Chapter 89: The Recovery

Madam Pomfrey was kept busy by those that were injured and those that were dead. Remus and Hermione were the lucky ones and Hermione felt that was the best gift of all. Harry's scar was gone and that left Hermione time to ask him if he wanted to be her children's godfather.

"But I did all these horrible things."

"I know, but you didn't know what you were doing," Hermione said. "I would take it as a personal insult if you didn't become their godfather."

Harry smiled at him.

"Then I accept your offer."

Hermione hugged him.

The next morning Hermione and Remus gathered her children and told her parents all about what happened. Both Anna and her husband were shocked and delighted that Voldemort was dead and that dragons had aided his downfall.

"Do you think that things will return to normal?" she asked.

"I hope so," Hermione said.

It took along time for things to return to normal and Hermione managed to pass onto her final year, along with Harry and a lot of others. Pansy and her husband returned with a bright new baby boy and even Neville and Lavender returned, Lavender overdue on her child.

"What about Narcissa?" Hermione asked the Headmaster.

"I think that she's going to do fine," he said. "She seemed relieved that she didn't have to share her son with Voldemort. He wasn't really ready to be a father."

"Do you think that she'll tell the child the truth?"

Dumbledore sighed.

"I hope so," he said.

"And you?"

"Don't ask," Dumbledore warned.

A week after Hermione passed Ginny gave birth to her son. Leon was perfect, round, and with a tuff of black hair. Severus hid the baby in his room, which annoyed Ginny to no end. Hermione and Harry thought it was funny that Severus didn't want to share his son with anyone. Luna's turn to give birth came and for a wizard that had somewhat defeated Voldemort he fainted at the sight of blood and other stuff, as he called it. Hermione and Remus thought it was funny.

As for the name thing, they called her Sandra Lily Potter, which was fine with everyone. Hermione spent her summer with her parents and one day she got a letter from Wolff and Byrd, telling her that they had heard about her delivery and was opening an office in London. They asked if Remus wanted to quite his job and work for them. Remus declined. Kingsley sent Hermione a letter a few days later telling her that at last she had given birth to her son and daughter.

She had named the son Alister and the daughter Amelia. Hermione smiled at the thought that Nymph was finally happy. Hermione then got an invitation for Sirius wedding, but she turned it down. She was plan too tired to go to a wedding and when Marcus sent his letter asking her to come to his wedding to Amelia Moon, she declined as well. Same reason, tired.

"I do wish them all the luck in the world," Hermione read.

"Well that's sweet," Anna said, just as a small bunny came floating past them.

Hermione smiled, thinking about the first time that she had done magic.

"Oh I got a letter from a girl named Ginny," Anna said.

"Oh great," Hermione said. "I hope that she asks to be their godmother."

She opened the letter and read:


I hope that position of godmother is open. I want to be godmother and I won't leave you alone until you agree.


Hermione laughed and sent a response, telling her that she could, along with Luna.

"Do you think that Luna will agree?" Remus asked.

"I hope so."

A week later a letter from Luna told her that she would be delighted in being a godmother. The next day she got a Howler from Minerva, mad that she wasn't made Godmother. Hermione decided that a Silencing Charm was in order. However, all and all, she was glad that everything had turned out all right. Who knew that a Marriage Law, even as strange as what the Minister had put on them, would bring her such happiness.

And looking at Remus and her four children, she knew that she was at last happy.

The End

Note: Sorry about not including Morgana after a certain part in the story, but I've got little plans for her. I plan on writing a sequel, but I don't know how it's going to start, but it will have Morgana and all your favorite characters. After all we have to find out what happened to Eileen and all those babies, now don't we. Thanks everyone that reviewed, it was a long story, but I enjoyed it.