Dallas Winston stared in silence at the miserable man who sat on the bed, looking like his world had thrown him to the ground and stomped on him.

Dally wasted no time in correcting the situation.

Darry started when Dally pressed a heated, hard kiss to his lips, his frame pressed just as close and demanding. Dally was wild and his untamed nature began to devour them both as he stripped Darry's shirt. Dally was pushing Darry and he knew it but had yet to feel any repercussions. They slid along the bed until Darry was flush against the headboard and he then fought for dominance with his tongue as he made Dally's jacket and shirt disappear somewhere behind the bed.

Darry wrapped an arm around Dally's bare chest, mindful of the bruises and let his tongue lap at Dally's and nibbled Dally's bottom lip. That was the last tender moment Dally felt necessary. Dally growled against the gentleness and pressed against Darry, urging him to unleash the wild side Dally knew existed.

"Come on big boy. I'm wild and I know you are."

Darry kissed Dally's neck, sucking on the ticklish spot where shoulder met neck before kissing his pulse. He overlapped Dally's Adams apple with his mouth and felt Dally shudder as his teeth sank down just enough to exert pressure and make Dally's heart rate flutter.

Dally wrapped his arms around Darry and felt his fingernails leave long scratches across Darry's back. Darry groaned at the animalistic method of claiming what was Dally's and his guttural chuckle resounded deep in chest. Dally kissed him with a fierce embrace and arched against Darry's hips.

That was when Dally realized how strong a beast Darry was.

Darry kissed Dally with the fierce intent of a predator and moved the thinner boy back until he was sitting and Darry was perched between his legs, hands trailing up his thighs, tickling the waist band of his jeans before trailing up his chest and fisting in his blonde hair root deep. He enveloped Dally's mouth in a fiery kiss as he began to ungulate against Dally. His hips hit against Dally as he spread his legs and groaned into the kiss. This couldn't last long because one, Dallas was not a bottom in bed, by anyone's standard, two, Darry's thrusts were becoming stronger and more insistent, and Dally didn't want to be persuaded by those strong hips, and three, they both still wore stiff jeans that were constricting certain necessary body parts.

"You are such a beast, you fierce bastard." Dally muttered, gasping as Darry stroked his erection through the denim with a strong, firm hand.

"And you aren't?"

"Well, you can't fuck me through jeans." Dally said.

"You can't either." Darry said, chuckling since he knew Dally wasn't about to stop struggling for dominance.

"You first." Dally said. Darry rolled his eyes.

"Fine, I'll be the bigger man here for a moment."

Dally attacked Darry's jeans and was making short work of his underwear the next instant. He exhaled in appreciation. He wasn't usually this turned on merely by the sight of anyone's erection but God, Darry was the stuff Dally's dreams were made of. Dally arched against Darry and urged him to free him of his jeans in a similar fashion. Darry smiled and pushed Dally to the mattress, knowing Dally was playing along for the moment or it would've been a struggle to get his back against any hard surface. Darry's tongue played on Dally's navel as Dally looked down at him and he moaned.

"You are really trying to get me to let you fuck me." Dally murmured, biting his lip as Darry looked up at him, tilting his head.

"I'm just getting into your pants."

"What have you been doing the past few minutes then?" Dally asked, not knowing how he summoned the skill to speak as Darry dragged his tongue down to the waistband of his jeans.

"Foreplay?" Darry said, smiling as he unbuttoned Dally's jeans with his tongue and teeth. He held the zipper in between his teeth and tugged it down, smiling up at Dally as he tugged his underwear off in a rather graceless manner in comparison.

"You are a talented son of a bitch."

"You have no idea."

Darry deep throated him before he could moan.

Dally almost lost it then.

Darry let Dally pull him off, gasping and swearing at Darry's smirk.

"Let me guess, I'm a bastard and if I do that again I'm going to be a very sorry bastard?" Darry said. Dally righted himself and stared eye to eye with Darry.

"I'm not that easy to top Superman, no matter how much I love you."

Dally knew Darry would be taken off guard by his confession and hell, saying it in the heat of animalistic love making made it easier to say. And he meant it. That's what startled Darry enough to let Dally push him to the mattress.

Dally let his tongue wander across the expanse of muscled flesh that was damn near prone beneath him. His lips met with flesh, flushed with arousal and he let his tongue slip out on Darrel's stomach, languishing up to his sternum. He ended at Darry's throat as the older man threw his head against the pillow, leaving his neck so vulnerable it was a sin to not touch. It still wasn't enough. He wanted to feel Darry, taste him, feel him more and claim him.

Darry sighed in pleasure as Dally's hands ran down his bare chest. They weren't thin, girlish hands either. Rough, calloused and so alive with heat at the fingertips and pressure on the palms against his blushing skin. His breath caught in his chest as he held Dally's hands in his own and pulled them close. He kissed the blazing fingertips and firm palms, brushing his teeth against scarred knuckles. Was the rest of his lover so scarred, hurt and willing?

Dally stopped thinking about who was going to end up on top when Darry clasped his hands. His tongue delved into the shallow dips of each knuckle and the shallower dips of various scars. One from brass knuckles, another from punching out a window, another from a fistfight and many more that he didn't particularly remember. Darry laid a chaste kiss on the bandaged hand and shivered. He stared at the blonde teenager on top of him and smiled.

"You're, beautiful." He slid up to Dally's face and kissed him.

The passion Darry had laid onto Dally took him by surprise and he let the older man ease him back to the mattress. He didn't mind since his kisses were urgent but sated, pleading but demanding. God, this was like payback for all the shit Dally dealt with his entire life.

Eventually Dally remembered that he didn't want to be on bottom and attempted to push up on Darry. He found himself pinned under firm hands and a firmer mouth. He broke their kiss and panted against the mattress.

"All right, let me up." Darry smiled and feigned confusion as he nipped Dally's ear. Dally hissed.

"What ever for?" Darry asked.

"Come on Darrel." Dally said, smirking a touch since all the passion and love shared between them wouldn't make either one of them stop wanting to be the aggressor. That was why they'd ended up together, Dally supposed.

"What's it worth to you?" Darry asked, smiling and kissing Dally's chest, breathing hot air against his nipple and making Dally writhe under him.

"Darrel." Dally's stern voiced cracked as Darry trailed his tongue across his nipple. He sighed.

"If you don't let me up, how are we supposed to keep fighting for the right to fuck?" Dally asked.

"We could take turns." Darry said, grinning a vicious grin.

"Who goes first then?" Dally asked, keening as Darry sucked on his other nipple and let his fingers brush against the other.

"We could flip a coin." Darry said, noting Dally moaned because the contact with his nipple ceased.

"How do I know you won't just pin me down and take me?" Dally asked. The mere thought of that gave him a sick frisson of pleasure. He wouldn't mind.

"Would you mind?" Dally met those hazy blue eyes and lost it.

"Fuck, take me you bastard."

Darry kissed Dally and grabbed a pillow. He lifted Dally's hips with a reserve of gentleness Dally never knew existed and smiled as he slipped the pillow under the small of Dally's back. He then slid some lube from the pillowcase and flushed.

"You're well prepared." Darry nodded and kissed Dally again until they both drew away breathless.

"Enough foreplay Superman." Dally said, settling against the mattress and looking up at Darry.

Darry shrugged his shoulders and implied he didn't mind being ordered since he would've done it anyway. He again settled between Dallas's thighs, noticing a flinch as Dally spread his legs. He looked over Dally's bruised flesh and noted with relief that weren't nearly as many bruised below his hips than above. Dally frowned at him, knowing he was worrying and Darry flushed.

"You're beautiful, even when you're hurt like this."

"Fuck Superman, you don't need to chat me up, I'm already in your bed. Jesus, you're like a girl." Dally spoke only half disparagingly since the sincere words of love touched a place in him that wasn't used tot the light of day.

Darry got some of the lube on his hands but made no motion to make use of it, instead he lapped at Dally's naval once more, sinking lower. He placed a kiss on the tip of Dally's erection and drew a half beast howl. Darry laughed at that sound and knew Dally was likely regretting his decision to let Darry be on top since he was taking his sweet time.

Darry let his fingers glide under Dally's erection and he stroked Dally's perineum, letting his finger apply pressure to the skin between Dally's erection and opening before pressing a finger into Dally. He startled and tensed at the invasion but willed himself silent. Darry wiggled his finger against the clenching muscles and let his other hand stroke Dally's thigh. Dally sighed in contentment for a split second before he pushed back at Darry, wanting to impale himself. Darry slid another finger in and sighed as Dally moaned.

Darry took his free hand from Dally's thigh and slid a finger in, the second from the same hand gliding in, accompanied by a hiss of pain as four fingers stretched Dally. He leaned down and left open-mouthed kisses along the inside of Dally's thighs as he stretched Dally.

Dally's pain was rescinding and he was about to push on Darry for more when he felt lips press to his stretched opening. He tossed his head and bit back a yell. Darry was seriously going to rim him. Dally felt like he'd earned it since Darry was stretching him beyond normal encounters, probably because Darry wasn't a normal encounter.

Dally fisted the sheets when he felt Darry's tongue in his passage, flicking deep and drawing out. He went deeper with every sweep of his tongue and Dally was quivering, all pain forgotten. He wanted Darry's cock to be doing that but this was a nice touch.

"God, you're good." Dally moaned.

"That's nothing Dally. I'm going to be inside you with one thrust and I promise, when I'm done, you'll pass out."

Dally's moan was earth shattering as he tossed his head. Darry had better be in him with one thrust because Dally wasn't sure he'd last any longer.

Darry pressed the tip of his erection to Dally's opening, his hands on either side of the younger boy. Dally felt those eyes on him and dared meet them as Darry held his hips and plunged in.

Dally jerked when Darry's cock hit his pleasure spot and moaned his name. One thrust. One thrust for all the burning stretch, blind pleasure and promises.

Darry pulled out a few inches and pushed in, feeling the stretch of Dallas Winton's muscles, for him and no one else. Ever. Dally's fight and begrudging submission told him that much. He pulled out further and thrust in harder, feeling Dally push his hips against Darry's thrusts. The rhythm was about to get a whole lot faster and they both knew it, needed it.

Dally gritted his teeth against his treacherous mouth since those moans weren't particularly masculine or quiet. But God he couldn't help it. Darry, the biggest, sexiest man he knew, the only man he'd ever dreamed of or truly desired, was plunging into his opening with dormant passion lit by Dally. Me. I make him crazy. He fucking loves me. Dally kept his eyes on Darry's, glancing at those powerful thighs surging against him, the muscles working under his bronzed skin. He shuddered as Darry's hand slid to his erection. This would be over soon but he knew there would be more. Darry would promise it.

Darry was on the edge of losing it and he wanted to ensure he didn't lose it before Dally. He began to stroke Dally's cock and soon the rhythm matched his thrusts.

"Quit biting your lip." Darry muttered, knowing those moans Dally was holding back would drive him insane.

"Fuck you." Dally murmured, too distracted to bite his lip any longer.

"Maybe later."

Dally's hips arched hard against Darry and he felt Dally's muscles clamp around his cock. His next stroke on Dally made the boy howl and lurch back against Darry's erection to press his pleasure spot. Dally murmured his name before one last breathy moan as he came. Darry gave only a few more strokes inside Dally's tightened passage before he came deep inside his lover.

Both men collapsed on the bed and panted, sweat gleaming on their frames. Dally's vision went black for a while but he couldn't decide if he'd passed out or if his eyes couldn't stand the sheer visual feast a naked Darry presented. At any rate, Darry kept his promises.

Darry looked at Dally's face, eyebrow arched and Dally wriggled into his arms, sighing at his own weakness for Darry. Darry smiled and kissed Dally's forehead. This was better than any dream. Dally's vicious grin made Darry blink at him.

"So Darry, when's later?"

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