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Warning: If you have not beaten Tales of Symphonia then don't read these because it has spoliers from the end of the game and you wouldn't understand who everyone is



Colette's House (Colette's room)

Lloyd and Colette were both sleeping peacefully, planning on sleeping until late in the morning until Origin woke Lloyd up.



Lloyd woke up and said

What do you want Origin?

You and Colette need to wake up and head to the Giant Tree as soon as you can


I will tell you when you get there


Lloyd got up and tried to wake up Colette "Colette, you need to get up"

Colette woke and asked half asleep "What is it Lloyd"

"Origin said we need to go the Giant Tree as soon as possible" said Lloyd

"Did he say why" asked Colette who is now fully awake

"No, he said he will tell us when we get there" said Lloyd

"Well then, we should get ready to go then" said Colette getting out of bed

After they both got dressed and headed downstairs and saw Colette's grandmother cooking breakfast. She looked up at the young couple and asked "I thought you two were going to sleep late this morning"

"We were, but Origin contacted me and said we need to get to the Giant Tree as soon as possible" said Lloyd

"Well, at least have some breakfast. You can't save the world on an empty stomach" said Colette's grandmother

"All right" said Lloyd as he and Colette sat down and ate breakfast

They finished their breakfast and got up and headed towards the door and Colette said "Bye grandma"

"Bye Mrs. Brunel" said Lloyd

"Good luck and stay safe" said Mrs. Brunel

"We will" they both said as they were walking out of the door

They got outside and spread their wings and flew to the Giant Tree of Symphonia. About a half hour later, they arrived at the Giant Tree and landed as Origin appeared before them. "Are you going to tell now why we had to get up early and come here" asked Lloyd

"We have to wait for everyone else to get here first" said Origin

"Who else is coming" asked Colette

"I contacted Kratos to come and had the other Summon Spirits contact Sheena to come also and send some of her ninjas to find Genis and Presea and tell them to come also" said Origin

Kratos arrived shortly after that and Lloyd asked him "Do you know why we are here"

"No, Origin wouldn't tell me anything. He just told me to be here" said Kratos

"Well he got us up, out of bed, and told us to come here" said Lloyd

"You were both in the same bed" asked Kratos

"Yeah, but nothing happen" said Lloyd

"We just like sleeping together" said Colette blushing

After that awkward conversation, Sheena arrived on her Rheaird and asked "What's going on and are Genis and Presea here yet"

"Origin won't tell us until Genis and Presea get here" said Lloyd

"Well I sent out my best trackers to find them, they should be here by now" said Sheena

As if on cue, Genis and Presea's Rheairds appeared from different directions and landed. "Took you long enough to get here" said Lloyd

"What is going on here? Some of Sheena's ninjas showed up and told me I had to come here" said Genis

"We don't know! Origin wouldn't tell us until everyone was here" Lloyd almost screamed

"Now that everyone is here, I will explain my reasoning for all of you coming here" said Origin

"Finally" said Lloyd

"I am taking you all to a different dimension to learn a new way of fighting" said Origin

"Cool, what type is it" asked Lloyd

"It is similar to the way Sheena fights but more in depth. You see, the place we are going is filled with villages just like Sheena's but much, much bigger" said Origin

"How so" asked Sheena

"I will explain when we get there" said Origin

"So if everyone is ready, we will be on our way" said Origin

Origin opened up a dimensional gate and took them all to the world of the shinobi. They appeared a few miles from Konoha. "We are now a few miles from the Village Hidden in the Leaves known as Konoha. That is where Lloyd, Colette, Genis and Presea will learn the art of the shinobi" said Origin

"So what are me and Kratos here for" asked Sheena

"I will get to that, but first I have to explain something to you four" said Origin

"Lloyd, Colette, when you came here you got the ability to change how old your body looks. This is going to help with your disguise. I want you and Colette to become ten year olds" said Origin

"What, why" screamed Lloyd

"Because that is the age of the students in the class you will be in" said Origin

"Ohh, alright" said Lloyd

So Lloyd and Colette changed from two seventeen year olds to two ten year olds. They still looked the same, they were just shorter and younger looking. "How's this" asked Colette

"Perfect, Genis and Presea, you need to worry about anything since you are already ten" said Origin

"Also we are going to be spending a couple of years here" Origin was beginning to say but was cut off when Lloyd yelled out "What, what about Symphonia"

"And the Giant Tree" added Colette

"Well, if you let me finish, you will be spending a couple of years here but it only will be a week or two in Symphonia and Genis and Presea have nothing to worry about, they will return to their original ages when they return to Symphonia and that goes for Sheena as well" said Origin

"Is that clear" he asked

"Yes" they all said

"Good, now for you two" he said

"Kratos, I want you to stay invisible most of the time and make sure nothing goes wrong" he said

"Alright" said Kratos

"Sheena, you are going to be part of their disguise and back-story. You are going to say, you are the leader of Mizuho and have brought these four students here to train to become Leaf shinobi" said Origin

"Got it" said Sheena

"One more thing before you go, always keep your crystals hidden and no angelic powers you two unless it is necessary. We don't want to do anything that will show we are not from here" said Origin

"Right" they all said

"Good luck" Origin said as he disappeared

Kratos turned invisible and took to the sky as Sheena led the new group of ten year olds to the gate of Konoha. When they got to the gate, an ANBU guard stopped them and said "State your intension here"

"My name is Sheena Fujibayashi, leader of the village of Mizuho. I bought these four here hoping they could train here to become Leaf shinobi" said Sheena

The guard looks them over and thinks "Well it looks like she is telling the truth and those kids don't look they could do anything, so it should be ok"

"Alright, I will let you in. Head the Hokage's office and speak your request to the Hokage and he will give you your decision" said the guard

"Thank you very much" said Sheena as they walked though the gate

As they were walking towards the Hokage's tower, Lloyd spoke up and said "I guess Hokage is what they call their leader"

"I guess so" Sheena replied

"You know, Origin was right, this village does look like Mizuho but bigger" she said

They arrive at the Hokage's tower and enter and go up to the top floor where they are stopped by his assistant. "How may I help you" the assistant asked

"Hello, my name is Sheena Fujibayashi, leader of the village of Mizuho. I bought these four here hoping they could train to become Leaf shinobi and the guard at the gate said I should speak with the Hokage" said Sheena

"Yes, of course, wait one moment" said the assistant

She opened and said "Hokage-sama you have some visitors"

"Please send them in" said the Hokage from inside his office

The assistant opened the door wider and said "You can go in now"

"Thank you" said Sheena as they walked into the Hokage's office

Once they are all in the office, the Hokage said "Please have a seat"

"Thank you" said Sheena as they all sat down

"Now, I heard you want these four here to enter the academy to become leaf shinobi, is that correct" asked the Hokage

"Yes sir" said Sheena

"Well then, may I have your names" asked the Hokage

"Lloyd Irving"

"Colette Brunel"

"Genis Sage"

"Presea Combatir"

"Well then, before I make my decision, I would like to see your skills, so if you would please follow me" said the Hokage

They follow him out onto a training field and he turned around and said "One at a time, show me what you can do"

Lloyd went first and charged at a tree and drew the Material Blade and yelled "TIGER BLADE" and chopped the tree cleanly in half

Colette was next and she drew out her chakrams and yelled "TRIPLE RAY SATALLITE" cutting the fallen into three pieces

Then Genis took out his kendama and charged up a fireball spell and burnt the tree to ashes. And finally Presea took out her axe and shouted "DEVASTATION" and blew all the ashes away leaving a small crater in the ground.

The Hokage was awe struck at their display and asked "You appear to be already very strong, why do you want to train to be shinobi"

"Because we want to know more than one way of fighting so we would be prepared for anything that is thrown at us in the future" said Lloyd

"Well then, welcome to the academy. If you will follow me, I will show you the way" said the Hokage

Once they reached the Academy the Hokage handed each a paper and said "Just hand that to the teacher and it will explain everything"

As he was walking away he said "Good luck, I am expecting to see great things from you"

They walked though the academy doors and Lloyd said "Great, we have to go back to school"

"Cheer up Lloyd, who knows, it might be fun and if it is boring you can make yourself unable to fall asleep to pay attention" said Colette

"I like this, now we are both the same height" said Genis

"Shut up Genis" said Lloyd as he bonked him on the head

They finally made it to the classroom and opened the door and walked in.

Inside the classroom, Iruka was teaching his class when four kids walked in. A boy with brown hair, red clothes and two swords in his belt, a girl with blond hair, white clothes and two chakrams on her waist, a boy with silver hair and blue clothes and a girl with pink hair and black clothes. They all walk up to the teacher and hand him their papers. He quickly reads over them and said "Class these are our new students from the village of Mizuho"

"Would you please introduce yourselves" he asked

"The name is Lloyd Irving"

"Hello, my name is Colette Brunel"

"Hi, my name is Genis Sage"

"My name is Presea Combatir"

"Thank you" Iruka said them

"Now then, during their time here each one will be staying with one of you to learn more about the village easier" he said to the class

"I want each of you to sit next to the person I call, they will be the person you will live with" he said to them

"Yes sir" they said

"Lloyd Irving will be with Naruto Uzumaki"

"Colette Brunel will be with Hinata Hyuga"

"Genis Sage will be with Sakura Haruno"

"Presea Combatir will be with Sasuke Uchiha"


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