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Pouring rain battered the windows of the village houses. Storms like this were rare, but they helped with the heat that the village suffered through just about all the time.

A strike of lightning made the nearby cat run for shelter and shake off the water that he'd been carrying for a while. It meowed and walked to a small girl. The girl looked at it and smiled a scared smile. She moved her arm from her resting place on her stomach and petted its head. Thunder boomed in the distance making the girl jump and take her arm back in a protective manner. She stood up slowly and started to walk out into the rain.

Letting the rain soak her hair and clothes, she walked to the park and sat on a swing. Swinging slightly in the rain, she shivered. It was colder than she thought it was. A small puddle danced as the water filled it when someone came to her.

"Who are you?" the voice asked her. She refused to look up at him. She didn't want to face him like everyone else did.

"I'm a nobody." she replied still watching the puddle of water. She watched his feet go over to the swing beside her. Lightning struck again and she cringed making her knuckles turn white against the rusted chain of the swing.

"You're scared of lightning?" he asked. She nodded her head.

"Anything you're scared of?" she asked trying to start small talk.

"Not really. Just people that are scared of me." he replied now looking at the puddle that she was.

"People are scared of you?" she said finally looking at him. Then she realized that it was him. "Oh, I didn't know that it was you." she said showing no hint of fear.

"You mean, you're not scared of me?" he asked.

"No Gaara, I am not. You're like me, but somewhat different. You had someone love you, raise you after your mother died. Soon after I was born, my father died, then soon, my mother fell in the hands of the same fate. I just know that I'm next, so I sit here waiting for it." she explained.

"Yashamaru did not care for me. He told me so himself before he died. He said that no one would even care for me. And I believe him." Gaara explained contradicting her.

"I'm sorry that I got my facts wrong. But I really must go now." she said standing up from her swing just as thunder and lightning crackled above. Letting out a soft scream, she started to walk away.

"Wait, you can't stand out here in the rain." Gaara said.

"Why not? I've been doing it for five years. What's so different about now?" she explained again stopping.

"Look at you. You're soaked. The least I can do is offer you a dry place to stay." he said surprised at what he'd said. What he didn't know was he'd never met someone that wasn't afraid of him. Everyone in the village refused to talk to him unless he accidentally hurt them. He was constantly being called "monster" and "demon-boy", but this girl, she'd called him by his real name and actually talked to him without calling him any names.

"You don't need to offer me hospitality." she said starting to walk again.

"Yes I do." he said making her stop once more. "You talked to me like someone would to a regular person. You didn't call me any names or anything, and I feel like I have to make it up to you. So please, let me offer you a place to stay for the night." he said. She turned to him slowly and nodded.

"You win. I'll go with you." she said lowly and walked back up to him. "What could do wrong?" she asked. Sand appeared out of nowhere and grasped her tightly. "…Gaara…" she said struggling to get out.

"I'm sorry. I'm not doing it." he said as his body hit the ground. "Please stop it. Don't hurt her. Please…" tears started to fill his eyes and she was dropped to the ground. She looked at his form. He was so scared. He didn't want to hurt her.

"It's okay. I'm fine." she said putting on a smile. "I'm a bit stronger than that you know." she then said as she walked up to him.

"You mean you're not hurt?" he asked still looking at the ground making sure what he was hearing was real.

"Well, I got a few scratches, but that's it. What kid won't get scratches when their our age?" she explained still smiling. He looked up and put on a sad smile. "Now, do you want me to find the way to your house or are you showing me there?" she asked. He chuckled and got up off the muddy ground and started to walk her to his house.


"I know it isn't much, but here are some clothes for you. If you want to take a bath, the bathroom right down the hall, second room on your left." Gaara said coming from the kitchen. "And not to mention, all I've got to eat is soup. I don't know how to cook." he then said. She laughed slightly. "What's so funny?"

"You don't even know me and yet you're letting me stay at your house. And on top of that, you don't even know my name." she replied still laughing. He looked at her and sat down the clothes beside her.

"What is your name?" he asked sitting down a few cushions away from her.

"Kagami." she said standing up. "I think I'll take that offer for a bath." she said and took the clothes and walked to the bathroom.

"Kagami…" he said lowly after he heard the door click shut.

When she returned, she relaxed on the couch that Gaara had made out of more cushions that he had before. Before, it was just a table in the middle and four cushions on each side. Thunder was muted from the outside, but was still audible to Kagami's ears, and this made her jump slightly again.

"It's okay. The monsters can't get us in here." Gaara's calm voice rang out.


"I always used to call the thunder and lightning, monsters, and I only felt safe indoors. Well, that's what Yashamaru told me before." Gaara explained bringing her some water. "Well, you know that I can control the sand. What about you?" he asked trying to figure out more about her.

"Smoke." she replied calmly. She held out her hand and focused a little bit of chakra into her palm and let the smoke swirl there. "Nothing to it. Just stay focused and calm and you're okay." she said releasing the smoke and letting it flow up to the top of the room and disappear.

"You don't seem like you're from around here. Most of the people here have sand based attacks, but you have smoke. Why is that?" he asked. Kagami shot a glance to him. He was acting more older than he was which confused her.

"It's because I'm not from here. I don't know where I'm from to tell the truth. My parents died when I was two and I've been on my own since. This was the place that they left me, so in a way, Suna is my home." she explained. She stood up and stretched. "I think I'll go to bed now. Is there a room or am I sleeping on the floor?" she asked. Gaara looked at her and stood up as well.

"Follow me." he said and started to walk forward. "It's his room, but it's better than sleeping on the floor." he explained. She followed in his pattern and followed.

A few feet down the hall, Gaara opened a door that led to a small bedroom. She walked in and sat on the bed as if examining it.

"Better than sleeping on the ground like I'm used to." she said throwing him a warm smile. He watched her walk to the bed and crawl in. The blankets seemed to swallow her whole, but he could tell that she was still there. She popped her head out from the blanket and smiled at him one last time before laying down and closing her eyes. "Good night Gaara." she simply said and then, there was silence.

"Why are you so nice to me…? Why aren't you afraid of me…?"

Many questions ran through Gaara's head about things that she had said and her actions. Like why she wasn't afraid of him, or why she was so nice to him. It couldn't have been because she'd been through things like that before… could it? He was the only person that he knew in Suna that had a demon inside of them. But she was different. She showed him kindness, which was something that he couldn't comprehend at that age. But something told him that she was playing it all off. She had to be. No one would be that nice to him without wanting something in return. The whole thing that she told him had to be a lie. It just had to be….

But it wasn't…