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They all went outside of the bar as Naruto and Tsunade stood across from each other in the street. Naruto charged forward and started attacking Tsunade which she easily dodged. She then flicked Naruto's forehead and sent him flying into a storefront. Tsunade smirked until she saw Naruto disappear in a puff of smoke. "A Kage Bunshin" thought Tsunade shocked

Hinata, who was watching the fight with her Angelic Sharingan, said "The key to her strength is charging chakra into her limbs and releasing it at the point of impact"

"Thanks" said Naruto

He appeared behind Tsunade with his swords out shouting "Tiger Blade"

Tsunade reacted on instinct and kicked back knocking Naruto back only to find out that it was another Kage Bunshin. Naruto appeared in front of her saying "I win"

"WHAT" yelled Tsunade?

"The rules were that you would beat me with one finger. But you kicked my Kage Bunshin meaning you need more than one finger" said Naruto

"So you lose" he said smirking

Tsunade had a shocked look on her face as she thought "I was tricked by a kid"

"Now you can come back to Konoha with us" said Naruto

"Unless you were planning on joining Orochimaru" he said glaring a little

"What makes you think that" asked Tsunade

"The only reason Orochimaru would seek you out is to heal him" said Hinata

Tsunade turned to her as Hinata continued. "Since you didn't tell us what Orochimaru wanted and told your companion not to either means that you are considering the deal" she said

Tsunade had a depressed look on her face as she thought "How far have I fallen that two kids can figure me out"

She led them back to the hotel where she explained her encounter with Orochimaru. Once it was finished Naruto asked "You know that he is tricking you right"

"Nothing here can bring back the dead" said Hinata

"I know" said Tsunade

"Just the thought of seeing them again" she said crying

"You will eventually" said Hinata

Tsunade nodded as she straightens up. "Now we need to plan on how to deal with Orochimaru" said Naruto

"Me and Tsunade can handle him" said Jiraiya

A week later Naruto and Hinata went into Tsunade's and Shizune's room to get them only to see Shizune on the floor unconscious. Hinata ran over and checked her saying "She's just unconscious"

Hinata started waking up Shizune as Jiraiya staggered into the room. "What happened to you" asked Naruto

"Tsunade drugged me and my chakra is out of whack" said Jiraiya

Shizune finally woke up shouting "Tsunade-sama"

"What happened" asked Hinata

"Tsunade-sama went to go deal with Orochimaru by herself" said Shizune

"Damn it" growled Naruto

"Do you know where they are meeting" asked Jiraiya

"Yes" said Shizune

"Lead us there" said Jiraiya

Shizune nodded her head and lead them out of the hotel. She led them to the spot where they met Orochimaru and saw Tsunade standing over a body. Hinata looked with her Byakugan and saw that Orochimaru was dead. She let out a gasp as she said "He's dead"

"Good riddance" said Kyubi

The four of them jumped down and Jiraiya asked "Why didn't you want us to help you"

"I wanted to do this on my own" said Tsunade

They went back to the hotel where Tsunade flushed the drug out of Jiraiya's system. They returned to Konoha where Tsunade was inaugurated as the Hokage a few days later.

A couple of days after that Naruto and Hinata walked into her office. "What is it" asked Tsunade

"We were asked by our friends to give these back to the new Hokage" said Naruto placing five hitai-ates on her desk

"What friends" asked Tsunade?

"The other half of our team and a former ANBU" said Hinata

"They came to our village to learn new skills and the Sandaime put them in our class. But they had to return to their village after the Chunin exams because their village was under attack" said Naruto

"What about the ANBU" asked Tsunade?

"One of our friend's mothers went missing and was thought dead. But they found her here as one of the ANBU" said Hinata

"She was made proctor of the third exam and saw her son's name on the list" said Naruto

"Nobody made the connection since he was using her name and she was using her husband's name" said Hinata

"Alright then" said Tsunade putting the hitai-ates away in her desk

Naruto and Hinata then both left her office.

A couple of weeks later the Sound Four came and convinced Sasuke to come with on the final orders they received from Orochimaru. Tsunade called Naruto and Shikamaru to her office. "Last night four Oto-nins came and kidnapped Sasuke" said Tsunade

"Even dead Orochimaru is causing problems for us" said Naruto

"I want you to assemble a squad to go out and retrieve him" said Tsunade

"Yes ma'am" said Shikamaru

Shikamaru collected Choji, Neji, Kiba, and met with Naruto at the gates. They left the village with Kiba in front, Shikamaru in the middle, and Naruto on the left, Choji on the right, and Neji behind them.

They caught up to the Sound Four only to be caught and stuck in a dome of earth. Naruto looked at it with his Angelic Sharingan and copied it. "So he is sucking out our chakra" thought Naruto

"Let's see how he likes demonic chakra" he thought with a smirk

He started calling upon Kyubi's chakra and sent it into the dome. The others saw Naruto covered in red chakra and it being sucked into the dome. "The dome is stealing our chakra" said Shikamaru

They then heard a scream and the dome collapsed. They saw Jirobo on the ground in pain with his arms smoking. Naruto quickly drew one of his swords and killed him. "What happened" asked Kiba

Neji looked at Jirobo with his Byakugan and said "Naruto overloaded his body with chakra"

"We need to keep moving" said Shikamaru

The others nodded and they continued on. But they soon get stuck on Kidomaru's web but Neji is able to free them. Naruto took a quick look at the webs with his Angelic Sharingan and saw it was a Kekkei Genkai. "That is one that I do not want" thought Naruto

The team left Neji behind to deal with Kidomaru and continued on. Kiba trips a trap and falls into a canyon followed by Sakon and Ukon. Leaving Tayuya as the only one left holding the barrel that contains Sasuke. But before anyone one of them could grab it, an albino appeared and took the barrel. "What are you doing here Kimimaro" asked Tayuya

"It appears I am the only one who can fulfill Orochimaru-sama's last wish" said Kimimaro

He then took the barrel and ran away. "We were doing just fine" shouted Tayuya

"Damn albino" she muttered

"Naruto, Lee, go after him" said Shikamaru

They both nodded and took off. "Where do you think you're going" shouted Tayuya

She brought her flute to her lips only to be punched by Choji's enlarged arm. "Your fight is with us" said Shikamaru

Naruto and Lee followed Kimimaro to a clearing where he put the barrel down. They landed in the clearing only to see the barrel explode. Naruto saw a figure in the smoke which was revealed to be Sasuke slowly changing back from something. "I have a feeling I will need my angelic powers for this" thought Naruto

Sasuke then ran off. "Go Naruto, I shall handle him" said Lee

"Alright" said Naruto

He then ran off after Sasuke. Kimimaro tried to stop him only to have to block an attack from Lee. "I shall be your opponent" shouted Lee

Naruto chased Sasuke until they arrived at the Valley of the End. Sasuke was standing on the statue of Madara Uchiha and Naruto standing on the statue of Hashirama Senju. "Why did you come after me Naruto" asked Sasuke

"Because I was ordered to" said Naruto

"Where are those damn friends of yours" asked Sasuke

"They went back home to protect their village" said Naruto

"Then you stand no chance of beating me" said Sasuke smirking

"Why don't you come and prove it" said Naruto

Sasuke jumped off his statue and charged at Naruto. They started fighting and then broke off after a few clashes. "How is this possible" shouted Sasuke in his mind

He activated his cursed seal and black flame marks took over the right side of his body. "The cursed seal" thought Naruto shocked

"Shouldn't that had gone away when Orochimaru died" he thought

"There must be more to it than everyone thought" said Kyubi

Sasuke charged at Naruto again but they still met clash for clash. "How are you keeping up with me" shouted Sasuke

"What do you think I was doing all that time I spent with Lloyd and the others" asked Naruto

Sasuke jumped back and pushed his cursed seal to level two and transformed. His skin turned dark grey; his hair grew longer and became dark and blue. His eyes turned dark grey as well and a dark star shaped mark appeared across the bridge of his nose. Out of his back appeared webbed, claw shaped wings. Sasuke started laughing as he shouted "With this power I will kill you"

Naruto said nothings as his wings appeared and he started floating above the ground. Sasuke was shocked at what he saw. "What is this power" asked Sasuke

"This is the true power Lloyd and Colette had that they gave to me" said Naruto

"You don't deserve this power" shouted Sasuke

He made some hand signs and a dark ball of electricity appeared in his right hand. Naruto formed a Rasengan in his hand and it started to glow white. They both flew at each other shouting

"Habataku Chidori"

"Judgment Rasengan"

The two met in a clash and the Judgment Rasengan easily destroyed the Habataku Chidori. It kept on going and slammed in Sasuke's stomach. He screamed out in pain as he was as he was sent flying into the statue of Madara Uchiha while changing back.

Naruto drew one of his swords and said "Judgment"

The blade started glowing white and he dived at Sasuke. He drove his sword into Sasuke's neck and there was a white flash of light. When it cleared there was Sasuke's body on the ground dead.

A portal opened up near them and Lloyd and Colette came out of it. Colette started flying towards Konoha and Lloyd walked towards Naruto. "What are you doing here" asked Naruto sheathing his sword

"And where did Colette go" he asked

"Origin told us what was going to happen" said Lloyd

"Konoha will banish you for killing Sasuke" he said

"Figures" said Naruto sighing

"So we came to bring you to our home" said Lloyd smiling

"Really" asked Naruto

"Yes" said Lloyd

"Colette went to go get Hinata and Hanabi" he said

Colette arrived at Konoha and turned invisible. She saw Hinata standing near the gate and landed behind her. "Hinata" said Colette

"Colette" asked Hinata her eyes wide

"Yes" said Colette

"What are you doing here" asked Hinata

"Naruto killed Sasuke and Konoha will banish him for it. So we have come to take the three of you to Sylvarant" said Colette

Hinata's eyes widen at that. "Where is Hanabi" asked Colette

"At home" said Hinata

"Stay here and I will go get her" said Colette

"What about my stuff" asked Hinata?

"Don't worry I will get your personal items" said Colette

"Thank you" said Hinata

Colette took off and flew towards the Hyuga compound. She first went to Hinata's room and put all of her personal items in her wing pack. She then went looking for Hanabi. She found her training outside near her room. She got near here and said "Hanabi"

"Colette" said Hanabi

"What are you doing here" she asked

"We are here to take you, Hinata, and Naruto to Sylvarant" said Colette

"So go get your personal items and meet me back here" she said

Hanabi nodded and ran off. She came back a few minutes later saying "All done"

"Good" said Colette

"Do you know how to turn invisible yet" she asked

Hanabi turn invisible as her answer. "Very good" said Colette

"Follow me" she said

Hanabi nodded and took off after Colette. They flew back to where Hinata was and Colette said "Follow me"

Hinata stepped back into the shadows and turned invisible. She then took off and joined Hanabi following after Colette. They flew back to the Valley of the End and landed in front of Lloyd and Naruto. "Are you alright" asked Hinata

"I'm fine" said Naruto

"Let's go" said Lloyd

The five of them stepped though the portal and disappeared from the Elemental Countries forever.