Summary: A Continuation to the Saga of GK, GK1985, and GK21 I suck in summaries. Years passed. A new descendant of Ukiya clan and his friends, battled the invaders to protect humans. But what if evil gatekeepers begin to allied and help the invaders? For their own good? To keep the world in chaos? Gate Keepers versus Shadow Gate Keepers.

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"Red Alert – Red Alert"

Wang Wang

"What's Happening!" said the husky voice behind the table. He is wearing a black glass hiding his eyes. Clad in a black suit that buckled up with pins. He was sitting behind a circle like table.

"An invader uprising detected, Commander Higgs." A man said that was in front of the computer. "We have found high frequency detection in area 17 of the city." The man continues to stare at the monitor watching the red spots that getting increase rapidly.

"Commander, we got problem." He immediately called the commander's attention. "The invaders, their getting increase, rapidly in number, Commander Higgs."

"Call in the team at once." Commander Higgs stated immediately. "Call Captain ShunRei and his subordinates, right way."

"Yes, Sir!" said the man quickly, and positioned himself in front the microphone.

"Attention! Calling the team of Captain ShunRei. Gather at the control room at once. Again, I repeat, Attention! Calling the team of Captain ShunRei. Gather at the control room at once." The assistant said continuous.


And somewhere inside the base…



The people inside the canteen turned their attention, when they heard someone screamed in anger. When they saw the source, they went back to their own activities. It's been everyday scenery in the canteen anyway.

"Hey, give it back that's mine!" a young man wearing a blue loose looking denim and plain white t-shirt, was trying to get back his bacon from a girl, that was snatched away from his plate "Give it back, Or else!" he tried to scare her.

"Or else, what?" She said playfully, as she tries to put the bacon in her mouth. She wears a cargo shorts and red shirt that perfectly fits her.

"Just try putting that bacon in your mouth… I'm going to -" he unable to finish his sentence as he stares at her, putting the bacon slowly to her mouth and chew it.

"Yummy!" she said while she chew the bacon she steals. And swallow it. "Maybe I should eat this kind of foods sometimes." As she licks her fingers, she stares at him. And smile simply at him.

"You! How dare you to eat my breakfast!" he launched at her. But she runs away from him.

"Catch me if you can!" as she gesture to ran after her. And they chasing around the table. He attempts to grab her. She dodges each attempt. She's practically skipping away from him. The food in the table is rumbling and moving.

While this is happening, a young man about their same age, sitting in the table watching the whole episode from his sight. He is sipping his hot smearing smoke coffee. As he watch at the everyday scenario. He feels dizzy by looking at them. His left brow is twitching in irritation.

"Takeshi, Rayne… will you two stop that?" he massage his forehead. "You guys, making me dizzy."

"But! Rei, she eats my food without getting my okay." Takeshi glares her while she hides behind at where Rei is sitting. "Again." She smile innocently back at him. "Why you! Scum-Bag!" he clenches and unclenches his fists.

"Na na na na" Rayne is making faces at Takeshi. "Beh!" She stuck out her tongue at Takeshi.

"Stop it!" Rei, angrily stand up from his seat. "Stop it now, or you two are going to have a piece of me!" The two behaved immediately but still glared and scowling look at each other.

Rei slam his hand in the table causing the plate to jump in their places. "Quit It, NOW!" He totally lost it, his patience is gone… "You two are giving me a headache!"

Then the speaker in the canteen clicked… and heard an announcement from the control room…

A ragging voice can be heard in the background…

"Attention! Calling the team of Captain ShunRei. Gather at the control room at once. Again, I repeat, Attention! Calling the team of Captain ShunRei. Gather at the control room at once." Heard go over and over again…

'Phew… it saves us.' Takeshi thought to himself.

'I'm so relief…' Rayne said to herself.

"Phew..." as they in chorus in relief.

Rei caught the temporary happiness of the two.

"I'm not done with you two, yet." Rei says. The two drops their heads at the same time.

"Not the lecture thing again." Takeshi whined.

"Please, anything but not that" Rayne pleaded.

"No," He gestured them to follow him out the canteen to the control room. "Come on, we need to get there. Fast." The two followed him, defeated.


Back in the Control Room


As they arrive at the electronic door of the control room. They saw a man holding folders in his arms.

"Get in, it's an emergency, again, inside." He wearing clothes in blue and white suit with a logo of AEGIS in the left side of the chest, came up to them. "Kinda chaotic inside…" Then he noticed the other two behind Rei. They are emitting gloomy aura. "What's up with you two?"

The two just passed by at him, like they didn't notice him as they entered the control room. Or did they notice him?

"Lecture, sermon, lecture, sermon." The two mumble, repeatedly.

He stared at Rei, oddly?

Rei just smiled back at him.

They entered the room, after the metal looking door opens. They continue to walk inside, while they were greeted by the other personnel inside, until they reach the center where the Commander Higgs is located. They immediately caught the attention of the commander.

"Were here, Commander Higgs, What are the orders? Sir." Rei stated. Takeshi and Rayne positioned themselves beside of Rei making him in between the two. They have serious look painted in their faces, no longer gloomy but full of excitement.

Once he notices them, he gestured the AEGIS Operator to give details of the current situation.

"As earlier 5 minutes, a huge population of invaders showed up in area 17 of the city, and this zone is not a residential area. It's a plant of machineries. The ratio of the number of the invaders in there is rapidly increasing fast." The Operator started to explain the brief mission. "And they bring along a fire gatekeeper with them said the secret agent in the site. They are planning to burn around that place."

With that, the Operator look at the Commander gesturing him that he is finished talking to them.

"Captain ShunRei, I want you and your team, go to the location." He began to gives instructions. "Go to the site and also if possible, gather information and data, while you were there."

"Understand?" He glanced at Rei.

"Yes, Commander, I understand." He grins with assurance. Then Commander looked at the other two.


"Clear as crystal." He gave a thumbs up at the Commander.

Then he looked at Rayne, who's stretching her body, preparing for the up coming battle. She caught that commander is staring at her. She stopped and grins.

"It's Loud and clear."

He began to smile lightly. "And be careful." He stated lastly.

Commander Higgs stands and lift up his hand. And then points his hand at the three agents. "Commence operation, GATEKEEPERS!"

"Roger, AEGIS!" they respond at the same time, perform their famous hand signals. And then leave right away control room. Commander smile as he muse how professional they take and act things.

'Just like you.' He thought. 'You've raised him well, Akane.' then he turned around to take a look at the big monitor. 'It's been a while, since I've taken care of him.'

He remembered something, and he turned to the AEGIS Operators. How could he forget something that important?

"Wait! Turn all the traffic lights the in red into green." Commander tells them immediately.

The Operator just stared him, strangely.

"Just do it."




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