Chapter 2

Bebe walked down the hallway with pride. She had decided who she wanted to simplify the competition down to. It was pretty disappointing to find out that after all those auditions she had only gotten six finalists. Although, she did trust in her decision for those six. Okay, maybe they weren't all that trustworthy, but they sure seemed like best choices, which weren't saying a lot.

She spotted one of them on her right, and she grinned. Tapping the six-foot-tall male on the shoulder, she confirmed, "Steve Bailey?"

He turned around, and at first he had a surprised look, but it quickly changed to a relaxed proud look. He tried to play his cool, of course. It was obvious. Bebe tugged at her backpack, and then swayed for a second, just to stall herself and see him squirm. She was enjoying the fact that he had to lower himself just to get her to think of him nicely. How sweet.

"Steve," she started slowly, "I'd like to know if you're… free after school."

In some kind of 'suave' voice, he said, "Hm, since I don't have any football practice today, yeah, sure, I have time."

She smiled in return. Her grin was the only thing preventing her from laughing. "Great. Is it okay if we meet at the Memorial Bench at around 3:15?"

"Cool," he said. "Whatever is good for your schedule."

"Uh huh," she said. Then she moved closer to him, and considering that she was a foot shorter, she was now speaking into his chest, "Don't think you're gonna have a chance with that little attitude of yours. Because I have another date right after you…"

She stepped back, and smiled in the sweetest way possible. He stared blankly at her as she walked away, swaying her hips. Boy, she loved this. She was going to have so much fun tonight.

She managed to find four of the other dates she chose as her finalists. After Steve, she went straight to Token's locker, and, just as she thought, he was there. Not long after that, she found Drew Mirimand hanging around the boy's bathroom, joking with his friends. Juan Reyes was out in the alley behind the school, so was Hu Kim. She all told them without problem that they were to be scheduled for mini-dates that afternoon. Now she needed to inform the final two.

The bell for homeroom rang, and just as she was about to get to class, a blonde boy passed by her.

There he is! She thought.


He turned around with a panicked expression. He seemed to calm a bit down as she neared him.

"It's alright, Butters," she said nicely. "It's just me."

"Oh, I-I see that, Bebe," he smiled. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Actually…" she started, "You can join me for this… mini-date this afternoon."

He paused, almost in a shocked expression. But soon enough, his shocked expression changed to giddiness. "Gee—gee whiz, Bebe! I'm one of the lucky guys!" She nodded. "Oh yippee! I… I dunno what to say!"

"You don't need to say anything," said Bebe. "All you gotta do is show up to the mall's entrance at 5:30 or earlier around that time, okay?"

"You bet!" he exclaimed, only before hugging her tightly. Standing there awkwardly, she didn't do anything except worry about her aching sides. Once he let go, he bid her bye and left for class.

It wasn't until an administrator came walking by, yelling at people to hurry on, that she realized that she was going to be late.

Bebe couldn't help but feel just a little disappointment after not finding the last guy. She wanted to inform all of them before class, because she wanted it to sink in during the school time. As she walked into homeroom, just a few moments before she was late, her mind wandered away from the boys and the competition and focused on the school.

"Hey Bebe," said the girl next to her.

She turned to see Wendy and she returned the greeting. The substitute teacher for homeroom seemed to be pretty lax about chatting, so there were no worries between them as they started to talk. Wendy went on about how the Green Team, the school's environmental group, was giving her a hard time. By the time she was almost done, Bebe only half-listened to her. The other half was too focused on the late homeroom student who stumbled into class.

"Kenny!" she called out and Wendy stopped.

Bebe pointed to the empty seat catty-corner to her, and even though Kenny had an unknowing expression, he made his way to the seat. Bebe grinned, and pushed the hair in her face behind her ear. He blinked a few times before she got to speak.

"So, ah, just so you know," she said with the same air as she had with the other guys. "You're taking me out on a date tonight."

"I am?"

"You sure are," she said. "5:45ish, 'kay? At the mall fountain. I expect you to be there by that time, before I get there."

She knew she had to be pushy. She'd rather be the one controlling everything, not the other way around. No way in hell was she going to be the weak one of the pair. And Bebe was damn proud of how well she could keep that up.

"Look, if you really want me to be there," he said calmly while smiling, "you'd really have to stop being a bitch about it. I have a choice not to do this you know."

She stared at him dumbfounded. Did he just call her a bitch? I guess I did get carried away… rolled through the back of her mind, but she shook it off. Kenny had the look of faint satisfaction, but almost a pitying look in there too, the way he had that smile. Bebe felt herself staring for quite a while. Who did he think he was? Looking away for a brief second, she broke the stare.

"…But since I want to do this," Kenny continued, still wearing that smile, "I'll see you tonight. I wouldn't want to see those go to waste."

She almost blushed as he pointed to her chest. As if on cue with the silence, the bell rang. He had that same lingering smile even as he stood up and left. She sat there for a second or two and realized that she was still in her seat. Maybe Kenny wasn't that great of a choice. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

"Are you having second thoughts?" said Wendy in a proud tone. "You see, I told you."

Bebe swiftly turned her head to see Wendy all ready to go. As Bebe got herself ready within a few seconds, she replied, "Oh, no, no, no. I'm going to go all the way with this. And just you wait; you'll see this all work out in the end."

"Heh, well, it's your reputation, the one that you always care about, that will be on the line," Wendy smirked back.

That lunch, Kenny sat on a bench, waiting for two of his friends to come from the lunch line. Usually… actually, more often than not… he had no money or lunch, so he went the day without eating until he got home. And even then, there was barely anything to eat.

He stuffed his hands in his Hoodie pocket and continued to wait. From where he sat, he saw Bebe and her friends a short distance away, eating the cafeteria food. Immediately, he found his belly grumbling. But it soon went away when he spotted Kyle and Stan coming over. They both were talking about… something. They never could shut up when they were together.

"Kenny, you up for my place tonight?" Kyle asked as both he and Stan sat down next to Kenny. "I got the new Mortal Kombat so you gotta make sure you don't die before night!"

"Actually…" Kenny trailed off. He didn't want to blow off Mortal Kombat, but busty blondes were just too hot to miss.

"'Actually', what?" Stan asked now.

"Actually…" He paused. "I have a date…" Kenny said softly and slowly.

The other boys looked at each other and then turned to him. By the look of their faces, he could tell that they were in shock.

"What?" He didn't understand why they were so speechless.

Kyle blinked. "Did you just say 'date'?"


"You?! Sex with commitment?"

Kenny got red in the face. And huffily, he replied, "I'm no man-whore! It's possible to have a date once in a while!"

"Uh-huh, oh right, Kenny, you're so not a whore," Stan snickered.

"You keep joking like that," Kenny said, "but I'm actually doing it. She's worth it."

Stan chuckled a bit, and then afterwards, he asked, "So who is she? She better be hot as hell to make you this pussy-whipped into a relationship. Is it Porshea? I hear she's been checking you out lately."

Kenny bugged his eyes out, "What! Porshea's been checking me out?" He shook his head. Focus. "I mean. No. It's… Bebe."

Stan spit out the milk that he was drinking, and it got all over his pants. And while he did that, Kyle was just having a laughing riot. He was having a fit, red-faced and gut busting and all. As Stan wiped off the excess water around his face, he shouted, "BEBE?!" which gained much earned glances from the people around.

"Why the hell would she go out with you?!" Stan was appalled. Kyle kept on laughing.

"Because I passed the auditions," Kenny said proudly.

A familiar voice from behind asked, "You auditioning for the school play, Kenny? I shouldn't be surprised; I knew you were a fag."

"Thanks, Cartman," Kenny replied sarcastically.

"Wait, what do you mean, 'auditioned'?" Stan asked incredulously to Kenny. Kyle was still laughing.

Kenny turned to him, surprised. "You didn't know?"

Cartman snuffed, "Know what? That you were a ho-mo-sek-shuaaall?" He said that last part tauntingly slowly.

Kenny shot him an evil glare. "Shut the hell up, Cartman, no. I mean how could you guys not know about Bebe's auditions? She posted it up on the bulletin board and it spread like wildfire."

"I knew about that bitch's auditions…" Cartman looked away in an almost disappointed look. But it was clouded by another look of hatred.

"What, you auditioned too?" Kenny asked jokingly.

Then, in a proud expression, like the egotistical maniac he was, he said, "As a matter of fact, I did. She didn't accept me because I'm just too damn sexy for her." He paused for a while and eyed Kenny cautiously. "Wait a minute. Don't tell me that damn bitch accepted you of all people!"

It was Kenny's turn to shine. "You bet she did!"

"But you're poor!" he started incredulously. "And you're a faggot! You couldn't be—"

"But I did!"

Stan interrupted loudly, "What the hell are you guys talking about?!"

Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle looked over at him. Kenny breathed in, "Well, Bebe was holding auditions for a new boyfriend. A bunch of guys went and stuff and I got accepted as a finalist. We have our first date tonight, bee-yotch."

Kyle's faded laughter roared up again. "Ah, haha! You—ah—you?! What—ha ha—the hell?!" He continued to laugh, holding his gut.

"Yes, me!" Kenny snarled. "Why is that so hard to believe? You guys even admit that I'm pretty good looking!"

With Kyle in the back laughing his ass off, Cartman with a very confused expression, and Stan with a thoughtful look, Kenny never realized how unbelievable this was.

"Well, Kenny…" Stan started, with even a finger on his chin, "it's just that… For one thing, you're pretty damn poor. Bebe's the type who likes guys with trust funds and benefits so that they could provide her with oh so lovely things. And then there's the fact that you're the biggest perv known to South Park, like seriously. And then there's you're also not as good looking as those other guys she usually dates."

Kyle finally stopped laughing and said, "What he's saying is, you're a hopeless case when it comes to Bebe."

"What?" Kenny scowled. "I'm no hopeless case. Just you wait and see."

Cartman had an evil glint in his eye. "Oh? Not a hopeless case? Maybe you won't even get to make out with her!"

"Oh the hell I won't!" Kenny said. "It's only the beginning; you don't even know what will happen!"

"Really? Then let's make this interesting…" Cartman replied. "I say you can't do it. If you don't… well then… you get to be my slave."

"For how long?" Kenny said.

"For a month."

"No deal!" the blonde gaped.

"Fine then!" Cartman paused when he was thinking. "…Two weeks!"

"Deal!" Kenny didn't even think about it.

"Dude!" Kyle exclaimed. Stan and Kyle exchanged worried glances. "You know how he's gonna get, Kenny. You shouldn't do this."

"Too late, he already sealed the deal, man," Stan responded to Kyle.

"Alright! I'm gonna have myself a Kenny slave!" Cartman laughed evilly. It was in that moment Kenny started to rethink his situation.

Bebe almost started regretting this whole auditioning thing. It was 5:41, and she was on her way to meet her next date.

Butters was just like a little kid. By the time they passed by the second toy store, he was jumping like crazy. He kept asking if he could go inside, and Bebe, like a frustrated mother, finally gave in. Thankfully, there was only three minutes left of their date by the time she got bored by his antics.

So here she was, on her way to the fountain. She wasn't sure exactly where they'd go, since the previous contestants took all the places that were good for mini-dates. When she arrived at the fountain, she hoped to find the last contestant there, but there was nobody in sight.

She stood there stupidly, thinking to herself "What the heck am I doing?", when she heard panting behind her. Apparently, the last date, Kenny, arrived late. He was a little sweaty from running towards the fountain. He was still wearing the dirty clothes he normally wore. But this time, his face was clean. He didn't shave his rugged chin stubble though, but that was alright.

No points of punctuality. She thought. And then she couldn't help but think, But points for being hot.

He grinned at her, and said, "Hey babe-ey."

"Boy, please." She rolled her eyes as he lifted his eyebrows at her. "Now you're just trying too hard."

"Precisely what I was trying to do," he grinned again. And then he wrapped his arm around her shoulders casually, which resulted with a scoff from her. "Now, where shall we be off to, girlie?"

"Surprise me," she smirked. Honestly, she had no idea where to go, so she just let him decide.

"Window shopping it is!"

Inwardly, she grinned. It was unexpected, but definitely not unworthy. She slid away from his creeping arm that was still wrapped around her, and she knew this would be a creative date.

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