords were coming back to power. Even though men were destructive that didn't mean demons didn't do their fare share. Kagome knew better here too. Demons would slowly start to die out and it wouldn't be long before all the demons she knew were gone as well. She didn't even know how long she had left here. All the jewel shards were found, and they were quickly headed to Naraku's castle. This time it seemed, Naraku was not running away. He too wanted to once and for all finish this unending battle between good and evil. He had caused so much pain, his existence seemed to burden the lands themselves. It was they who had the ability of destroying Naraku because of their never ending hatred for the vile creature. Inuyasha had loved the Priestess Kikyo, said to be the second most powerful miko in existence. ((A/N: Please, don't mind my switching back and forth between Priestess and Miko. I'll be doing that a lot with other words as well. It's all part of my non-existent master plan)) Naraku tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo into hating each other and pitted them into a battle for the Shikon no Tama. The Jewel of Four Souls. Kikyo had been attacked by Naraku and with the last of her strength, pinned Inuyasha to the Sacred Tree, the Tree of Ages. Inuyasha fell into an eternal slumber and Kikyo died and with her last breath, was burned with the Shikon no Tama. 'That's how it ended up in me, her reincarnation.' Then there was Miroku, a Buddhist low-ranking monk who has a hereditary curse, the Wind Tunnel or Kazana. It was originally inflicted upon Miroku's grandfather, Monk Miyatsu. Naraku too tricked him.

Kagome blearily opened her eyes, blinking closed several times to adjust to the light of the morn. Rising slowly from her sleeping bag, she looked around their campsite, Inuyasha sat in his tree, seemingly in deep thought. 'Wow, that's pretty rare.' A small smile graced her lips. Miroku too seemed deep in thought, until she heard the familiar 'slap' echo in her ears. A fuming Sango, doused the fire and stormed away leaving an unconscious Miroku in her wake. 'Sango...' her smile vanished and was replaced with a slight frown. Sango, she felt, was the worst scorned by Naraku. A powerful village of demon slayers taken down in the quest for the Jewel. Their most powerful demon slayers fell at the castle of Naraku. He had taken control of Kohaku, Sango's younger brother, and made him slay his own family. Sango was buried alive and heavily wounded in Naraku's territory and he used her to attack them saying it was Inuyasha would destroyed her village. Sango soon discovered the truth and was out to destroy Naraku when he told her of how he revived Kohaku. Now Kohaku is a servant to Naraku and Sango is torn, for he remembers nothing about her. Kagome only wished she could comfort her, but she knows nothing of how Sango feels. Kagome herself was only out for Naraku because of her friends and the jewel shards.

'That really is the only reason I'm here isn't it..' she slowly rolled up her sleeping back and packed in into her large yellow bag, a seemingly endless void. The group slowly trekked onward towards Naraku's castle. It would only be mid afternoon by the time they arrived and the Final Battle would commence. 'Something seems off..'

Kagome tried to pause in her steps, but her body kept moving. She couldn't control her body! She tried to call out but to know avail. Soon it seemed like the world turned gray and Kagome floated away from her body to watch in third person as the group came upon a field with an immensely strong demonic aura.

It seemed her soul floated above them and watched in horror as the final battle replayed through her mind.

There stood the creature that burdened the world with its existence, Naraku. The hanyou was pure evil, previously known as the bandit, Onigumo. Onigumo had lusted for Kikyo above no other, so in his weakened and burned state, he gave his body and soul to the demons and became Naraku forever. Naraku know detests Onigumo and yearns to be free from his humanly emotions, such as the lust he still feels for Kikyo. Leaving him powerless to hurt her. Recently though, Naraku cast out Onigumo's heart into the small child known as Akago. Akago was then sent inside the soulless demon known as Moryomaru, Akago then made Moryomaru stronger by making him absorb demons and gaining their abilities until he could effectively challenge Naraku. In the process both Hakudoshi and Kagura were destroyed. Naraku and Moryomaru had faced off in a final battle. Moryomaru came out victorious, but in a twist Naraku absorbed Moryomaru from the inside out and collected both of them into his body yet again. Now his only faithful incarnations left are Kanna and Byakuya.

Everything happened as she remembered, first the team looked on in shock and horror, as Naraku stood with thousands upon thousands of demons, Kanna, Moryomaru, and Kohaku's lifeless body on the ground. Naraku had most of the jewel and only needed the few Kagome had around her neck, making her the ample target. Inuyasha spouted words of hatred, while Sango her face struck with disgust yet tears still fell down her tan cheeks. Miroku wanted to comfort the girl but could not as it would be a distraction and could be taken advantage of. Naraku sneered and said taunting words back to the group of friends. Whilst good and evil taunted back and forth, good's patience wearing thin and evil's satisfaction growing larger, Sesshomaru, Kikyo and Koga all appeared. Koga had brought a few hundred wolves intent of getting payback. He had always believed in strength in numbers. Sesshomaru drew his newly reformed Tenseiga. Tokijin having been destroyed when battling Moryomaru. With Tenseiga's new power Sesshomaru would be able to practice his Meido Zangetsuha. He had recently enlarged his crescent further and could now release it from a distance. The Meido Zangetsuha aloud Sesshomaru to create a 'cut' in the world of the living, sending the 'cut' enemy into the netherworld. Sesshomaru is intent on creating a full circle than what he had now a crescent moon.

As often as Inuyasha went to see Kikyo, Kagome did as well. Kagome had wanted to become stronger in the ways of the Priestess. With Kaede growing older, she could no longer teach as efficiently as she used to. So Kagome sought out her incarnate. Kikyo at first had been skeptical and unwilling, but Kagome begged that with the upcoming battle Kagome wanted to be more of an asset than a burden. Kikyo agreed and had been teaching her for at least two moon cycles. Kagome had learned to control her miko aura, using less energy for more powerful spells and barriers. She had also trained her senses. Kikyo had told her that her senses were beyond that of a mortals, Kagome had tried to understand but Kikyo would not tell her what she meant by it. Everyday Kagome's powers grew, Kikyo told her that soon her powers would be equivalent to those of the Priestess Midoriko. The creator of the Shikon no Tama. It seemed that Midoriko too had faced the same problems as Kikyo. Her final adversary, a man conjoined by many demons, lusted for the priestess and eventually took her life. Similar to Kikyo and Onigumo.

Kagome watched from above as Naraku signaled for the demons to attack. As much as these memories horrified her, she wanted to see how everyone had battled for during the time she had been focused in her own battle and protecting her small kitsune friend, Shippo.

Change Scene: Kagome's Focus, Not Point of View

As they walked Kagome sensed a strong demonic aura ahead of them, scantly 50 yards away. Kagome felt herself almost stop walking, but she pushed herself forward. There was no way she was going to back down after how far they had all come. Today was the day when the plague of Naraku would end. For some reason she felt herself want to scream outward. Kagome held fast, bow held tight, she had prepared and came with many arrows. She knew this battle wasn't going to be easy, and had a foreboding feeling that they would not come out unscathed.

They came closer, she could faintly feel the auras of Sesshomaru, Koga, and Kikyo also headed their way. The way they headed Naraku would be surrounded. They came to a clearing and stood in shock and horror. The first thing she noticed were the thousands upon thousands of demons that were with Naraku. Floating above him, on the ground below, this battle would be fierce. Then she gasped as she came across the sight of Kohaku's discarded body slain upon the ground. Apparently Naraku wanted the Jewels Shards soon. 'This means I'm going to be his main target then..' It seemed she wasn't the only one with this idea as the group stood in front of her protectively. Kagome felt something pulling outward from her body but payed no heed and stayed focus on the battle. They could have no errors unless they wished to wind up dead.

Inuyasha spared no time in throwing insults Naraku's way as they waited for their reinforcements to arrive. It seemed Naraku too waited, and threw insults back while sneering in despicable satisfaction as Inuyasha grew angry.

Soon Sesshomaru, Koga, and Kikyo came out of the forest, each coming from a different direction. Sesshomaru from the west, Kikyo from the south, and Koga from the north while the shard hunters came from the east.

Naraku gave the signal and sent his demons out in all directions.

Kagome watched as he faced off with Koga intent on getting the Jewel Shards, Kanna to Sesshomaru so that she may propel some attacks he could possibly throw at her, and Byakuya to Kikyo. He knew that both of his detachments would not last long. Though he was not worried. He would become full-demon once he collected all of the Jewel Shards and would create stronger more powerful ones. Though not as powerful as him of course. She and the others were sent only lesser demons that were either destroyed easily or would need to be ganged up on to defeat. Kagome knocked an arrow and shot towards the middle of the demon swarm as Inuyasha released his Bakuryuha as demons attacked, their powers swirled, unleashing the Hama-Bakuryuha the Sacred Exploding Dragon Wave. Telling all the battle had begun!

:End Of the Beginning Battle:

I watch in horror,

I stand in awe.

There is no color,

There should be laws,

To say he cannot kill,

And cause such a ruckus,

Naraku is my hill,

And killing him is my purpose.

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