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Once Kagami managed to fully wake, she slithered her way out of Gaara's arms and finally went out shopping. She finally got to get those shoes that she was eyeing weeks before.

When she returned home, Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou were looking at a huge book with questionable looks on their face. Once Gaara spotted her however, he shut the book quickly before she could even think about asking about it.

"What's going on?" she asked walking up to the trio. Kankurou just looked at her, sighed and walked away saying something about the fact that she ask too many questions. Temari didn't move, which scared Kagami. Temari normally had something to say to the other woman whether it be good or bad. Just last week, they'd gotten into a huge argument about a hair color that Kagami wanted to use, and yesterday, they were talking about the new shoes that they had both wanted but couldn't afford.

"What was that book about?" she said looking around at the group. She knew that they were hiding something that could hurt her by looking into Gaara's pupil-less eyes.

"Should we just tell her?" Temari asked her youngest sibling. Gaara shook his head.

"I'll tell her." he simply said. He put an hand on Kagami's shoulder and led her out of the room.


Once they were in Gaara's study (as she called it), Kagami watched as he flipped the pages of the book that he was holding earlier. Once he found the page, he skimmed the words and put it down where she could read it.

"Paragraph seventeen." he said as he moved to look out the window. There was another sandstorm going on and Gaara seemed to be more interested in it than her reaction once she read the words.

There are demons in this world that can live inside of humans, we all know this. The two most widely known are the Raccoon demon, living inside a child living in the sand village, and the nine-tailed fox, living inside a child in the leaf village; but there are more. The wolf demon lived inside of a woman from the leaf village, but once the woman died, it was believed to have passed to her daughter. There is no record of this however, and hopefully there will never be. The wolf demon is dangerous, especially to the person housing it.

Below the writing, there was a picture of the three demons. She didn't know how the person had managed to get a picture of the wolf and raccoon, but the nine-tailed fox image was from when it had ravaged Konoha. There was more writing below the images.

The only way to rid the world of these monstrosities is to destroy them when they are in full form, but this will also kill the person housing it. We would not advise taking on these demons alone; we all remember what happened to the Fourth Hokage of the leaf village.

Kagami paced around the room. She didn't want him to know about anything that was living inside her. He'd gotten out of her the fact that she was housing a demon, but he didn't want her to know this.

You are upset young one.

You think?! I didn't know any of this. Now I know that if I loose control of you, someone will have to kill me just to stop you.

It's hard to regain control--

I know this! I saw Gaara loose control! Leave me alone!

"Gaara…" she finally managed to say. "I'm sorry. If I knew about all this, I would've told you…" her voice trailed before she could even get to the point of what she was saying. She felt the tears start to well up in her eyes. She didn't wish for the demon inside of her! Why was her punishment death for getting too upset? She just wanted things to go back to normal. "Gaara…" she started

"Kagami," he started. "You are the best person in the world to me, but if you loose control, I want to be the one to kill you." he said without looking at her.

She started to shake. She hugged herself to try and calm herself down, but it only made her vibrate more. Her tears were falling freely now and she knew that there was nothing that she could do to stop them. When she turned to leave the room, Gaara took her hand.

"Kagami, it's not as hard as it seems to stay in control." he said looking into her eyes. "I can teach you to stay in control."

"I'm sorry Gaara, I don't want any sympathy. Leave me alone right now." she said and turned to run out of the room.

That night, the angels of Suna cried.


"Kagami, you've got to come out to eat eventually." she heard Kankurou say on the other side of her door; but she remained silent. "Kagami…"

"Leave me alone!" she yelled as she threw the nearest thing possible at the door. She blinked once she's realized what she threw. It was the small box that the necklace that Gaara gave her came in. Just then and there, she felt like she was being taken over but something that she couldn't understand. She didn't even know what to call the emotion, much less be able to explain it. She just knew that she had to go away before she hurt someone she cared about, and nothing was going to stop her. She remembered crawling out of the small window above her bed and making it to the outskirts before everything turned into complete darkness. She was no longer aware of what she was doing or where she was going.


"Gaara, we can't get Kagami out of her room." Temari said walking into Gaara's study. Her youngest brother was looking out of the window with a look of concern coloring his features.

"No need. She's outside, and I have to stop her." Gaara replied as he turned to move away from the window and out of the room. A hand grabbed his arm and he stopped.

"No!" Temari shouted. "I'm tired of you acting this way. You aren't alone and you never were. She was there for you when you were kids, and now Kankurou and I are here now. We do this together." she said with a tone of something that Gaara couldn't name.

"She has a point." a voice said. Gaara looked toward the door and realized that Kankourou had overheard. "You always act like you're alone. Well, we're going to show you that you aren't." he finished getting his chakra ready for the upcoming fight.

"Just let me be the one to kill her." Gaara said and the other two nodded. They knew better than to speak over him. This was something that he'd promised Kagami and he intended on keeping his promise to her, even if it was something that he didn't want to do.